Spirit Leaves: Food, Frequencies & Feng Shui


When The Secret and The Law of Attraction first entered the consciousness movement, the prospect of wish fulfillment spread like wildfire. People purchased a plethora of books, tapes and workshops, eager to try out the technique. In their haste, many missed the spiritual component.

The key is intent: with loving and positive intent, beneficial things appear—synchronously. If greed is the motive, or power, it is one of those “be careful what you wish for” situations: you attract what you wish for, but not in the form you expect. We hear stories of people desperate to attract a mate. If they would work full-time on spiritual growth, they could naturally magnetize partners attuned to that higher wavelength. Instead, most opt for dating websites. Concerned about image, they focus their energies upon creating an onscreen persona designed to “lure” the big fish. Small wonder the resulting scenario is a sad matter of “desperation meets desperation,” launching an abundance of new but dysfunctional relationships.

Here’s a distillation of the teachings: everything is energy; everything has a frequency. When we match that frequency with our own thoughts and emotions energetically, we create a successful pole that magnetizes what we need. Everything begins as an idea in the mind. What we focus upon increases, until what began as a thought in the mind appears spontaneously in our environment. It’s magic, in one sense; in another, it’s quite natural.

Food — As in the online dating example, with a little time and care and the right intention, we will foster a healthy relationship with food. We want to eat healthier, to draw to us foods that support nourish and support radiant health. When we listen to the inner voice, the guides, the Higher Self, we connect with energies just beyond the veil and thereby choose vibrationally appropriate foods. It’s this simple: when we access Higher energies and look around us, everything in the field seems lit for easy selection. We enter the market and see only organic blackberries, not chemically cultivated ones. Natural foods call out to us; processed ones stop us in our tracks. When connected, it all works for our best and highest good. Alas, without accessing and forming that higher vibrational intent, we likely find ourselves in line for fast food, ordering fries and a shake.

Thoughts — Choosing our thoughts is analogous to choosing healthy foods. In the initial stream, the more dramatic or disturbing thoughts tend to surface first. To change this tendency, we need to stop, breathe, reflect. Do we sense an immanent negative thought arising? Has something triggered an ancient grudge? Are we swept up in a tide of political strife, biased thinking or a judgmental urge to correct others? Stop, breathe, reflect. Transform negatives into positives. Bless and release negative memories, images and ideas to their Highest good. Eventually, this reaction becomes innate.

Sound — In the new energies, sound offers great frequency attunement. Tone-generating tools like Tibetan bell chimes or brass bells bring mindfulness; wind chimes dissipate negatives. Chants blanket the soul. My roommate and I listen to chants that resonate with our diverse spiritual culture. Cedric prefers meditative tones, Sacred Songs by Krishna Das, Native Flute music and Gregorian chants. I like New Age music, Buddhist chants and Nuns singing in Latin. Sound, like mathematics, is a universal language. It translates across the dimensions, enhancing our multi-dimensional awareness.

Feng Shui — The arrangement of our physical setting immediately and cumulatively impacts upon our human energy field; this, in turn, profoundly affects the way we feel. It is important to choose consciously what stays or goes in our environment. Accumulating clutter by default stealthfully transforms an erstwhile sanctuary into a weighty bog. The solution is to take time to clear the clutter, little by little, twenty minutes at a time. With that small but significant investment, everything will begin to shift energetically and allow for new and wonderful energies to arrive.

The moral of the story? Eat consciously, think positively, listen selectively and Feng Shui everything! Even entertaining the thought of movement in another direction is the first small step on the thousand-mile path to

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Janet Michele Red Feather
Janet Michele Red Feather, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota and sings in nine different languages. Janet was a full-time defense litigator in California for nearly eight years. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. A regular columnist for The Edge, she has also appeared in Psychic Guidepost, FATE Magazine and Species Link. Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is currently a full-time, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College, having taught Composition and Literature for a span of 20 years.


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