The Awakening of Humanity


Today we are all experiencing one or more of the negative effects of an incredibly destructive “agent of change.” Truth be told, horrific things happen every day on this planet, but they usually affect other people in other places. COVID-19, on the other hand, has the potential to reach anyone, anywhere, and our lives have been upended in a multitude of ways.

The obvious questions — how do we stop this virus, how can we protect ourselves from a resurgence, will we be able to resurrect the global economy, what happens if our jobs can’t be restored — are all unknowns. They occupy our thoughts and emotions daily, hourly, with every newscast or twitter feed.

For some, the crisis is merely an inconvenient interruption of “business as usual.” For some, it has increased their already staggering profits or created new ways to capitalize at the expense of others. But for most of the other billions of people on the planet, it is a radically amplified survival issue.

From both scientific and spiritual perspectives, we know that nothing happens by chance: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and “As you sow, so shall you reap.” What is happening today has its roots in everything that has gone before, and when the tension reaches a tipping point, something extraordinary happens to get our attention. This pandemic may be shouting “Stop! Now! Look at the world you have built with untold suffering amidst obscene excess! All life forms and the planet itself are in mortal danger!” The winding down and isolation are giving us the opportunity to think about these issues deeply and come out of it with a better Plan B.

That so many people are actually getting the message is an incredibly hopeful sign. Neighbors are helping with each other’s daily needs; service organizations are expanding their roles and methods to accommodate a rapidly increasing clientele; scientific organizations around the world are sharing their findings in an effort to develop both treatments and vaccines; and governments are trying to lift the financial burden of their citizens.

What would happen if this behavior were to continue after the coronavirus is subdued? Could it not eventually lead to treating a recovering planet as a “global village” and its citizens as the one human family it truly is? It would take time, but it has to start with the recognition of our interdependence and demanding of our leaders that we all push the reset button and begin to move in this direction!

Fortunately at this very time, a little-known cosmic event is also taking place. As we move into the beginning of the Aquarian age, characterized by energies of synthesis, unity and cooperation, the spiritual custodians of human evolution — the Masters of Wisdom — have once again sent one of their great ones into the world to act as a teacher for the coming time. Some of the past teachers we have known historically were Confucius, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Major world religions all expect another great teacher at some future time, and his imminent appearance has been foreseen by some writers since the late 1800s.

For more than 40 years, British esotericist and lecturer Benjamin Creme informed the world of a coming change, of the collapse of our old structures to make way for the new. He served as a herald for the World Teacher for this age, Maitreya, the one expected by many and longed for by millions (consciously or not), who has come now to guide us through this perilous time and into a cleansed and transformed new world.

Maitreya has advised humanity to make the needed changes to put our world on a saner, fairer path — for all 7.7 billion of us — and his advice can be summarized in a few words, as revealed by Benjamin Creme in Share International magazine:

“He [Maitreya] will show that essentially men are one, no matter the color or the creed, that the bounty of Earth belongs to all, and that sharing of that bounty is the key to man’s future. Only sharing, and the justice which it will bring, offers hope to man. Only justice wrought out of sharing will end the plagues of war and terror. Only sharing and justice can bring men to that Brotherhood which is their true inheritance. When men see this they will rise to the challenge and tackle one by one the many problems which daunt us now. Maitreya’s Light will support and balance men in their eagerness for the changes which must ensue, and, in right order, the world will be renewed.”

Maitreya and his group have worked behind the scenes for millennia to guide a human family endowed with free will. By all appearances today, we have not used that free will wisely and are reaping the consequences. But with these powerful, incorruptible allies at our back — and openly in the world for the next 1,500 years — we have the opportunity right now to start rebuilding a world that works for everyone. Will we take it?

In response to today’s racial and economic injustice, exacerbated and highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are marching. We are protesting. We are sharing resources and helping others. We are agitating for change. We are on the right track now! Let’s not even consider going back to business as usual.

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Lynne Girdlestone
Lynne Girdlestone is a long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and a volunteer with Share International USA.


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