Dreams and the Inner Light & Sound of Matter


An excerpt from The Healing Power of Dreams

The inner sound of matter might be thought of as a kind of tonal wave-mass score. Indeed, each impulse has its own distinct signature and nuance: a customized energy born of the greater-self’s intentions. Like major or minor key concertos, this can have an uplifting or subduing listener mood effect through the continuous, automatic transference of energy (thought) to matter through the medium of simultaneity. An example is the universal healing sound of the aum (recorded at 432 Hz) demonstrating the simultaneity versus appearance of change.

Even in the womb, the fetus can hear its mother’s voice, creating a profound bond between mother and child before the birth. Its heartbeat and metabolism and other cellular balances are believed to be influenced by, for example, the mother’s particularly jubilant or sad words and tonalities. The relationship between mother and fetus, therefore, is presumed to be so profound that the fetus also does not distinguish its own tonalities and rhythms from those of its mother. It is these primal tonalities between mother and babe setting the stage for birth and beyond.

Similar to a fetus identifying with their mother’s tonal stimuli, a dream experience of one’s inner light or sound has the potential to rejuvenate and heal damaged cellular processes. In trance and dreams, one can also experience comprehending a thought or emotion as silent groupings of words and phrases. Or, one can hear actual words softly or loudly spoken.

At the core of their being, each person holds the Lantern — the Inner Light of Consciousness! I know this to be true as I’ve witnessed, in a dream, the inner light of someone who might be considered a most monstrous-behaving individual. True redemption, then, is realization of one’s eternal inner light and integrity. Knowing this, one could release any doubt concerning their innate power and divinity.

In my dream, an individual I’d known quite well while growing up was behaving in a threatening way. Considered a bully throughout most of his life, his words and demeanor betrayed inner turmoil and a sense of inadequacy. Finally, confronting him in the dream, I asked, “Why must you behave like this?”

Quite unexpectedly, this simple inquiry triggered a complex and mysterious series of events. Feeling myself traveling through his forehead, clouds and mist surrounding his soul essence, I continued to penetrate thick layers of confusion and anger. Seeing a beautiful and bright light ahead, I intuited that this light represented his truest self. I came to realize that this supposed lost soul was not lost, but divine.

It was then that I knew the soul of this person informing me that while he may have, in his life, temporarily veered off course, he nevertheless eternally possesses the inner light. My dream illustrated that each person, no matter how reprehensible they’ve behaved, is divine. From this dream, I gleaned that it isn’t helpful to pity others. Rather, having compassion for the untruth, helps those with severe self-judgment realize their true divinity.

The archetype of the Inner Light is symbolic for capturing the instant of creation. Magnetizing within itself all vibration-appropriate probable realities, this deepest part of the psyche; this inherent integration of the powerful forces of consciousness lives forever as unity and resolution:

There is endless light; endless possibilities. It is an infinite light that goes on forever. It’s astounding. It is so much more powerful than any darkness humans can create. ~ Kuan Yin (from Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin).

Several years later I dreamt again of the person I once judged as a bully. In this dream, however, I heard this reformed version of him say: Thank you for seeing my inner light! The true definition of trust, therefore, is outer ego’s affirmation of inner ego’s expansive perceptions — even if they’ve not yet been made manifest.

In another inner sound of matter-themed dream, I saw myself wandering in a forest. Hearing the inspiring harmonies of a choir, I was aware of the centrality of each participant’s contribution — that skillful rendering of the musical composition was dependent upon the clarity of each unique voice.


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