We Ignite Together: The Edge Interview with Rev. Janice “Hope” Gorman


As unique souls having a spiritual experience in a third-dimensional world, sometimes we forget where we come from, and to whom we are connected. Rev. Janice “Hope” Gorman of Hope Interfaith Center in Mankato does not. After having experienced multiple walk-ins of different souls into her body, Hope knows at a deep level that many souls embodied today come from the stars and are an integral part of the universal community.

To remind people of their connections to star systems, she presented the debut Star Gathering at her center last June, and she had intended to bring the public together for another such gathering this summer, until the pandemic arrived. So this year people will join from the comfort of their own homes.

The two-day virtual conference, “We Ignite Together,” will take place June 13-14 via video conferencing, and pricing includes one or two-day viewing, with special bonuses.

The Edge spoke with Hope about the unique time we find ourselves in and about the event that will bring people together to celebrate their spiritual connections.

How is your quarantine going?
Rev. Janice Hope Gorman:
You know what? We’re doing pretty good. I thought that my quarantine and my isolation would give me a little bit more time off, but it hasn’t.

I think there is a big spiritual thing going on here, an awakening, and we’re at the crossroads of choice. So the Universe is saying, “Okay, choose again. What choice do you want right now?” I’m quite excited, really, about this time. I am always a person who believes that the heart can be the golden ticket to a new reality — and if we go into our heart space we will stand tall and we will come out of this different than we went into it.

For someone who may be a bit fearful about this whole experience, how can they go into their heart and what can they do once they’re there?
I think that’s a great question. It was asked to me last night when I was doing another broadcast. I tell people to be still and to be in the present moment, and consider how one tiny, but powerful, little virus has made the whole world stand still. It has given us an opportunity to just be still.

So, I tell people that in the dawn, right when you are waking up, spend five to ten minutes just being still and go into your heart space. Just with that intention, you will be there. And then a couple times during the day, just stop, be present within the moment, and have the intention and say out loud the words, “I’m going to go into my heart space. I’m going into my heart space. Be still. I’m okay. I’m going into my heart space.” The intention of that frequency or vibration will put you in that heart space.

Then in the dusk before you fall asleep, do the same thing. I believe you’re wiring and firing new programs into your body when you do that. This process is very simple. It’s time to go back to spirituality in a very simple way right now.

Let’s talk about your virtual event that replaces the Star Gathering this year.
I find it quite exhilarating because the transformation that has taken place is that it is going to be a summit called “We Ignite Together.” It is a welcoming platform for everyone, but particularly star beings and star seeds and walk-ins, and anyone who might be interested in finding out whether they are a star being or a walk-in.

On Saturday, June 13, we are going to have speakers from across the nation. Caroline Oceana Ryan, will be speaking about creating the new world, and she is from California. Garrett Duncan, who is 100 percent Navajo from New Mexico is going to be speaking about star children. And you might know Shirley B (Bolstock) who will speak about DNA activation, the I Am attunement, and she is from Colorado. And Yvonne Perry will speak about walk-ins. They will be presenting 30-minute pre-recorded teachings.

On Sunday, June 14, is VIP Day, which will include a live Zoom with Q&A with Caroline Oceana Ryan and Garret Duncan. In addition, Tammy and Anthony Chino from New Mexico — a very dynamic, young couple who work with star seeds, especially adolescents and young adults — will bring out their crystal bowls and instruments and present the “Sonic Boom Cosmic Sound Bath.” It literally changes your DNA. If people sign up for the VIP Day, they have a special bonus gift on Monday of meeting two young women, Amy and Janelle, called Sisters Rising, and they’re going to do meditation and Reiki.

It is all designed as a platform to raise our consciousness and help activate the new strands of DNA. So what is the new DNA? The new aspects of our DNA give you a repertoire of more advanced perceptual abilities of remote viewing, clairsentience, clairaudience, all the “clairs.” It wakes you up to a higher frequency. And when one person raises their frequency and their vibration to a higher frequency of love, the whole collective goes up to that frequency of love.

Collaboration is the name of the game right now. I was told a long time ago, “You are never supposed to do a gig by yourself, Hope. You are always supposed to work in collaboration with the Collective Consciousness to bring peace on the Earth.” If people tune into this, they will find that no matter what is happening or how frustrated they might be, or how confused they might be, or how scary this crisis might be, fear does not have the final say. Love can and will have the final say as we get through this.

Give me a recap of the most revealing information that came out of last year’s Star Gathering.
The most revealing information and/or guidance from last year’s Star Gathering was that during the exposure of all of these eclectic teachers and activations, we literally had five walk-ins that happened in that room and at that gathering. We came to realize that many, many walk-ins are coming to Earth at this time.

So, this year we wanted to open up the door to not just having star beings come in, but have walk-ins be welcomed, as well. I certainly remember Christina Rose inviting me to Walk-In International and we went to one in England and Colorado.

The other revealing thing was that people felt secure and safe to be in that expansive consciousness together. When you’re in a room where people are allowing you to be your authentic, expansive self, magic happens. People started speaking in light language — I mean, absolutely, the whole room started speaking in light language —and I think that the great awakening to their higher abilities came out and stayed with them. We always check in with the people to see if an activation or opening to their abilities stayed open for them. We received tremendous feedback on all of those about how they shifted into a new experience.

For a person who is going to have a walk-in come into their body, do they have a conscious sense of that before it happens?
Yes, I think some do. They feel like it is happening before it happens. I have had multiple walk-ins, and they were all contractual. I wrote that assignment up for myself before I came to this planet. So, a lot of people can feel it. For some people, when they see the word “walk-in” — and they think, “Huh, what’s that?” — or even when they see the word “star beings” or “star seed,” they’re interested and they are literally pulled forward through their magnetic grid. That’s when you know something is cooking and a walk-in could be occurring or is about to occur. It puts them in a safe place for it to happen, and it connects them with people who understand what is happening for them and to them.

It sounds like there is a window of opportunity for more walk-ins to come in. Why do you think that’s happening now?
For a long time the Earth has been calibrating and accelerating in its planetary frequencies. Scientists tell us that not only is the Earth frequency accelerating, but there are changes in the sun and the stars and the entire solar system as a result of this accelerated frequency, It’s providing a pathway for us to expand, to wake up, to upgrade into a level of consciousness within that energy.

Many of us at this time, if not all of us, are taking a quantum leap in our evolution right now upon the planet — though some will be leaving the planet, just as we’ve been told. For those who are walking in, this increased frequency provides them a platform, and safety. When I had my walk-ins, I believed that I was a little bit crazy. I couldn’t quite understand it. I didn’t know who I was or what it was. I just had to allow it to take place. The new frequencies open up the veils to allow this process to come through.

Have you received any specific information about the overarching purpose for this virus that’s affected us?
I have, but it’s not any different from what most awakened people are receiving and perceiving. It is waking us up to possibilities. It is opening up a gateway to be still, to go within. Just as the Hopi elders say, this is the eleventh hour and the river is running fast. Know where your water is coming from. Be still and know your beloved community. Be still and love yourself and all others. Be still and grow your garden. Be still. And, that Hopi philosophy of the elders is very much apropos for this time. Be silent and be present and ask some important questions about what is intrinsically important at this time as we go forward as a collective.

What I tell people is that the intentional energy right now is important. It’s not about knowing what you don’t want; it’s knowing what you do want now.

The high-caliber teachers we are bringing together will be saying this is the time to ignite your intentions, your dreams, your wants, and your wishes. Everybody has a different word for it. Jerry and Esther Hicks would always talk to Abraham, saying now is the time to draw your rockets of desire. Christine Day says this is the time to set your intentions and put them out there. As an astrology person, I know this is the time to take a look at your yes’s and take a look at your no’s and see where you authentically want to say your yes’s and say where you want to authentically say your no’s. Have your vision of a new reality and relentlessly go forward, one day at a time, towards making that vision a reality.

It’s a time to use discernment. It’s a time to have healthy boundaries. It’s a time to have healthy relationships. As the Hopi elders say, it’s a time to “know where your water is coming from and grow your gardens and love one another.” It’s the time.

Is there anything else we haven’t talked about that you would like to share with our readers at this time?
Have no fear — and if you do, say your mantras, go to the sun and the moon and the stars at night, and ask the elders from the sky who know what’s going on. Ask the masters from the sky who are right by them, as well, to help you during this time, to guide you during this time. Listen to the intuitive instructions that are coming through at this time; put your attention on the inside of them — and follow that. Just don’t listen to it, follow it.

It’s a time to be silent and listen within.
It is. The cosmic wisdom is inside, and it can be ignited especially when we come together, because you can’t be with these people when they come together and not be ignited to go within, to your internal, eternal power and to demonstrate that energetically upon the planet. It is about being quiet, going inside and listening to that intuition that lies within.

For more information on “We Ignite Together” and Hope Interfaith Center, visit www.hopeinterfaithcenter.com.


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