Is There a Message?


They say the darkest hour
is just before the dawn,
a metaphorical message
I hope is correct. 
These months a complete churning up
of ordinary life experience,
calamities impossible to have imagined.
Could it be a prompting of the universe,
like a loyal dog grabbing
his favorite toy,
throwing it up in the air,
tossing it from side to side,
hoping to wake his loved ones up
to a more attentive way of living?

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Carolyn Chilton Casas
Carolyn Chilton Casas is a Reiki master and teacher whose favorite themes to write about are nature, mindfulness, and ways to heal. Her articles and poems have appeared in Braided Way, Energy, Grateful Living, Odyssey, Reiki News Magazine, and in other publications. You can read more of Carolyn’s work on Facebook, on Instagram @mindfulpoet_, or in her first collection of poems titled “Our Shared Breath.”


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