Divination Tools Are All Around Us


Have you ever been called a tool? I have, and I don’t think it was a compliment. But as a tool (a channel), we all use our body as a divination tool with our “gut” feelings.

We are all intuitive. Many intuitive readers use divination tools such as tarot cards, runes or pendulums to receive further accuracy and confirmation on the intuitive hits they are already receiving. We are electro-magnetic, multidimensional beings, and our very presence affects the outside world. Our presence and emotionality can shift the mood of a room. I was told once that Tarot cards and runes pick up on the energy of the emotional imagination of the person being read.

What an intuitive sees is not the future but trajectory packets. The future teeters with different probabilities, and based on thought and action we shape probabilities. But, the closer you get to the event, the stronger the probable outcome. However, the future is very malleable and you can change the trajectory of your future by thought and feeling alone. We are never stuck.

What’s great about divination tools is they give us clues to what we are creating — whether we are using cards or pendulums or just looking for clues in our outside world — advice and synchronicities we come across — to give us guidance.

There is no coincidence. These are events that “coincide.” We do control our own destiny. Unfavorable readings can simply mean we are anxious. What is anxiety? Negative emotional imagination thrown into the future. If you get a “bad” reading, you can always change the direction and trajectory. Throwing the emotion of excitement into an imagined future does bring an outcome to you faster. It has a high vibrational frequency, and therefore works as a conduit to bring that imagined event to you.

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