Heal the Pineal- Detox with Hung Song


The content of my new book, Heal the Pineal, has widened my awareness, healed my body and changed my life. Shortly said I have found that deep, inner undertones vocally expressed in “Hunnng” can decalcify the pineal gland, which is located in the center of our brain.

Anybody can express this sound, or learn how to do it — no musical skills are needed. I share this story because Hung Song happened to heal my allergy, chronic joint pain (lead toxification) and menopause symptoms overnight. My students also get extraordinary results with Hung Song.

In most people the pineal gland is calcified with calcium, fluoride, chlorine and aluminum. Why? The pineal gland stands unprotected in our bloodstream. It has no blood-brain barrier, as the brain and inner organs have to protect them. The pineal has the strongest blood flow of the body together with the heart, so toxins accumulate and calcify the pineal. Scientists have proven that a calcified pineal gland produces less melatonin, a hormone crucial for our circadian rhythm, the immune system, our sleep quality, the body’s natural detox system and much more.

When vibrating your pineal gland with Hung Song, you imagine its position (see illustration) while expressing an inner undertone where the soft palate is raised on “Hu” and the nasal cavity is closed on “Nnnng.” The expression of a closed “Nnnng” will physically vibrate the sphenoidal sinus (illustration) situated up to the pituitary gland, which is directly connected to the hypothalamus and the pineal gland. This means that the sound gets access straight into to the central nerve system.

When expressing the sound, you only hear “Hu” as the first attack, with pure undertones in “Nnnng.” I demonstrate the Hung Song in videos available at www.cosmoporta.com.

The eye-opener in singing Hung Song is that the vibrating sound follows your mental focus, meaning that you can supply sound energy to any part of your body by focusing your awareness.

When you imagine the placement of the pineal, you feel a gentle sensation of calmness when you hit the right resonance. Many people start yawning, so it is a good idea to sing Hung Song in bed before sleep. The yawning and the dreamlike images some people get could be due to the pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin and DMT. According to Joe Dispenza (Becoming Supernatural), the pineal gland secretes endorphins when it is stimulated.

Yes, it is a strange sound, but I remind you that this is a sound we all expressed instinctively as babies. Some people have difficulty in expressing the purring undertones of “HuNnnng,” because they have tension in their jaws or tongue. In this case, you need to open your voice.

Play with the sound, have fun, imagine the position of the pineal and sing a purring “HuNnnng.” The vibration of the inner undertone can activate the pineal gland and shake off the calcification that most of us have. I know that because I got a severe headache the first time I sang the Hung Song on my pineal, so be aware only to sing one to three minutes at the pineal, until you know how your body reacts. At night, one of my tonsils in the neck swelled up to the size of a small egg. I then added a freshly cut half onion, and kept it there with a towel. Onions contain sulfur, which pulls out toxins.

In 24 hours the swelling disappeared. The next morning all my joint pain was gone and I had a brilliant mood. Later on I experienced that my right elbow, which had been blue for years, reacting instantly when I ate lactose and or gluten, healed up. It has not been blue ever since.


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