Spirit Uranus Talks: The Ant and the Eagle


There is a lot of information in your world, but man himself is completely detached from this information. The information is there, man is here and life somewhere in between — and there is no combining factor that would assemble all this to a whole to be used at every moment.

When life goes like this and when everything is separated, man feels lonely and insecure underneath everything. Then he does not know his own meaning, for he does not know who he is, what he needs, what he is striving for, and what is right or wrong. In the midst of all this insecurity, he senses emptiness during moments of silence. He seeks information and certainty from around him but is unknowingly getting lost further and further away from this information, for he is like a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces all dispersed.

In an opposite state, all this unites, for everything is here and now. Everything is in man himself and is at disposal.

If mere information helped man, your globe would be heaven. You have very much information, but your globe is not heaven. Information in itself does not serve anything or anyone, for only understanding serves. Everything moves on very many levels, and one can never understand the deepest levels. When understanding expands, man understands that he really cannot understand; then understanding, in all its extensiveness, admits its own deficiency.

Understanding is that I understand that I cannot understand — and it is not even essential to try to understand, for understanding is restricted. But energy, in itself, is unrestricted. If I try to understand the unrestricted with the restricted, I can get myself lost with my trying.

“I cannot understand” is, in itself, deepest knowledge, for then the power of understanding disappears; it turns to serve man, and intuition deepens. Then, the deepest part in me, my self, gets to communicate freely, and I can then use understanding as an ancillary tool when I think how I will realize the message in practice in the best way.

If man lives in the intellect, the intellect rules him. Then it is the ruler, and the body and emotions are its subservients. If they lift up their heads, the intellect nullifies them, and man cannot live holistically in this state, for he is not in himself.

When man is in himself, he lives both with his body and his emotions and uses his intellect when needed. Every part is equally important then, for there are no rulers, only friends that support the functions of the whole.

The intellect is very limited, for it only carries for a moment, but life itself is completely infinite. When an ant sees a blade of grass, it thinks that it is a tree, for its field of vision is very limited, whereas an eagle sees very broadly. The intellect looks with the eyes of an ant, whereas an eagle, soaring free in the sky, is symbolically life itself. When man looks around as an ant and thinks that he knows life, it is very funny to an eagle. It understands that if an ant sees a tree, it does not even understand what a tree is. The restricted cannot understand or communicate with the unrestricted, just like an ant cannot understand or communicate with an eagle, for it is a completely different thing to work in the intellect than in freedom or reality.

In a way, every individual carries in himself the ant and the eagle, and when, seen symbolically, the ant means living in the intellect, and the eagle is our true self. When man gives up the intellect, it does not disappear anywhere but settles as a servant and a friend. The intellect is a very useful and necessary tool, for with the help of it, man can put into practice the things rising from inside. The eagle sees and the ant toils it into practice, when their collaboration is very successful. When man gives up the intellect and accepts himself, the eagle can rise on its wings.

The most important thing is to accept myself as I am and forgive myself that I have not been like I would have wanted to be. It is a complete forgiving without conditions, when I can also love myself without conditions.


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