Our Thoughts do not have Power over Us


Let’s explore thoughts and the power behind them, or lack thereof. Thoughts do not exist. They are not solid or tangible. Can you touch a thought or measure it? Our thoughts are created by ourselves and ourselves only. They are unique to the person thinking them. Everyone has their own personal thoughts that may only be shared and expressed through words. No one knows what one is thinking unless they reveal it to another person. These thoughts are personal and may feel like reality to them when, in fact, they are not.

Our thoughts are our way of exploring and experiencing what is happening around us and in our lives, whether it is in the past or present. It is our way of scanning through our minds and or motions, trying to make sense of things. They are our opinions, and opinions are not facts. Our thoughts are not real and they exist solely in our minds.

We tend to get stuck and lost in our thoughts. We can either dwell on our thoughts or move on. Now, dwelling does not necessarily mean a bad thing. It all depends on what you are dwelling on. Is it a positive thought or a negative one? It can be unhealthy, such as a married man dwelling on an attractive woman, thinking of bad thoughts if you or someone on the road has road rage, or when someone else gets that promotion that you thought you deserved. Also, thinking negatively about someone or something and dwelling on it gets you nowhere except into a dark place, and it will lead you down a rabbit hole. Negativity lives in the darkness. Meditating is a good way to calm your mind and aid in focusing on positivity rather than negativity.

Thoughts that would be considered positive to ponder and dwell on are goals that you set for yourself. Thoughts are not real, however, there may be a way to bring our thoughts to life and turn them into a reality. Even though thoughts are only in the mind of the creator, these thoughts can be turned into words. Words are proven to be powerful, and turning thoughts into words is when changes occur. With words comes intent, and with intent comes something obtainable, like the goals you set for yourself that become achievements and accomplishments. Research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto comes to mind. He conducted research on how human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, intentions and music affect the molecular structure of water. Keep in mind that the human body is 60 percent water.

It is imperative that we are mindful of our thoughts. Understand that our brains are wired to dwell on the negative as a defense mechanism. This was passed down to us from our ancestors to learn to stay away from danger. Our minds are very dynamic and, as humans, we tend to lie to ourselves. Have you ever noticed that we tend to remember negative comments made to us rather than remembering the positive comments? We could have a lot of people tell us something nice about us, yet we tend to remember with vivid imagery that one cruel comment made to us. Our brains are just wired that way.

All in all, thoughts only exist in the beholder and are not real to anyone other than the one thinking them unless spoken out loud. Once those thoughts are uttered and leave your lips to form into words, they indeed can become a reality through intent. So, meditate, and be mindful of your thoughts, do not dwell on negativity, and be kind to others. Most importantly, be kind to yourself.


  1. Great article! I myself am a newbie to the meditation world, but it really has helped me relax and get past negativity.

  2. Thank you Danny! I’m glad you enjoyed my article! Continue to relax and meditate regularly. Repetition helps with starting a routine. I wish you the best!


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