A Pleiadian Message: Achieving Transformation, Step by Step


Beloved ones, we greet you. We hold a mantle of love around your planet with the rest of the Universal community as you are launched into the complete reset of energy within your Earth. The magnetic core within your planet is resonating with the Universal pulse and continues to adjust its frequency settings to a higher multidimensional vibration of light consciousness. The network grid of light is fulfilling its purpose by interacting within the magnetic core, creating stabilization on the planet as the frequencies intensify.

The Earth’s rotation is being re-adjusted to align within this higher resonance of light, which has been building and continues to expand within the magnetic core. As the rotation of your planet quickens, there is a creation essence of an expanded vibrational flow of light forming. This activation is designed to support the changing profile of the planet.

The natural forces are being interwoven through this higher resonance. This higher frequency of light is currently re-establishing a pure energetic profile within the trees, plants, mountains and earth, impacting the waterways and oceans throughout the planet to bring about an expansive rebalance within nature. This is creating a realignment to the higher resonance that exists within the entire Universe.

Broken time
The illusion of time is gradually being broken down in segments. Humanity needs to be able to gradually stabilize as the breakdown within this process unfolds, creating adjustments within physical systems. This huge transformation must be achieved step by step, one phase completing before the next, as the energetic atmosphere of the planet moves into a completely alternative dynamic rhythm and balance.

The winds of change are rapidly flowing out across your Earth plane, creating upheaval through the shifting of reality within your day-to-day living. This happening is bringing forth a higher frequency within your life that you can more readily access through the avenue of your heart space. You are being called to shift your focus of these changing realities, from the illusion of the drama perpetuated by your ego mind to Truth within the profound openings now offered through your heart space.

This timeframe is about you returning to a higher, more authentic space of consciousness by developing a deepening connection to your multidimensional heart space. This is a moment for self-realization. As you begin to redevelop your heart muscles, you can be reinitiated into the state of your unlimited potential. Each time you choose to consciously enter the alternative reality doorway within your heart, an evolution takes place within the cells of your physical body.

Another phase
The framework that has always existed within your energetic field will move into another phase of transmutation, as a higher electrical vibration flows within your field to allow you to stabilize within the expanded realm connections. This can be set in motion through conscious re-engagement and activation of the sacred heart. Doing this, you set in motion the recreation and re-definition of yourself through your own conscious choice action of realignment to Home through your heart.

Powerful energetic waves are being manifested daily across your Earth plane to create a disintegration of the density. These waves are literally crashing within the environment of Earth, unearthing the holding of illusion and simultaneously revealing higher paths of opportunity. These paths are being forged open to support you in this awakening step.

The gateway created by the network grid has now been fully established and anchored to support you in the next step of rebirth. The network continues to flourish, the frequency accelerating its impact as the light builds in momentum, creating an illuminated path for you to engage.

Deep emotions
This building of light is pulling up the deep emotions that have been held within individuals and communities. Third-dimensional drama continues to create deep impacts within your lives. This creates confusion and unsettles the ego mind, bringing a great opportunity as your ego mind is held in confusion. This space allows deep and permanent changes for you to unfold within your relationship with your own human aspect. This is the time for you to let go of the old outworn cycles in your life. Play witness to the birth of wholeness within you. We liken this to the sun coming over the horizon. Within this environment, your heart can experience reconnection to light and Truth.

Allow, let go and open to the revelations of peace and Truth that can be illuminated within. As you choose to open up into your heart, you enter a new phase of your destiny. Let go and open into your rebirth. Within the light, Truth can unfold and awaken through you. This space is accessible for you to let go and witness yourself within this higher evolutionary environment. This opening is heralding in remembering.

Your heart’s makeup carries a unique Divine frequency, and you are able to access this unique song of light. This is a sacred design, a flow of light that will cascade you into an arena of Truth, love and reconnection to a higher learning.

You have always held the unique design of Truth within your multidimensional heart. We liken this design to a specific song resonance. The vibration of you opens a pathway that enables you to link into a higher level of consciousness in communion with the light. The sacred element of your nature can begin to be self-realized though the opening up of this unique design, which holds your signature of God light energy.

Remember, you are recognized throughout the Universe by this signature song. As you resurrect your signature light within your heart, you are re-established within the sacred God consciousness collective within the Universe.

Support energy
The network grid carries support energy for the reconnection that resides within you by holding the energetic mirror of your God light outwards to support your realignment. This mirror is designed to assist you in recognizing and remembering the essence of you. The network grid is designed to stabilize you when you activate your reconnection. This re-emergence within your heart allows you to fully recalibrate your creation light within the systems of your physical and energetic body.

Your physical body will undergo rapid change during this phase of transformation. Your nervous system is being recalibrated to support the frequency of your heart’s multidimensional reopening. Your design song is electrical in nature, and as the frequency of your God song releases within your systems and becomes absorbed within you, the cells of your body — the heart cells — begin to actively pulse the unique design frequency of your heart outwards.

Your brain synapses will transform as you activate this reconnection, unravelling the multidimensional function of your nervous system and spinal fluid, recalibrating the frequency held within the sacrum and brain stem. Your brain function is to be repurposed to respond on a multidimensional level to initiate and work with your heart song frequency.

Who are you within this frequency song of your heart? As you reopen the doorway to your heart, you can emerge within the multidimensional framework of your higher consciousness, knowing that your God light is fully intact just beyond the veils of your heart, in perfect flow. There are no restrictions or specific agendas placed between you and the full reconnection to your sacred nature. At this moment, an access is being held wide open by the new framework within your energetic field, and your heart creates the opening for you to step through and be.

Higher path
You have choices at this juncture. You get to choose to take the higher path of reconnection to the sacred aspect of your sacred self, which is an essential component of your natural makeup. This era of the “New Dawning” is before you. It’s another turn in the wheel of your homecoming!

Those of you who have already begun the process of re-engagement within your multidimensional heart hold the potential to access the full reflection of the multidimensional reality framework that is reopening. These simultaneous reality profiles have been in existence within the planet for lifetimes. These profiles give you a deeper insight and ability to reconnect into your heritage makeup, within your family of light. Access to them aligns you to another aspect of your potential power. You open up into realignments, to the natural higher state of your consciousness.

By choosing, you rejoin the vast communion telepathic settings that exist with your family of light. This is your heritage. You have always been a part of these sacred communities, which exist within your resident Universe.

By shifting your awareness into your heart, you choose your multidimensional self yourself within your heart space. Let go of any agenda and be. This next step of your process is about opening into a simple uncluttered moment, void of any “doing.” This process of returning is about being and letting go within the vast expression of your heart. Don’t try and engage within the heart. Simply open your awareness and witness the space that is unfolding for you.

The words I AM are the most simple and impactful. These words are Divine in nature, as they create a segment of light that naturally realigns you deeper to your heart song. The frequency that is created by your words, I AM, engages fully within the heart cells. The action of these words, I AM, creates openings of your unique energetic design. I AM forms the essential opening of a pure moment within destiny through the reconnection to a telepathic communion with your heritage, your family of light.

Through a holy frequency engineered by the network grid, the magnetic core of the Earth and the shifting rotation of the planet, a completely different reaction is created through the I AM vibration within your heart than previously experienced. This is the action of your pure magic being recreated through you at this time in your destiny.

This magic is the reopening of the multidimensional potential of an uncorrupted, uncluttered space — bringing forth reconnection within your heart and anchoring and aligning you to the frequency of Truth.

I AM activates Truth. These words state, “I AM part of the Oneness. I AM the state of God consciousness.” Claim the state of never being separate from God and always being an extension of the light of Truth. As you anchor within your heart and anchor these words, you set in motion a higher level of the transmutation process within you.

The Process
Utilize the conscious breath, in and out of the mouth. This breath supports your process, bypassing the ego mind:

1. Hold your heart, your full chest area, resting both palms of your hands on your chest.

2. Utilize the conscious breath, bringing it like a soft wind into your hands, into your heart space.

3. Open your awareness within the space. You may feel, see or sense the space. Bring the conscious breath into the space expanding your connection.

4. Bring in the words I AM within the space. Use the conscious breath to let go and align to the activation. Repeat I AM as many times as you feel is appropriate.

Open within these unfolding steps of this sacred process within. We witness you as you step forward into the light of your destiny. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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