Simplify: A New Vision


It’s time to start envisioning a better future for ourselves. Creating it with our minds and then stepping into it. It’s going to require some pretty badass pioneers and some pretty creative thinking, but it’s perfectly doable, and so needed.

And we need to enjoy the process, to do it with humor and lightness of heart rather than with fear, panic and taking it all too seriously. If we’re not having a laugh while changing the world then we’re kinda missing the point! This is our mission — so let’s enjoy it!

I see the future looking healthier, friendlier, cleaner, brighter and more compassionate, and that’s just for starters. It’s slower, fairer, more transparent and is based upon a respect for nature rather than a taking from it. There will be new laws in place that will make it illegal to disrespect the Earth and pollute it in the near future. Companies will need to be 100 percent transparent and fully accountable. (Google “Ecocide.”)

We must remember that there is enough for all of us to live in harmony with each other. It’s about creating eco-villages, eco-towns, communities and transition towns all over the world that are interconnected, supporting each other in new ways of doing things, and with new and fairer ways of trading with each other. New models will be based on a new consciousness, rather than the old consciousness of lack and the “there’s not enough” belief. There is more than enough — if we all take only what we need.

One thing I’m seeing on my travels around the world is that when you let humans relax and recharge for long enough, our true nature starts to emerge.

Much like a caterpillar turning into a colorful butterfly, once you take away all the stresses and strains that keep people in “survival” mode in life, something really quite beautiful starts to happen: their true kindness starts to shine through. People begin to engage with each other, collaborate, communicate and start to trust one another again. Basically, we start returning to our original nature.

I’m seeing more and more people stepping out of the old system these days — hoards of people in fact, people who are bored with the old program and who are exploring new ways of living where fear doesn’t rule the day — love does.

Everything will be different in the future. The way we do things — the way we treat each other, the way we interact, the way we trade, the way we work — will and is changing from ego consciousness to a new global “heart” consciousness, from being about “I” to being about “WE.” When we make decisions from the heart — well, things just work out better for everyone.

And this all starts with us. With you and me. Right now. This is about healing and changing your frequency. It’s about not getting left behind. It’s about embracing the changes so that we can start to create a brighter, more collaborative, heart-based future — one in which everyone wins, and not just the top 1 percent. Let’s do it!


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