Heart Connections


“Welcome to my world
won’t you come on in?
Miracles, I guess
Still happen now and then

Step into my heart
Leave your cares behind….”“Welcome to My World”

This classic song goes on, but it’s all about heart connections.

What do these connections offer us? They offer a way to grow in consciousness, a way to enjoy the chance happenings in life and a way to brighten every day.

There is a scale of consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins and discussed in his book Power vs. Force. It tracks frequencies or vibrations going from 0 to 1,000 and attaches various emotions to each level. When you look at the bottom of the scale you find shame, guilt, apathy, grief, desire and anger. The book describes how each of these gives rise to the next level — but all of these calibrate below 500 in consciousness.

The most revealing part to me is what happens when you reach the level of 500. That is where you find love, the frequency where the heart can be accessed. The scale is calibrated up to 1,000, so beyond love are expressions of joy, peace and enlightenment. Dr. Hawkins described the level 500 as how you feel when a kitty sits in your lap and purrs. That purr and how you feel allows you to experience a heart connection with no obligation except to indulge in the purity of the emotion. Imagine yourself now — connect with that kitten and open your heart to unadulterated love, a love not wanting anything from you, not exerting any influence over you, just allowing you to absorb what is being offered through an open heart. That must be where the expression heartwarming came from.

Hold a newborn baby and hear the beat of her heart as it synchronizes with yours, knowing her total dependency on you for care and nourishment is a heart connection you will never forget. I was fortunate enough to share that with my own children and grandchildren. Holding those little bundles of fragile newness instantly increased my wonder and awe at a Universe that allows us these experiences.

It’s so rewarding to practice heart connections with young children. They have no barriers and are eager to share their joy. I smile at them and silently tell them that I see them as a soul. They are so happy to be recognized they bubble with excitement. I get to share in their glow of happiness and carry it with me. It is a heart connection.

There is an 18-year-old sign in my practitioner office that says, “My dad is grate.” Dad gets a big grin on his face whenever I refer to the note, and I can tell he is reconnecting with his son and with that moment when the note was written. It is a very warm heart connection, and I get to share in it, too. This connection lives on and is strengthened each time it is referenced. Everyone keeps winning and the vibration keeps expanding.

I am currently living in India for the winter months, and on my daily walk to the temple this morning I encountered six young children, ages 5-10. In India there is always the proverbial greeting that ends with the question, “Selfie?” I looked at these eager faces and realized I was experiencing exactly what I had written about the night before. These were heart connections at their best. I was just as charmed by them as they were excited about taking a selfie with an American. As I sat in the sun, I basked in the glow that this chance encounter provided.

Now you know some of the advantages of developing heart connections. You are in a position to be like the little children, offering joy and happiness to anyone who comes your way. Just speak silently on a day-to-day basis to those who cross your path. Offer a smile, hold a door, let someone go ahead of you in line. All these little things lead to heart connections and your heart will feel lighter for the doing. This is a gift that keeps on giving, one you can give away and give yourself on a daily basis. You give, you get, and the wheel goes ’round and ’round.

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Shirley Moore
Shirley Moore channels Spirit messages. She is a hypnotherapist, spiritual coach, quantum practitioner and motivational speaker. Visit her at www.wellness4u.biz.


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