Ancient Divination Tools

What if the ancients gave us advanced divination tools? Discover the hidden gifts created for humanity to bring a direct pathway to the Divine!

A singular outpouring of Divine energy encompasses all consciousness. It is pure radiant energy. It is a real, although symbolic, illumination of the Divine that is available in all things, in all times and in all places. The vast outpouring of this energy includes light and sound, and the thoroughly intangible essence of awareness moves through all of nature, through all universes and all minute particles.

Life and consciousness desire to move into the fullness of their expression. This impetus initiates growth, exploration and expansion.

Great beings were moved to do this, to move into a fullness. They experienced a unique focus that brought awareness, transformation and direct Divine connection. And they saw the gifts and benefits that their focus initiated and actualized. This is the revelation of the mysteries of the twelve Streams of Consciousness and how and why they were created and developed.

The twelve Streams of Consciousness were created as a gift for humanity’s guidance. They resonate to and provide a direct, clear, vibrationally sound pathway to answers to life. They were created to be optimal codings and pathways to awaken communion.

These streams are humanity’s pathways. The twelve Streams of Consciousness, created for humanity, provide focused experiences and awakenings. In this way, humanity could and can receive wisdom and connection through a localized focus and experience. The twelve Streams of Consciousness came to Earth together and have been re-coded and aligned at different times to synchronize with human unfolding. Each and every stream is always aligned with the highest frequencies and connection.

The number twelve is most sacred on Earth. The original intention or purpose or idea was that a person could select a Stream of Consciousness in most harmony with how they enjoyed experiencing life. They would then resonate with that stream. In this resonance, they would awaken to their connection and be inspired, embraced and illuminated.

Each stream favors a particular experience of quality that is in harmony with the person who chooses that stream. The Streams of Consciousness are always connected to the Singular Outpouring. They are never separated. The Streams of Consciousness exist within and vibrate to create trails of specific energy that lead to individual answers. Each stream is aligned with a quality and a system of experiencing connection.

The twelve Streams of Consciousness on Earth have different tunings and themes of experience to bring a richness of perception and awareness and communion. Through the creation of the streams, each and every being could dip into the trails of focused energy. Through a Streams of Consciousness, each individual can completely experience that focus.

Each Stream of Consciousness can be thought of as a vast vibrational awakening and alignment tool. This sacred vibrational system guides you to discover what paths you are ready to explore and embrace. Then, it also spiritually, emotionally and vibrationally aligns with your own soul being to graciously help you shift into a higher expression and knowing.

The Streams of Consciousness for simplicity and convenience are named to describe their attunement focus and vibrational qualities. They are: The Stream of Purity, The Stream of Honor, The Stream of Compassion, The Stream of Neutrality, The Stream of Harmony, The Stream of Beauty And Grace, The Stream of Wisdom, The Stream of Truth, The Stream of Radiance, The Stream of Reciprocity, The Stream of Universality and The Stream of Unity.

Which Stream of Consciousness inspires you? Which Stream of Consciousness motivates you and engages you? Which Stream of Consciousness calls to you?

A beautiful way today to access the Streams of Consciousness is to write the twelve names of the Streams of Consciousness on pieces of paper and then pick one out of a bowl. Then meditate on what that stream’s message is for you. The longer you meditate on it, the more ancient wisdom will be revealed.



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