Spirit Uranus Talks: Cornerstones of Good Health


One of the most important cornerstones for the well-being of your body is sufficient cleansing or the drinking of clean water. Clean water does not produce any nutrient, but it cleanses the body, like taking a shower. If there is not enough clean water in the system, problems like fatigue and momentary states of imbalance can develop.

Everything is in connection with everything else, for Spirit expresses the balance of the body. Spirit and the body express your overall state of being and mirror each other’s state.

Every day drink two liters of clean water, oxygenated in natural light and preferably blessed. In this way you maintain cleanliness, health and life in your body — and the metabolic waste can move and go away freely. Water also helps and maintains combustion, for water transports oxygen molecules in the body. In addition, digestion and bile need this amount of water daily to work in the best interests of your body.

Your world does not understand the essential nature of the digestive system. It is the basis of everything, for if there are disturbances in digestion, they gradually cause disturbances in all the other functions of the body, as well. If there is not sufficient combustion in the body, cell tissues become obstructed by metabolic waste that cannot be removed.

People say, “I do drink enough juice, tea, coffee and alcohol,” but many avoid clean water because they do not realize its importance.

The task of liquid is to rinse away toxins and cleanse the body, but if liquids moving in the body contain toxins themselves, the amount of toxicity doubles. This toxic liquid poisons the body while moving through it. The mucous membranes of the body are in constant contact with the toxins and suck them in themselves, and finally the body is slowly poisoned instead of being cleansed.

It also is very important to oxygenate your body on a daily basis, for every cell in the body needs oxygen to utilize nutrients. The whole body needs sufficient oxygenation so metabolic waste can be separated. Oxygenation is a cornerstone for the body’s health. By exercising outdoors, your energy field receives the natural light and stores it for later use.

Keep your use of salt to a minimum, for there is more salt than you need in everything everywhere. People get an enormous amount of hidden salt. In small amounts, salt is very important to maintain bodily functions, but in large amounts, it turns against the body and poisons and obstructs the lymphatic system — and the metabolism.

Everything that contains white sugar poisons and obstructs the body, for sugar is a very bad toxin that affects your nervous system. In time, you can become addicted to it, your nervous system gets used to it and needs it, and eventually it affects the mind. It can cause insecurity, mood swings, imbalance, anxiety and worry. The list is endless. Furthermore, eat enough wholegrain products so you will maintain the well-being of the intestines. Avoid white flour, for it paralyzes and poisons bodily functions.

The most important thing is to respect your body and listen to what it needs, for it knows itself best. When you listen to your body, you receive a stronger connection to it. Then the message, too, can move more distinctively and strongly.

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Hanni Salovaara
Hanni Salovaara is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. This article is based on her book Happiness Is Life Itself (BookLocker.com, 2018) which she has written from her experiences in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus. She also shares the teachings of Uranus in her blog: www.spirituranustalks.blogspot.com.


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