Your Pets During the Global Crisis — What Are They Energetically Communicating to You?

I had just heard that the riots from downtown Minneapolis might expand to the suburbs. I live in the next city circle, a mere 10-minute drive from downtown. I didn’t want to be scared, but I was.

What should I do, besides lock the doors?

Honey and Lucky, my 80-pound “puppies,” decided for me.

I was sitting in the kitchen. Honey the Golden Retriever went over to the refrigerator and stared atop it. That’s where we keep staples. Then Lucky the yellow Labrador plopped his massive weight on my lap.

I got it. Later that day, I bought more groceries and then stayed put. But during our interaction, my dogs also shared other impressions, the psychic type. These expressed requests from me.

While Lucky was still sitting on my lap, an image formulated in my head. I saw him and Honey walking on their leashes. Darn! I had skipped their second morning outing. Well, we fixed that easily enough.

Before we could head outside, Honey had more to share. Once done with the refrigerator, he stared at me. I felt my skin prickle and chill, and I wanted to shake. I knew that he was frightened, too. He was probably picking up on my fear and needed me to calm him in return. I cuddled with him for a while, whispering that we’d all be okay. Then out for our journey.

For months, we’ve all been hunkered down. Kind of. Sometimes we’re caterpillars, wrapped in our cocoons. Other times, we’re more like larvae, unprotected and nervous. Then there are those brief moments of flight, only to return to our insulated state. We’re impacted by what’s occurring in the world, but so are our pets.

Some of our pets are longstanding companions. Others might be brand new, or foster friends. No matter our relationship, our pets pick up on what’s happening in the global community through us. They also have something to say, whether they want to care for us, or make a request from us.

Want to know what your pet is conveying — and needing? It’s far easier if you approach the communication energetically.

Like all living beings, our pets are composed of — and communicate with — energy. Energy is simply information that vibrates; however, there are two types. Physical energy is the stuff of material reality. When your pet stares at the food bowl, they’re pretty obviously asking for food. Lots of times we understand what our pets are sharing through behavior and body language. Subtle energy, on the other hand, is less measurable. It’s quantum, invisible and inaudible. In other words, it’s psychic. And most of our pet’s “memos” are delivered psychically.

Have you ever seen an image in relation to a pet? Sensed a feeling or physical sensation? Maybe even heard words or a verbal missive? There are three major ways of relating psychically to a pet — visually, empathically and verbally. This statement applies to all pet species. In fact, it’s easier to receive and discern a pet’s messaging if you understand where it is “coming from.”

As a broad stroke, each of the seven basic categories of pets incarnates for a specific type of purpose. Like humans, animals have souls. They exhibit certain personality traits in order to carry out their species-related mission. To better help you figure out how to respond to a pet, consider the shared mission of the following types of pets:
• Mammals: Tribal and loving.
• Rodents: Detailed and focused.
• Birds: Free and transcendent.
• Reptiles: Survival-based and transformative.
• Arthropods. Dream-shifters and destiny carriers.
• Amphibians: Devoted to flow and intuition.
• Aquatic fish: Inspirational and lucky.

To deepen your ability to receive and interpret a pet’s particular messaging, first consider their overall purpose in your life. In what way is their categorical mission applicable to you? How do they typically assist you in becoming more like them? Then, assess their behavior. Do they seem challenged or “off?” What do their actions suggest? If your logical mind can’t figure out what’s up, use your intuition.

Reflect on your pet’s actions, or your sense that they are communicating psychically. Then ask spiritual guidance to send you a visual image, empathic sensation, or verbal indication that packages their message. Are they trying to instruct or help you? Or do they require assistance from you? If you don’t get immediate psychic advisement or instruction, ask that you be shown an answer during the next 24 hours.

Loving insights don’t always come immediately, but they always show up.



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