A Pleiadian Message: Echoes of Love Support Reconnection


Beloved ones, we greet you. We are the transmitters of the light. We are the wayshowers for the elements of creation to become manifest now on your planet. We create an expanded vibration to flow across the Earth plane, which is designed to activate a quickening throughout humanity and Earth.

These daily transmissions are designed to create an echo, like waves of transforming frequencies. These transmissions interweave within the network grid of God light and then naturally expand outwards through you and the planet. As you actively choose to engage within your own heart frequency, these echoes are designed to support you in a rapid reconnection within the multidimensional aspect of your heart. These higher vibrations interact within the heart cells, activating the cells into a remembering.

Each heart cell begins to open individually, like a bud of a flower opening to the sun. These higher frequency vibrations create an activation through the brain synapses within the nervous system, reopening the telepathic centers within your brain. These centers are a natural aspect of the makeup of your multidimensional sacred systems. This sacred aspect connects you to the higher realm state of Self. Each time you choose to engage consciously through your heart, these higher frequencies will create this transformation through the cells of your heart and brain centers.

The network grid is widening its capacity daily, expanding its frequency to support you in your day-to-day life. Your reconnection to the network grid can only be achieved through the action of reconnection within your heart. This process cannot be corrupted by the third-dimensional illusion, despite the ongoing drama.

Sacred Imprints
The sacred imprints that are arising hold the essence of God‘s communion light. These echo imprints are setting in motion a continually evolving process, opening an incredible rebirthing potential for you. This electrical grid holds the God light components for all humanity on your Earth plane. This blessed frequency is mirroring the brilliance of Truth.

The action of this light created from the grid is accelerating and unearthing the density, which has been held within your governments, society and your own human aspect for lifetimes. The network grid is designed to support your physical, energetic transmutation while, simultaneously, what you refer to as “pandemic energy” activates and plays out across your planet.

The network grid is actively becoming more manifest on your planet, transforming daily and holding the vibrational design to fully and actively transform your heart. This enables you to move beyond the veils of illusion for your accelerated reconnection to Truth.

The third-dimensional chaos on Earth is set to continue. You can expect the unfolding drama to accelerate through to the end of this year. Know that this time of chaos is designed to assist you in changing your relationship to your human aspect, for you to align and activate a higher vibrational reconnection to your multidimensional heart space. Your heart holds your full sacred component.

Understand that you require this upheaval in your third-dimensional reality to reposition yourself into a higher terrain of your sacred reconnections. The drama is destined to complete this phase beginning around December this year.

The gift of this time is awaiting you. Within your own multidimensional heart, you can rediscover the sacred component of you. There is an urgent call going outwards for those of you “on the path” to allow self-resurrection through your conscious choice action, choosing to relink within your heart. The step in front of you is a “turn in the wheel,” a powerful moment like no other before.

Spiritual Communion
Know that you are not separate. Each one of you is preordained to meet and become reconnected through your unique God consciousness element within the network grid. Within this higher realm, you form a natural communion. As you rejoin through the network grid within your God light, you naturally reconnect to a higher system of consciousness, relinking into an understanding and clarity. You choose to reconnect through your heart. As you take this step of realignment within your heart, you birth into a direct pathway linking you into the network grid.

The drama in your third-dimensional reality is simply a smoke screen, an illusion. Anchor your commitment to let go, to move beyond the illusion, by aligning your reality awareness within your physical heart space. Choose you. Choose to live through the vibrational Truth of your own heart. Remember: “You are who you have been waiting for.” This is your time to deepen your commitment to the vast unlimited potential of the multidimensional tool of your heart.

Your unique God light is an aspect of the makeup of the network grid. As you realign within your multidimensional heart, this reconnection to the network grid repositions you to your higher realm path, an avenue aligning you to Truth. The essence of Truth has always existed within the framework of this vibrational network grid of God light.

This month heralds in a huge shift within the network grid. The grid itself is undergoing a further transformation, which will allow you to access a more fluid transitional state within its light frequency. The network is opening up new doorways, enabling you to receive revelations, a deeper essence of understanding of who you are within your God consciousness state. This allows you to commune beyond where you have previously realigned within the higher realm consciousness, enabling you to move into vast experiences of Self that have not been accessible previously.

These higher access points have been set in motion through divine timing through the God seat of power within this, our resident Universe. These openings have changed the entire landscape within the network grid. Through your conscious reconnection you will be moved into a higher perspective of vision. You are ready to embark on this journey of self-realization.

The Process:
You are being called forward at this juncture for your reconnection to Self. Remember that the conscious breath, a breath in and out of the mouth utilized every now and again, will be instrumental in your successful reconnection to the network grid.

1. Bring both palms to rest on your chest (this is your heart space).

2. Open your awareness where your hands rest and place your conscious breath, like a soft wind, into the space. Feel yourself aligning into your heart space.

3. Wait until you feel, see or sense the energy essence of your heart space open. This may be warmth, tingling, movement, fluidity or light, maybe just a sense of the space. As you place the conscious breath in this space, you align or open deeper. Allow your awareness to expand within the elements of the heart space as it opens. Fill your awareness within the experience.

4. Once you have aligned within your heart, you can begin to open up the essence of the network grid. Keep physically connected to your heart space with your hands and bring your awareness outwards beyond your physical body. Open your awareness into your energetic field that surrounds you.

5. The network grid is linked to the unique energy of your field of light. Utilize this sacred sound, ESTEN TAHN (pronounced esten tarn), within your energetic field. Bring as many sounds within your energetic space and build upon your sounds.

6. The network grid recognizes your unique frequency of the sound and it begins to open up to you further. As you make more of the sounds, let your awareness open towards the energy of the network grid that you feel, see or sense.

7. Feel yourself being received by the network grid, drawn like a magnet into the unlimited essence of the network grid light. Use your awareness and conscious breath to fully align and open into this vast space of structured light. Open into the communion and let go with the conscious breath.

8. Feel yourself being aligned to your place within your God light. Feel yourself anchoring into your place, being received, acknowledged. Use the conscious breath to let go and align deeper, claiming your place.

9. Open your hands slowly off your chest and allow your awareness to move through a space that is being revealed to you. It’s like opening a doorway, taking you further within the network grid frequency of your place within the communion.

10. Let go and utilize the conscious breath to anchor and claim your realignment further. Keep letting go with your breath. Open your awareness to consciously link deeply within the God consciousness communion energy, which is here. Allow a letting go within you to occur. This will open up the space for you to reclaim and anchor into your sacred reconnection within the communion of God light.

11. When this phase feels complete for now, bring your hands and awareness slowly back to your physical chest.

12. Feel a pathway being established from the network grid into your heart cells. Utilize the conscious breath into your heart cells and feel, sense or see the pathway from the grid forge within your heart. Feel, see or sense the frequency of the communion of your God light anchor within your cells.

This is your sacred process that unfolds into a unique journey each time you work within the activated energy. This is your next step in your enlightenment process. We witness and salute your commitment to towards your own destiny. This is a self-empowerment process for change, which has been gifted to you at this time.

Great Progress
No matter how things may appear within the illusion in your world, as an individual aspect of the collective you make great progress every time you consciously choose to engage within your heart to the network grid.

Humanity as a united entity is being held within the One, the sacred design of destiny through the network grid. Each one of you is to play an essential role in the unfolding energy within the awakening of your planet Earth. Your conscious reflection of “letting go” of the illusion within your heart greatly contributes to bringing an end to the illusion.

There is to be a shattering of the illusion on Earth at a certain juncture, and you are to play a pivotal role in this through the simple process of choosing to let go within any given moment in your day. Don’t look for perfection, but moments of reconnection to your heart and a building reconnection within the network grid.

Focus on unraveling the old concepts that your ego mind very subtly continues to perpetuate within your life. Consciously choose to let go of all that is not Truth in moments. One moment at a time builds the love towards your human aspect of being.

Witness your Humanity
Take moments to witness your humanity and bring compassion to yourself and all that you are within any one space of time. You have navigated within the journey of your story and this is the time to release the illusion of the importance of your story. Your ego mind holds tightly to this illusion.

Remember: you are much more than your story. Move beyond the limited perception of your ego mind and reach within your heart to align within the vast aspect of your natural sacred component.

We wish to remind you that there is nothing you need to change within your human imperfection in order to move into your enlightenment process within your heart right now. As you actively choose moments to reconnect within the vastness of your multidimensional heart, you are simultaneously choosing to deepen your alignment to your purpose for this time.

Moment by moment, allow your realignment to your multidimensional sacred heart.

We hold love around you as you proceed, step by step, moment by moment. Blessings,
The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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