Divination Tools for Modern Spiritual Practices


The first time I used a divination tool professionally was the first day of massage school. I feel fortunate that I was guided into a healing arts career as I was able to think of my energy as a tool from the beginning. I learned how to use my hands in different ways to soothe, ease and loosen trapped energy in my clients. I worked at luxury spas and resorts for many years, developing preferences for tools provided in my work environment.

The main tool I use is essential oils. Essential oils are basically the immune system of a plant that a practitioner uses for therapeutic benefit. They have been used in this way for centuries. When the oil is inhaled, the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain. One of the main areas of focus for the scent is the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain.

Offering a choice of oils to a client and having the client choose is actually an intuitive process. It offers an opportunity to a client’s psyche and gives him or her the ability to choose the oil that will best suit the highest need for the massage session. I enjoy working with oils because there is so much choice. I can experiment with single oils, mix two oils for added benefit or use multiple oils on different body parts for different effects. I may choose to use peppermint for congestion near the face or head and lavender on the body for relaxation. In my own home, I use aromatherapy diffusers each day. You can literally lift the mood of your home by using aromatherapy regularly.

I also use stones and crystals in my profession. Anyone who does regular healing arts work should have black stones or crystals in the work area for personal protection. The stones should be thought of as sacred tools that complement the work of the provider by absorbing the negative energy brought in by clients. These stones need to be cleaned in salt water and charged in the sun regularly.

You should always use divination tools with intention. One example is to take a moment to honor the presence of the natural gift of the stones to benefit the provider, the client and the process of healing. I have several crystals at home for my personal use. Sometimes I carry them with me and sometimes I even sleep with them near me at night to amplify the power of a moon phase.

The most advanced tool I currently use is a tarot deck. A lot of freedom and power comes with a person’s ability to use this tool to support a personal spiritual journey. A huge amount of wisdom is available to a confident, experienced individual when using a tarot deck. There is a learning curve to this art, but like anything, practice and regular use is a must. My advice is to buy a tarot deck and a book or be active in looking up the meanings of cards you pull for yourself as you relate the meaning to your own life, challenges, etc.

In the beginning, using divination tools can sometimes feel awkward. The most important thing to remember any time you use these types of tools is simply intention. Your intention should be to use the tools for positive personal growth and expansion. You must respect the tool and be open to what you will learn in unique and mysterious ways.

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Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis is an author and Spiritual Healing Advisor. She has been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years and has coached for a Top 5 Fortune 500 company. She has overcome incredibly difficult personal situations and it is her calling to share what she has learned about spirituality for the benefit of others. Visit www.theangelwearsprana.com. Explore her Facebook page at Theangelwearsprana, and her Intentional Spiritual Community at www.facebook.com/groups/503869996928748/


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