Point of Neutrality — Force of Divine Evolution


When separation of one comes again to meet its whole…
this is a sacred union.
A single point of Neutrality that marks its death and birth simultaneously.

When the self is met by Consciousness Awareness there is a Divine union.
A longing of the self to be whole.
An intimacy that knows unconditional Love.

By this Love when light is offered to darkness and both respond,
carried by non-resistance, surrendered to a point of neutrality,
they become the one frequency, merged, wholeness.

Here, now,
we are being moved by the momentum of Consciousness Evolution.
The Divine feminine principle longing to return to the divine Masculine, to be reborn as one.

This will happen to all things.
The wholeness of all things.
From microcosm to microcosm.

A union, merging, to become one pure distilled vibrational frequency.
Until in its purity of oneness, it will become everything and no thing.


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