Be Here


The Force of Consciousness Evolution
moves the fabric of our lives.
A blanket moulded, fixed around us
Is being shaken.

Not a plan decided
for punishment or pain.
But a promise.
An agreement that has forever been.

Connectedness in its movement to all things.
This Evolutionary process.
Life and Death.
Endings to Rebirth.

The thrust of this Force, the opportunity,
the offering to know ourselves in Truth.
To be still with inward seeing.
To explore that which has been forgotten…

Consciousness returning to know itself.

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Marie McInally is a mother of three boys and a graphic designer in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. She has written her first children’s book, Being Kind, which has a subtle spiritual message. It describes the necessity to be aware, considerate and kind to each other. She has taught Heart Centered Mindfulness and led groups at her home for nine years. She is an Angelic Reiki Master of 15 years, and she has been teaching groups in public settings on Self Inquiry and Meditation for more than a year now.


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