New Books | Summer 2020



All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light: Book One, by Michele D. Baker (Author Solutions), 142 pages — There’s nothing special about Michele Baker: Well, not unless you count the fact that she hears messages from angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and sentient beings from other worlds. The majority of the messages come from Archangel Michael, chief of the angels. But she has communicated with other extra-dimensional beings, too, and she’s come to think of them as her team. She writes down what they say. She began recording the messages via automatic writing and was astounded when the words she was writing down began to come true. Archangel Michael and the other beings described to her how everyone on Earth — and beyond — is connected. They also explained that together, we are moving toward a higher level of consciousness. This process of enlightenment has been occurring for thousands of years, but as the joyous breakthrough gets ever closer, things are speeding up. Join an ordinary woman who has been chosen to share extraordinary information about how to navigate the tumultuous but exciting times ahead.

Animal Soul Contracts: Sacred Agreements for Shared Evolution, by Tammy Billups (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 192 pages — Animal lovers are extraordinary. Despite awareness that we will probably outlive our beloved pets, we are still drawn, time and time again, to the connection, joy, and unconditional love that come with sharing our lives, homes, and laps with animals. Many of us feel something deeper than just companionship with our animal friends — a heart-to-heart connection felt all the way to the soul level. Revealing the higher purpose and soul mission behind our relationships with our animal companions, Tammy Billups explores the spiritual contracts that are created when a human bonds with an animal and shows how we come into each other’s lives for a reason. Providing real-life examples, Billups explains why animals choose, at the soul level, to have certain perceived negative experiences, such as physical or behavioral issues, to evolve their souls, clear karma, and help our soul’s evolution. She shows that human and animal souls orchestrate every experience and interaction that holds potential for transformation and healing, including the final transition. She demonstrates the inner dynamics of the animal-human relationship to help animal lovers understand their soul contracts with their pets. The inspirational, real-life examples of animal-human tandem healings that Billups facilitated identify the soul contracts within each pairing that transformed feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, betrayal, trauma, abuse, and anxiety. The author reveals how animals we have previously loved and shared our lives with come back, either on the spirit level or reincarnated in a new animal form, to support us. Offering peace and hope to those who’ve lost beloved animal companions, she describes what she’s witnessed during healing sessions with animals in the weeks before they transition and during their passing. Billups also includes practical instructions for identifying different types of animal soul contracts and connecting with and enlisting the help of your light team or spirit guides.

Biophilia: You + Nature + Home — A Natural Design for Living Well, by Sally Coulthard (Octopus Books), 160 pages — American psychologist Edward O. Wilson popularized the term Biophilia – meaning a “love of nature” and a need to connect to the natural world – in the 1980s, after observing how increasing rates of urbanization were leading to people feeling a disconnect from the natural world. We all need biophilia in our lives, and here author Sally Coulthard demonstrates how best to incorporate the fundamentals into everyday life. Examining the branches of a “biophilic home,” the ten inspiring chapters incorporate science, psychology and practical advice for making positive and accessible changes in the home or at work. Chapters include: Air & Temperature — why heat and airflow matter in a healthy home; Forms & Patterns — how to take inspiration from nature to decorate your home; Light & Rhythms – creating spaces to enhance the natural rhythm of passing seasons, plentiful daylight and dark nights; Materials & Decor – importance of using minimally processed material to reflect local ecology; Color – how to use tones and shades that compliment or contrast.

The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters, by Mark Nepo (St. Martin’s Publishing Group), 288 pages — In The Book of Soul, Mark Nepo, the bestselling author of The Book of Awakening, offers a powerful guide to inhabiting an authentic and wholehearted life. After we are physically born, we must be spiritually born a second time, a process that takes place through the labor of a lifetime as we develop into more fully realized beings. The Book of Soul delves into the spiritual alchemy of that transformation in all its mystery, difficulty, and inevitability. The book is divided into four sections that mark the passages we all face: enduring our Walk in the World, until we discover Our True Inheritance, which allows us to live in the open by Widening Our Circle, as we Help Each Other Stay Awake. The Book of Soul is a piercing guide, replete with beautiful truths and startling insight, that leads us deeply into the process of transformation.

Conscious Luck: Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune, by Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline (St. Martin’s Publishing Group), 192 pages — What if you could create your own luck? What if living a charmed life — being lucky in love, lucky in money, lucky in your chosen work — was within your control? The good news is that it’s all entirely possible…when you know how! In Conscious Luck, New York Times bestselling authors Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline share eight Secrets that will allow you to intentionally change your fortune. Instead of hoping and wishing that luck will come your way, let Conscious Luck show you how to seize control of your destiny and create the dazzling life of your dreams. This powerful step-by-step program, which includes practical techniques, inspiring true stories, and the authors’ personal journeys, will lead you to greater freedom and abundance. Based on decades of the authors’ trailblazing work, this unique and highly effective toolkit offers a surefire way to transform your life.

Enlightened Contemporaries: Francis, Dogen, and Rumi: Three Great Mystics of the Thirteenth Century and Why They Matter Today, by Steve Kanji Ruhl (Monkfish Book Publishing Company), 220 pages, available June 30 — Enlightened Contemporaries is the first book to compare the lives and teachings of three of the world’s most admired spiritual masters: Francis of Assisi, the Christian saint; Dogen, the great Zen Buddhist teacher; and Rumi, the Islamic Sufi master. They lived during the same turbulent century. They integrated mystical experiences of the sacred into their lives, and they can inspire us to do the same. Enlightened Contemporaries combines robust scholarship with brisk, engaging, lyrical prose. Offering a thorough introduction for the general reader as well as specialists, it will appeal to those who enjoy an interfaith approach to spiritual exploration, one that links Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic mystical teachings within a vibrant historical context and shows how they not only complement each other but remain profoundly relevant in the twenty-first century. Bringing Saint Francis, Dogen, and Rumi vividly to life as complex and compelling human beings, Enlightened Contemporaries lucidly explains their spiritual paths, explores the dynamic age in which these three pioneering teachers struggled and triumphed, and investigates their remarkable poetry. It also deftly examines how Francis, Dogen, and Rumi engaged the world in the context of five shared themes: spiritual love, nature, the body, the role of women, and balancing retreat from society with active involvement. By interweaving the spiritual lives of these Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim teachers, Enlightened Contemporaries will help readers enhance their own lives and find new paths of spiritual understanding.

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask, by Hollister Rand (Atria Books/Beyond Words), 288 pages — From the world class spiritual medium and author of the “compassionate yet educational” I’m Not Dead, I’m Different comes an insightful exploration into what it’s like on the other side. Is there really an afterlife? Do spirits still feel love for us? What is it like when we cross over? After more than twenty-five years of bringing comfort to tens of thousands of people, Hollister Rand brings her incredible knowledge and experience to this accessible and comprehensive book that takes you on an eye-opening journey into the afterlife. With warm-hearted sincerity, Rand offers you a clear-eyed and uplifting view into an unknown universe and teaches you how to navigate your life on this earthly plane with eternity in mind. In an increasingly uncertain world, there is only one guarantee: we all face the same outcome. Featuring her signature humor and infused with authenticity regarding her own spiritual journey, Rand provides comfort, clarity, and laughs along the way.

The Gospel of St. John – Revisiting the Vision of Rudolf Steiner for the 21st Century: Our Participation in Earth’s Evolution as the Planet of Love, by Eliza Joslin Kendall (Simply Steiner), 260 pages — If you have been concerned about the welfare of our planet, in our challenging and transformative times—and if you harbor the hope that you can help bring about a truly better world based in an illuminated spiritual level—then this book is for you. Rudolf Steiner was a brilliant late 19th-century Austrian visionary whose astonishing spiritual perceptivity brought about the Waldorf Schools, architectural developments, biodynamic agriculture, and much more. But because the books and lectures based on his profoundly forward thinking were written down by others in German, and then translated into overly stilted English, even dedicated Steinerians have often found his books difficult to understand. And for someone new to Steiner? Not a piece of cake! A pity, since the books contain so much worth reading. Enter Eliza Joslin Kendall. Raised with Steiner’s ideas from a young age, she found in them a spiritual lodestar for our time. “When I read Steiner,” she writes, “I just knew that I knew all that he was talking about, as if I had read it before. His writings resonated so deeply within me that I immediately felt called to take Steiner and his philosophy to the public in a way that can be taken in by the soul, not just the mind. I continue to feel that this is greatly needed. Especially in today’s world.” In The Gospel of St. John, Steiner helps us see what we have been being prepared for, and how to engage with the spiritual forces that direct this transformation. We are here to be the planet of love. Yes, our very own planet, this earth that is going through the sometimes alarming birthing pains of transformation, is meant to be the planet of Love.

The Healing Field: Exceptional Healing Practices to Change Your Life, by Penny Price Lavin (iUniverse), 216 pages — This is an ideal companion to the Telly-winning film, The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness. Learn powerful healing practices to heal your body, mind and spirit and expand your consciousness. Explore breakthroughs in energy medicine, mind-body techniques and quantum physics. Discover how energy medicine is changing our health, our society, and our future! This book includes these renowned experts: Bruce Lipton Ph.D., cellular biologist; Lynne McTaggart, consciousness expert; Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., biophysicist; the late Candace Pert, Ph.D., neuroscientist; integrative medicine experts Hyla Cass, M.D., and Larry Dossey, M.D.; Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., of HeartMath; Ron Lavin, M.A., founder of One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School; and Linnie Thomas, a Healing Touch instructor; plus new material not seen in the documentary. The acclaimed practitioners from the fields of energy healing, qigong, mental imagery, and sound healing relate inspiring healing stories, studies, and invaluable self-healing practices for people of any age. Ron Lavin, MA, shares his remarkable personal journey as a renowned healer and gifted psychic. Qigong Masters, Kenneth Cohen, Jack Lim, and Gary Renza explain that our very existence depends on the strength of our Chi energy. Discover the secrets of miraculous healing with mental imagery with the late Gerald Epstein, MD, by using micro input for macro output, and learn the mysteries of sound healing for helping to heal disease. Learning life-changing self-healing practices will help contribute to the evolution of humanity and be an integral part of true health-care reform.

Healing with Light Frequencies: The Transformative Power of Star Magic, by Jerry Sargeant (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 260 pages — Star Magic Healing aligns you with high-vibrational Consciousness Codes and extraterrestrial light frequencies that expand your consciousness, shift your vibration, and speed up the healing process. Present on Earth in ancient Egyptian times, these Codes will transform your inner world and, in turn, upgrade your external reality. Through a series of major life events, Jerry Sargeant has reawakened this advanced soul technology and shares it here to help unleash the full potential of every living being. Jerry reveals how to connect with and harness extraterrestrial light frequencies to energize, uplift, and consciously empower your own life, others, and the planet. The author shares practical Star Magic Healing tools with step-by-step illustrations as well as visualizations, exercises, and meditations to shift your vibration and bring about rapid healing that lasts. He discusses holographic blueprints, pineal gland activation, quantum knowledge, parallel realities, shadow parasites, and the impact of crystals and sacred geometry. Offering basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of healing, the author explains how to work at the cellular level, clearly demonstrating how advanced healing is readily available for everyone. Learn how to activate your Merkaba field and open up to infinite streams of abundance. Jerry also shares real-life case studies, recounting how he has used high-vibrational light frequencies to successfully remove tumors, restore eyesight, heal hearts and relationships, and supercharge businesses for massive success. Star Magic offers an opportunity to heal at the deepest levels and find alignment with your life purpose. Star Magic Codes of Consciousness will connect you to the frequency of unconditional love, unleashing colossal inner wisdom and super-heightened awareness that enable you to manifest your perfect reality quickly. We each have the ancient power to heal and transform within us, and Star Magic offers the key to unleashing this power.

Hieroglyphic Words of Power: Symbols for Magic, Divination, and Dreamwork, by Normandi Ellis (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 336 pages — Words are magic. They operate on many levels through both sound and symbol. Egyptian priests understood that language and thought could create realities if the exact words are uttered at the right time, properly intoned, and filled with intention. They called their magical language of hieroglyphic symbols medju neter, meaning “the Word of God.” These symbols were said to have been created by Isis and Thoth and were presided over by the goddess Seshet, keeper of the Akashic records. Through their chant lines and repetitions, sound vibrations, and hypnotically recurring images, hieroglyphs, such as those found inside the pyramids, were intended to activate a trancelike state that allowed the individual to ascend into the heavens and thus, riding on this incantatory language, converse with the ancestors and the Creator. In this detailed guide, author Normandi Ellis explores how to use hieroglyphs as words of power for manifesting ideas into the material world as well as how to utilize them in magic, meditation, divination, and dream work. She offers a deep look at the many layers of meaning contained within 60 important hieroglyphs, breaking down the elements within each symbol and explaining the myths behind them, the gods and goddesses they are connected to, their initiatory significance, and their oracular and dream meanings. She also shares guidelines for interpreting hieroglyphs so readers will be able to come to their own understandings about the secrets they hold.

How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?: Daily Feelgood Inspiration for Creatives, Healers, and Helpers, by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (Sarah Seidelmann LLC), 402 pages — Sarah and her magnificent spirit animal Alice the Elephant created this wee book of inspiration to encourage creatives, healers and helpers. Alice offers up daily wisdom in a lighthearted (and sometimes salty) way and Sarah adds her own reflections along with a prompt and prayer. Themes include humility, moderation, self-love, family, friendship, creativity, pitfalls & quagmires, addiction recovery, and dealing with fear. How good are you willing to let it get? We hope that your answer is,“very good!” and this book will help you get there. How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get? is primed to help readers feel more supported, inspired and uplifted by daily doses of inspiration and wisdom from Sarah and her magnificent spirit animal, Alice, the elephant. The author is a fourth-generation physician who was living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle until a walrus entered her life and changed everything. She is a practicing Shamanic Mentor and Woman of Medicine and leads transformational travel retreats around the world.

In Service to Love Book 2: Love Elevated: A Dynamic Experience of Consciousness, Transformation, and Enlightenment, by Darlene Green (Waterside Productions), 312 pages — In Service to Love offers a pathway for shifting your awareness from the de-stabilizing chaos of the external world to access the rich inner realm that is your authentic nature. When it is time for you to discover your own purpose and truth, In Service to Love offers a multidimensional body of work that elevates your conscious awareness, catalyzing transformation, and enlightenment, opening the door to create your best life possible. Enlightenment, once viewed as unattainable for most, is presented as a natural evolutionary step available now for those who seek to live a life where human nature is integrated with the wisdom and innovative capacity of divine nature. With Darlene Green as modern-day scribe, the contemporary guidance of Masters that comprise the Council of Light is relayed through high-frequency messages, principles, exercises, and palpable presence of Love. In Service to Love is an extensive body of work conveyed in three books: In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered; In Service to Love Book 2: Love Elevated; and In Service to Love Book 3: Love Now. The rapidly shifting world we live in calls for our best. Rather than looking outside for answers, In Service to Love will gently and consistently direct attention to your inner knowing, developing an adeptness at reaching beyond perceived limitations to the wisdom that is only yours. Informed by essence, we live from our wholeness.

The Law of Creation: The Science Behind Manifesting Your Desires, by Steve & Tracy Webster (Law of Creation) 136 pages — Are you longing to manifest the life of your dreams? Now you can access the proven formula to achieve your heart’s desire! Benefits you’ll receive from reading The Law of Creation include: Uncover the scientific proof of how we all create our own reality; Understand how the Law of Attraction really works; Discover the synergy of the Universal Laws of Creation; Find out how The Field of Infinite Probability can create your world; Learn how to be a Consciousness Engineer and change your programming; and Discover how gratitude links everything together. By reading The Law of Creation, here’s how you can change your life; Master your power to create a new reality with everything you do want; Have the skills to change your circumstances; Improve your health, wealth and relationships; Reclaim your freedom; Manifest abundance; and Vibrate with joy. Start the journey to your best life today!

Living Fully, Dying Consciously: The Path to Spiritual Wellbeing, by Sue Brayne (White Crow Productions), 326 pages — Living Fully, Dying Consciously steps into the heart of the human condition to explore why our entire life is a psychological and spiritual preparation for death. Life is not easy, but when we accept that we are just passing through this physical existence it puts things into perspective. Confronting our fear of death and accepting our physical mortality, Sue believes, will contribute to creating a much more conscious way of living. This is our gift to ourselves, to the Earth and to future generations. Peter Fenwick, author of Shining Light on Transcendence: The unconventional journey of a Neuroscientist, writes, “Sue Brayne does not pretend that life is easy.  Rather she tackles the heart of the human condition by exploring why so many of us are frightened of death and therefore scared of life. This is a very important book which should be read by young and old alike. Sue’s wisdom is profound and we all need to be inspired by her message that living consciously creates a much better world.”

Magdalene Mysteries: The Left-Hand Path of the Feminine Christ, by Seren Bertrand and Azra Bertrand M.D. (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 560 pages —A sacred priestess of the ancient Womb Rites, Mary Magdalene was at the center of a great and enduring Mystery tradition, one that touched on a stream of perennial spiritual wisdom as old as humanity. Worshipped as the human embodiment of the Goddess, the earthly Sophia, her womb was the spiritual luminatrix that anointed and empowered Jesus, transforming him into the Christ. As a priestess of the Goddess, Mary Magdalene knew how to embody the light and the dark, how to harness the magic potency of sacred sexual energy, and how to cleanse, awaken, and resurrect the soul. Yet, even though she sparked the creation of a worldwide religion, her story and teachings have been forgotten. Unveiling the lost left-hand path of the Magdalene, the Feminine Christ, authors Seren and Azra Bertrand explore how this underground stream of knowledge has been carried forward over the millennia through an unbroken lineage of Womb Shamans, Priestesses, Oracles, and Medicine Women. They explain how the Magdalene Mysteries, symbolized by the Rose, have been encoded in Gnostic codices and gospels and in the highest art, literature, and architecture of many ages, including most significantly the Ghent Altarpiece. They examine Mary Magdalene’s connection to moon wisdom, sacred harlot archetypes, and goddesses in many traditions, including Isis, Inanna, Asherah, Lilith, and Jezebel, and look at shamanic, tantric, and Cathar expressions of sacred feminine mysteries as well as the Witch and Templar roots of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

Moving Beyond Trauma: The Roadmap to Healing from Your Past and Living with Ease and Vitality, by Ilene Smith (Somastasis Consulting LLC), 254 pages — Have you noticed that no matter how much time you spend in talk therapy, you still feel anxious and triggered? That is because talk therapy can keep you stuck in a pattern of reliving your stories, rather than moving beyond them. But, most of all, it’s because trauma doesn’t just reside inside your mind — much more importantly, it locks itself in other parts of your body. When left unresolved, that trauma continues to live there, impacting your life, your relationships, your sense of safety, and your ability to experience joy in very real ways. In Moving Beyond Trauma, Ilene Smith will introduce you to Somatic Experiencing, a body-based therapy capable of healing the damage done to your nervous system by trauma. She breaks down the ways in which trauma impacts your nervous system and walks you through a program designed to process trauma in a non-threatening way. You will discover a healing lifestyle marked by a deeper connection with yourself, those around you, and with everything you do.

Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing the Reality Game (2nd Edition), edited by Brad Steiger and John White (White Crow Productions), 264 pages — This is a stimulating selection of consciousness-expanding topics that includes: The Search For Extraterrestrial Life; Other Civilizations: The Prehistory Of Earth; Other Lifeforms: A Look At UFOs; Other Dimensions: The Astral Plane and Beyond; and Other Universes and Return to Godhead. The introduction begins: “This book is an attempt to expand your consciousness by playing The Reality Game. The term originates with Brad Steiger in his book Mysteries of Time and Space, where he suggests that humanity has been challenged to participate in a kind of cosmic contest—The Reality Game. The objective is to know reality, to understand ourselves and the cosmos as fully as possible. If man can apprehend the true significance of certain clues; if he can master the proper moves, he may obtain a clearer picture of his true role in the cosmic scheme of things—a role that is decidedly different from what common sense tells him it is.” Contributors include Timothy Leary, who while serving time in a California prison for experimenting with psychedelics, donated an essay from his book, Terra II…A Way Out. Astrophysicist Jacques Vallee contributed a chapter from Passport to Magonia, his classic book on UFOs and folklore. Other writers include Rudolf Steiner, Yogi Ramacharaka and D. Scott Rogo.

Our Wisdom Years: Growing Older with Joy, Fulfillment, Resilience, and No Regrets, by Charles Garfield, Ph.D., (Central Recovery Press), 256 pages, available June 2 — Some of the most profound growth of our lives can happen in the home stretch, the years after age sixty or so. It’s a time when we can finally crystallize the meaning of what we’ve been and done and fully expand into the self we’ve always intended to be. But, says psychologist Charles Garfield, that can only happen if we first loosen the grip of the life we’ve led so far, the one that’s been focused outwardly—on activity, achievement, and the idea of success—and let our souls lead the way. In Our Wisdom Years, Dr. Garfield skillfully and practically guides readers through nine tasks that can transform the struggles of aging, bringing fulfillment, joy, and serenity. Drawing on the understandings that come from both his work as acclaimed “success guru” in the 1980s and the truths distilled from volunteering with those at the end of life, Garfield offers a fresh, uplifting vision of the wholeness that awaits us. Dr. Garfield shares how we can gracefully let go of the younger selves we’ve been and walk through the opening that keeps beckoning toward this soul-driven version of later life. He encourages us to take the risk of being fully alive as our years pass. This is no small task—aging is not for the faint of heart! The beautiful paradox of growing older is that none of the gifts of age are available without the kind of loss that forces us to confront mortality in a way we can’t deny. In the face of loss, we’re changed and expanded by truths that come from the heart, not the mind. We learn that we’re more than our bodies, part of something much larger than we are, and that love and kindness matter most of all.

Out of Love: Finding Your Way Back to Self-Compassion, by Marianne Ingheim (She Writes Press), 216 pages — We all tell ourselves stories about who we are. Many of these stories are self-critical and disempowering. Through the practice of self-compassion, we can rewrite these stories and become more authentic and powerful versions of ourselves — transforming not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us. In short and personal pieces, Marianne Ingheim tells the story of how the practice of self-compassion has changed her life in ways big and small, helping her unlearn harsh self-criticism, survive multiple tragedies, and live more authentically. In the wake of a breast cancer diagnosis and her husband’s suicide, she discovers the power of self-compassionate storytelling and finds belonging within herself — and in doing so, she learns how to manage anxiety and stress, how to be authentic in relationships, and how to let go of comparison and be truly creative. Through stories and journaling prompts, Out of Love: Finding Your Way Back to Self-Compassion aims to inspire readers to unlearn the self-critical patterns holding them hostage — and begin to live a happier, more courageous life.

Perception: Seeing is Not Believing: It’s Time to Evolve, by James & Steph Purpura (Waterside Productions), 200 pages — When James and Steph Purpura first met, both of their lives were at rock bottom financially, emotionally, and spiritually. The story of how they dedicated themselves to transforming their inner and outer experience of life, creating a fortune in the meantime, is an inspiring journey with practical lessons of self-transformation for anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a better and more successful person. Get the ultimate book on the science of our perceptions, told with the gripping stories of two individual’s lives, from birth to adulthood. The questions asked are highly relevant for our time, and the answers will move you to tears. Why do we sometimes not see ourselves like others see us? How can we know how others truly perceive us? Why do some of us seem to be inherently negative, and others eternally optimistic? How do we change? And does change always have to be painful?

Plants for the People: A Modern Guide to Plant Medicine, by Erin Lovell Verinder (Thames & Hudson), 208 pages — Plants are our oldest source of medicine and a leading wellspring of our future cures. This book is a celebration of plants and an introduction to their healing powers. An exploration of the plant world through the eyes of master herbalist Erin Lovell Verinder, her expert advice weaves ancient traditional knowledge with a modern approach to plant medicine. Including dozens of medicinal plants — from aloe vera to turmeric—this volume introduces readers to each plant’s unique personality, story, characteristics, quirks, and strengths. Verinder explains how to use these herbs in tinctures, teas, balms, essences, lotions, and more. From gathering to storing, Plants for the People is filled with captivating visuals and informative text to give readers an understanding of plant medicines. This herbal compendium encourages readers to explore the world of plant medicine and expand their journey to health and wellness through nature’s bounty.

The Power of Letting Go, by John Purkiss (Octopus Books), 208 pages — The Power of Letting Go brings together a number of key principles that come up for anyone who is on the journey of self-enquiry and development. At some point, the choice becomes clear, whether to hold on or let go. For some, it’s easy, just do it, f**k it. For many others, there are multiple layers and obstacles that have built up through one’s life so far. Expectations, fear of uncertainty, well-worn inhibitive thought patterns, lack of trust, lack of acceptance, old trauma and hurt. Despite all this, there is a spark, a glimmer of hope that brightens at the thought of letting go and going with the flow, at following one’s instincts and intuition rather than constantly second-guessing the outcome, at letting go of expectations and enjoying what is. This book combines both the why and the how to let go, with excellent practices that help convert the desire into action. There are four stages to letting go: Be Present and Enjoy Each Moment; Let Go of the Thoughts that Keep You Stuck; Let Go of the Pain that Runs Your Life; and Surrender and Tune into Something Far More Intelligent than Your Brain.

The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age: Activation, Confirmation, and Validation of New Earth, by Angela Mia White (Author Solutions), 132 pages — The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age, by author Angela Mia White, makes you feel as if you’re entering a new world because you are. It holds a high vibration for your soul and new earth, and you’ll feel it. It’s come at this time to change the energy on the planet. White shares how this planet has been shifting rapidly into a new consciousness. This is the passageway to enter a new era, the golden age. The ways of old earth no longer work. As humans, she tells how we must leave the old ways behind and learn to live in and dance with the new energies into the new ways. We need to learn to heal ourselves for good. We need to learn to love ourselves, have peace within, stand in the power of our own truth, and accept we are the abundance of our own life. We have come out of the dark ages, and we are entering a new age of light, the golden age, and now recently, the golden age of Aquarius. The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age will activate you, confirm to you why you are here, and validate your experiences.

Quantum Science of Psychedelics: The Pineal Gland, Multidimensional Reality, and Mayan Cosmology, by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 352 pages —In this groundbreaking book, Carl Johan Calleman reveals the quantum science of the Maya, a science lost to the modern world that explains the phenomenology of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness. The ancient Maya had a sophisticated understanding of the multidimensional nature of reality and the forces that drive the evolution of consciousness. Calleman explains how quantum waves, illustrated by the Mayan Calendar, emanate from the center of the universe and activate new phases in the evolution of consciousness through holographic resonance, which alters the dualities of the human mind. For example, the 5th Wave, which dominated in Paleolithic times and evolved human consciousness above that of animals, brought a chaotic floating state reminiscent of the psychedelic or shamanic state, and the recent 8th Wave brought the digital revolution. The 9th Wave, which began in 2011, offers the potential for individual development of higher consciousness and healing if we can synchronize ourselves with its positive holograms. This multidimensional perspective explains why altered states of consciousness exist and how they work. Calleman describes the role of the pineal gland for the human mind, how it controls our state of consciousness and how it can connect us to the cosmic Tree of Life. He shows that the mind is a “reducing valve” that normally limits our experience of cosmic consciousness but that this can be reversed through altered states. As Calleman concludes, psychedelics like ayahuasca and DMT not only give rise to extraordinary mystical and cosmic experiences and enable access to healing states, but they also are important for harmoniously synchronizing humanity with the 9th Wave to further the evolution of consciousness.

Reconnecting with Your Estranged Adult Child: Practical Tips and Tools to Heal Your Relationship, by Tina Gilbertson (New World Library), 288 pages — Parents whose adult children have cut off contact wonder: How did this happen? Where did I go wrong? What happened to my loving child? Over time, holidays, birthdays, and even the birth of grandchildren may pass in silence. Anguish may turn into anger. While time, in and of itself, does not necessarily heal, actions do, and while every estrangement includes situation-specific variables, there are practical, effective, and universal techniques for understanding and healing these not-uncommon breaches. Psychotherapist Tina Gilbertson has developed these techniques and tools over years of face-to-face and online work with parents, who have found her strategies transformative and even life-changing. Gilbertson cuts through the blame, shame, and guilt on both sides of the broken relationship. Parents will feel heard and understood but also challenged — and guided — to reclaim their role as “tone setter” and grow psychologically. Exercises, examples, and sample scripts empower parents who have felt powerless. Gilbertson shows that reconciliation is a step-by-step process, but the effort is well worth it. It is never too late to renew relations and experience better-than-ever bonds.

The Sacred Herbs of Spring: Magical, Healing, and Edible Plants to Celebrate Beltaine, by Ellen Evert Hopman (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 376 pages — The festival of Beltaine, May Day, is a celebration of the return of spring and the promise of summer, a time for love magic and spells for increasing the fertility of the land and the plants that grow upon it. Like Samhain in autumn, Beltaine is also a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at its most transparent and the ancestors and denizens of the Otherworld easily interact with the world of humans. Presenting a practical guide to the celebration of Beltaine, Ellen Evert Hopman examines the plants, customs, foods, drinks, and rituals of May Day across many cultures. Discussing the gods and goddesses of spring, Hopman details the rituals for honoring them as well as traditional poems, prayers, incantations, folk rhymes, and sayings related to this time of year. She explores well dressing, the custom of honoring the source of sacred water by decorating a well. She also looks at Beltaine’s association with Walpurgisnacht and Hexennacht, which fall the preceding evening. In the extensive section on the sacred plants of Beltaine, the author explores more than 90 herbs and trees, offering spells, rituals, and recipes alongside their medicinal healing uses. She reveals sacred woods suitable for the Beltaine fires and Beltaine flowers for rituals and spells. She explores herbs for luck, magic, purification, abundance, and love; herbs for protection, such as bindweed, elder, and St. John’s wort; herbs of the Faeries and Elves, such as burdock and dandelion; and herbs for journeying to the Otherworld and contacting the high gods and goddesses. She also details the identification, harvest, and preparation of seasonal edible herbs, greens, mushrooms, and flowers.

Scripting the Life You Want: Manifest Your Dreams with Just Pen and Paper, by Royce Christyn (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 224 pages — In this step-by-step guide, filled with success stories and practical exercises, Royce Christyn details a simple “scripting” process for harnessing the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you want in your life — happiness, wealth, travel, love, health, the perfect career, or simply a productive day. The process is backed by science and experience, yet it feels like magic. And all you need is a pen and paper. Inspired by New Thought and Positive Thinking classics, Christyn explains how he developed his scripting method through 4 years of trial and error, keeping what worked and dropping what didn’t until he brought his success rate from 5 to nearly 100 percent. Sharing pages from his own journals, he outlines how to create the life you want with daily journaling exercises, beginning with a simple list-making practice to figure out your wants and intentions and then progressing to actual scripting of your future, whether the next 12 hours or the next 10 days. He shows how, over time, your scripts will increase in accuracy until they converge with reality. He shares the vivid entries from his big breakthrough—when he successfully used his method to land a lead guest-starring role on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place with Selena Gomez. He explores how “feeling” your future success as you write your daily scripts helps attract your desired outcomes, and he shares the key phrases to include to make your script come true. The author also explores the science behind how the scripting method works, including a down-to-earth examination of quantum mechanics. From small dreams to lifelong goals, this book gives you the tools to put your thoughts into action and finally close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life.

Seasons of Moon and Flame: The Wild Dreamer’s Epic Journey of Becoming, by Danielle Dulsky (New World Library), 376 pages — Prepare to Be Mentored by the Sacred Hags! The yearning to slow down and simplify, return to the earth, and maybe even “rewild” what has been tamed in ourselves persists even though that dream may seem ever more remote in contemporary life. Danielle Dulsky shows that even in our high-tech and high-pressure lives, it is possible to manifest your own “year of the wild” and to tap into often-forgotten holy wisdom. Seasons of Moon and Flame guides you to live cyclically while working with the archetype of the Sacred Hag, or wild grandmother, who appears in various guises. Wonderfully inclusive, with adaptations for families, spiritual groups, and other traditions, this book is a potentially life-changing guide to living mystically, magically, and in empowering harmony with the worlds of spirit and nature.

The Serpent & The Butterfly: The Seven Laws of Healing, by Ben Reebs (Lake Oswego Natural Health), 132 pages — In The Serpent & The Butterfly: The Seven Laws of Healing, Dr. Ben Reebs offers a life-altering perspective on the attainment of optimal health. Learn about the seven laws of nature and how to live in harmony with the body. When we work with rather than against our innate healing capacity, well-being and good health spring forth naturally, and normal structure and function can be restored. The epidemic of chronic disease can be stopped in its tracks when patients and practitioners adapt and implement this new paradigm of health. Dr. Reebs, a Naturopathic doctor and owner of the Portland Clinic of Natural Health, is an award-winning integrative medicine physician and leading expert on alternative medicine. He offers a life-altering perspective on the attinment of optimal health by articulating the seven laws of healing and how to live in harmony with the body.

Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life, by Susie Moore (New World Library), 272 pages — Millions of us waste huge chunks of our days checking our phones and devices, looking for just one more thumbs-up or red heart. It’s the modern measurement of how accepted, wanted, or valued we seem to be. Susie Moore is going to help you shake off the need for that hollow approval and live the incredible, confident life you were meant to live. It’s time to proclaim and celebrate your talents, fend off naysayers, and live your life with magnetism and unshakable self-confidence. Here’s the rub: A perfect life doesn’t exist. Those perfectly tanned people sailing in Ibiza have problems just like you. But what Susie Moore has learned (and will show you) is that truly successful and self-assured people have something in common: They are willing to experience “failure” without getting bummed out or overwhelmed. They simply build up from it. On the path to satisfying your deep, personal desires, when things go wrong or feel off (and they will), you can always ask not what’s wrong, but what’s missing, because what’s missing can be found. In fact, it’s waiting and wanting to be found. In Stop Checking Your Likes, you’ll learn how to break free of the outside “approval traps” and focus on nourishing and loving yourself. Stop checking your likes and find your purpose and your power. Fast.

Tara: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha, by Rachael Wooten, Ph.D. (Sounds True), 328 pages — Known as “the female Buddha” in Tibet and India, Tara connects us to the archetypal Divine Feminine — an energetic force that exists within us and all around us, and has been available to all humans since our earliest origin. While there are many books on Tara, this practical guide shows us how those of any tradition can directly access her, through clear instruction and authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Jungian analyst, scholar, and spiritual practitioner Dr. Rachael Wooten combines the ancient Tara tradition with depth psychology to help us connect with each of Tara’s manifestations and access her blessings within ourselves and in the external world. In her myriad forms, Tara has the power to protect us from inner and outer negativity, illuminate our self-sabotaging habits, cleanse mental and physical poisons, address emotional trauma, open us to abundance, give us strength and peace, help us fulfill our life purposes, and more. Here, you will explore all 22 manifestations of Tara. Each chapter begins with an epigraph that captures the spiritual and psychological essence of the emanation, explains her purpose, and teaches you specific visualizations, praises, mantra chants, and other ways of invoking her presence in yourself and the world.

Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear into Action to Change Your Life and the World, by John Perkins (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) 240 pages — When New York Times bestselling author John Perkins was a young Peace Corps volunteer, his life was saved by an Amazonian shaman who taught him to “touch the jaguar” — to transform his fears into positive action. He went on to become an “economic hit man” (EHM), convincing developing countries to build huge infrastructure projects that put them perpetually in debt to the World Bank and other US-controlled institutions. Although he sincerely believed this was the best model for economic development, he came to realize it was really a new form of colonialism. Returning to the Amazon, he saw the destructive impact of his EHM work. But he also was inspired by a previously uncontacted tribe that touched its jaguar by uniting with its enemies to defend its territory against invading oil and mining companies. For the first time, Perkins details how his experiences in the Amazon converted him from an EHM to a crusader for transforming our failing Death Economy that destroys its own resources and nature itself into a flourishing Life Economy that renews itself. He provides a strategy for each of us to change our lives and defend our territory — the Earth — against destructive policies and systems.

The Wellfulness Project: A Manual for Mindful Living, by Ali Roff (Octopus Books), 208 pages — Mindfulness isn’t just meditation, it can be used everywhere and at any time. When we begin to apply mindfulness to our lifestyle as a whole, we begin to build a more conscious relationship with the things we eat, the spaces we spend time in, the way we move our bodies and the stories we tell ourselves. The concept of ‘Wellfulness’ means using mindfulness for greater wellness in body and mind. Through the practice of conscious acceptance and conscious change; being mindful is at the core of wellness, be it within food, movement, values, rituals, habits, mindset, our inhabited spaces or our relationships. The Wellfulness Project is a manual for mindful living, combining personal experience, mindfulness theory and ritual tools to create a practical guide to achieving a more harmonious relationship with our wellness and wellbeing.

Whole-Ass: Stop living a half-assed life and enjoy an extraordinary existence, by Maharani (Cristina Adriana Garcia Reyes), 302 pages — Do you have the nagging feeling that there is more to life, but you don’t know how to access it? Most people crave a life of plenitude and peace, but they are living way too half-assed to ever actually experience it. Being Whole-Ass is giving absolutely everything you’ve got, while going beyond all perceived limitations, defenses, fears, hesitations or doubts. Discovery, growth, accomplishment, joy, connection, and feeling life coursing through your veins are all habits that you can develop and this book will show you how. Being Whole-Ass is the way to be, not only to empower your life into extraordinariness, but it is how we all need to be for humanity to make this world the place we know it can be.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing (Newly Updated and Revised 5th Edition), by Christiane Northrup M.D. (Random House) 1184 pages — Emphasizing the body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom covers the entire range of women’s health—from the first menstrual period through menopause. It includes updated information on pregnancy, labor, and birth, sexuality, nutrition, hormone replacement therapy, treating fibroids, avoiding hysterectomy, and maintaining breast and menstrual health. Fully revised and updated to include the very latest treatment innovations and research data, and reflecting today’s woman’s proactive involvement in her own health care, this important new edition will help women everywhere enjoy vibrant health with far fewer medical interventions. Filled with dramatic case histories, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom is contemporary medicine at its best, combining new technologies with natural remedies and the miraculous healing powers within the body itself.


The Blind Spot Oracle Cards, by Teal Swan (Watkins Media), 78 cards and guidebook — What are you not seeing? The Blind Spot Oracle Cards have a simple but incredibly effective purpose: to reveal what you are not aware of relative to the question you are asking. Not being aware of something on our life path is just as dangerous as not seeing something when we’re driving. Our blind spots may hide motives, fears, desires, needs, truths, reasons, habits, patterns…the list goes on. This oracle deck will make you aware of them, and if you are aware, you can take action. The deck features 78 Sigils – seals or symbols channeled by the author which help facilitate your growth and expansion. Each one of these can influence you, like a teacher, in discovering your blind spots, and each one has a super accessible name, ranging from “Your Fear” to “Denial” to “What You Really Want and Need”. The more you use the deck, the more your relationship with these potent sources of insight and energy will deepen. To use the deck, simply ask for clarity on a specific issue, draw a Sigil card, then look up the card in the guidebook and read the description. You can use the deck to see what you don’t see about another person, your job, your true desires, needs or motives, an addiction, a habit, your own character, your future, your path, a health condition, a decision, your current perspective…and so much more. Teal has created spreads to use with this deck: a spread for understanding a conflict situation, a spread for assessing past, present and future perspectives on a question, a spread that reveals all the blind spots people in a group situation have, and a spread that allows you to assess the different areas of your life at once. The deck also includes 49 temporary tattoos hand-selected to allow you to deepen your connection with the Sigils and the growth upon which they can provide.

Shadowland Tarot, by Monica Bodirsky (Schiffer Publishing), 78 cards and guidebook — Shadows are said to be part of unlit corners of a space where creatures lurk and mystery dwells. They may also manifest on a personal or even global level to convey demons, fear, or anxieties. In a broader sense, shadows signify unresolved trauma and bring it to the forefront of our consciousness as aspects of ourselves that we can finally acknowledge — the skeletons, mummies, spiders, bats, crows, and ghosts we hide. This Tarot deck and accompanying guidebook provide you with the vital creative tools you need to access your shadows and reveal hidden truths. Alongside traditional Tarot symbolism and meanings, shadow aspects of our archetypal personalities are portrayed as 78 playful and quirky ink-and-watercolor creature cards that offer insight and guidance into our deepest selves. The book consists of a detailed introduction to shadows and shadow work, card meanings, reflection questions, and easy-to-follow spreads to help you discover, contemplate, and integrate previously unacknowledged aspects of your life and personality. For beginners as well as seasoned readers and shadow workers, discover imaginative solutions to everyday challenges as well as complex or concealed conditions. Is it time for you to stop hiding from your shadows?

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