What Animals Teach Us about Love


Often when we speak of love, we think of it being exclusive to the human race. Yet, if you have pets, you know that sometimes animals are capable of giving more of God’s love than many humans can.

Dina has a horse. She calls her horse Babe. Dina got an insight into divine love through an experience with Babe.

One day, Dina was feeling really down-and-out, feeling really sorry for herself. So she went out into the paddock where Babe was.

Dina came up to Babe and whispered in her ear, “Do you love me?” The horse looked at her and vigorously shook its head as if to say, “Nay.” Well, I don’t know if Babe said “nay” exactly, but anyway she was thinking “nay.”

And then Babe turned and walked away from Dina. Dina, of course, was crushed. She needed love. She thought if she asked Babe — her horse, the one she takes care of all the time — if she just talked to Babe, certainly Babe would affirm this love and maybe say, “Aye.” If a horse dare say that.

No Strings Attached
Dina was feeling even more sorry for herself than she had before. But then she threw back her shoulders and quietly called after Babe. She said, “That’s okay. I love you anyway with all my heart and being.” Babe stopped in her tracks, turned around, came back and stood by Dina’s side.

I think we all know the kind of love that has strings attached. Sometimes we have done it, or we do it. Then other people, if they’re sensitive at all, will shy away. They don’t want to be near such a person, because it’s suffocating. In a way, it’s almost a form of black magic because it takes life away from someone else.

Dina realized that the love she had expressed when she said to Babe, “I love you with all my heart and being” was divine love. Divine love means no strings attached, no need to have love given back — just pure divine love.

This is the nature of real love. No strings attached.

Misha’s Gift of Love
A woman had her own business, and all the cares about it weighed upon her. She would go out running every day. One day after her run, she came home worn out and worried. During the run, she’d been thinking: Should she keep her business, or should she accept a job that a nutrition company had offered her which paid very well?

She was sitting there wondering about what to do, tired out from her run, and even more tired from the worries of her business, when Misha, her Siamese cat, nudged her.

Misha had his favorite toy in his mouth. He nudged her as if to say, “Hey, it’s time to play. Lighten up. This is my gift of love to you.”

The woman began to smile. She felt her heart lighten as she saw the love her cat was giving her. It was a gift from one of God’s creatures — another soul.

Many animals have an uncanny way of knowing where they should go to get the help they need. Those with a higher consciousness even know where to go to give help to those who need it.

Our pets understand us far better than we think. Wrapped in our daily concerns, we often don’t see what we need to do to stay in harmony with the world around us — but they do.

Show Me Love
If you don’t know anything about ECK, or Eckankar, the main tool you have to work with at this point may be prayer — your communication with God. And so you can pray to God. Just say, “I want truth,” or “Dear Lord, give me knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.” But the greatest thing you could ask is: “Dear Lord, give me love.”

Truth reveals itself through the Light and Sound of God. Whether it comes to an animal, to you, or to someone else, it fills your heart with love. And when your heart is full of love, what room is there for fear?

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  1. Dear Harold, The story of Dina and her horse, Babe, opened my heart. A beautiful reminder to just be Love. Thank you so much.


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