How to Find the Eye of the Storm Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic


I have been pondering for the last couple of days on what the purpose of the coronavirus pandemic means for the world. It could just be a way of life that sickness goes around and finds its ways into our bodies. Back a few centuries ago, we would have thought the Gods were punishing us for our misdeeds. But I am wondering if it’s time for the world to take a step back and reflect on a few things.

We are always on the go — with too much work, activities or, in my case, baseball for my son. He is on two teams (don’t ask). Before this epidemic, I asked myself quite often why I am sitting here for a double header only to be shuffled home and forced to monitor homework, cook dinner and clean up. It would be nice to have a relaxing day to spend with the family.

I used to live in Cleveland, Ohio, and I had days then when the boys were little and we were snowed in. We used to go stir crazy with nothing to do. So where do we find the balance?

All of our lives have been shaken up over the past few weeks with many cancellations, lack of income from jobs being shut down, working from home and homeschooling our children. We have been trekking gingerly to the store multiple times to load up on toilet paper and necessities. Just to give you an example, we spent $1,000 on groceries in the last three weeks preparing. I hate to admit that I am part of the problem, but I am.

So, I just stopped myself today to ask what is everyone so scared of? Originally, we were all afraid of dying. When the idea of the virus was first presented to us, we were told there was a chance for our demise. As the conditions of the world tightened, we were all afraid of running out of supplies. We have become accustomed to getting necessities from stores rather than being farmers and operating our lives self-sufficiently like we did 150 years ago. We don’t have any survival instincts left or resources to catch that wild turkey. Most of us have a tiny yard or no green space to grow fruits and vegetables in.

Then we acquired enough supplies to last us probably a year and reality set in that we are stuck 24/7 inside with our family — or maybe all alone — and for whatever reason that sounds really awful. We don’t like and cannot accept change.

All of us are adapting in one way or another with this, and the fact of not being settled has got us all off kilter. Now we have time to reflect on our purpose and that scares the daylights out of us. Now we have time to discover who we really are and what life is all about and we don’t like that.

So back to my original question of why? The universe is having us take a step back and find out the truth of who we really are. We are part of God and nothing can ever hurt us. If you think about God as perfection and us as being part of him, we must realize there can be no lack in God, therefore no lack in us. We are residing as a perfect being of light and everything is all right. So, take a deep breath and relax. It is going to be okay.

You have enough supplies, you have been social distancing yourself, you are washing your hands more than ever and taking better care of your body. You are safe and are now calm within the eye of the storm. If you are lacking income, I know that can be a big stressor, but the universe will balance itself out and you will be fine. You are getting more sleep, eating less or better to lose that extra weight, having the time to workout at home, feeling loved by being around the people you care for.

Having time to figure it all out is what life is all about now. Be thankful you have the time to focus on what really matters.

Let’s stop worrying about the past or what may happen in the future and focus on the now with the opportunity we have to connect with others and yourself. We might even start calling people on the phone instead of texting like we did over a decade ago. Be brave by going forward and not supporting your illusions today. Let’s make the decision to stay positive and get rid of the awful feeling we have had inside the last few weeks and start living life. There must be another way of looking at this.


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