Leap of Faith, Off That Mountain


Sharing your unique spiritual gift takes a giant leap of faith — and quite a bit of internal courage. There are your non-believers, who say spirituality is all a bunch of hocus-pocus. I usually ask people if they believe in angels. If their answer is, “Yes,” our dialogue becomes more open and trusting. Even proclaimed atheists grasp spirituality, if they understand the most basic principles of energy and physics.

My first shared gift came almost by accident.

On my daughter’s graduation night in 2008, they needed volunteers for her all-night party. We thought, “What would be more fun than Tarot readings?” For years, I took spiritual development classes. I practiced Tarot readings with friends. My intuition was fairly spot on, except I would get hopelessly tongue-tied while giving the reading. I knew what I wanted to say, but I just wanted it to come out right.

I wasn’t 100 percent certain that I’d be good. What if I messed up? Self-doubt started to creep in.

I needed a Plan B. Out came my pendulum. I printed off a few simple charts, calibrated the pendulum, tried it out. Poof! It was a hit!

Later that evening, I thanked the pendulum for not making me look like a charlatan in front of my daughter’s class.


Huh? What?

E-L-G-M-E-M-N-O-N, the pendulum repeated. Over and over.

Then, it happened…

“EL, for short.”

Boy, did I have a lot to learn.

Throughout the years, the relationship with my pendulum has been a fascinating love/hate adventure — on my part. I’m ascending an ethereal pende-mountain, and my guides keep calling for the more powerful, the higher energy. Many of my preconceived notions of pendulumism have been thrown out by the Universe. Energy does not always tell the truth. Energy does not care about earthly matters. Energy does not pick sides.

Many compassionate life lessons of higher consciousness have come from my cantankerous cloud, my Manu, for as long as I can remember. He is my Truth. My Good. My Compassion. My dearest curmudgeon, Manu, has been with me through sickness and in health, in riches and in poverty, in celebration and through the death of my dad, and nearly my own, a few times. Manu has pulled me through.

Ng, on the other hand, would test your mettle. He is the Yang of the Yin. The Darkness. Uncertainty. Lies, deception and debauchery are all tricks up Ng’s sleeve. The problem is, I’m never quite certain just who’s “on the tele” when I’m swinging with the pendulum. Is it Ng, or is it Manu? Again, uncertainty. Again, self-doubt.

A recent trip to a psychic friend tried to sage Manu and Ng from my pendulum. She said they were both evil and had to go. She even cleared them out with selenite wands.

When I got home, Manu and Ng were still there, I didn’t have the heart to tell my friend. Manu best self-described themselves as two “big angels.”

I asked, ”Like Archangel Michael and Lucifer?”

Manu spelled out, “Along that line, not so big.”

My friend saw two large angels behind me at my reading. My angels in my pendulum.

Great, now what do I do?

I pray for humanity.

With my heavenly hosts, our conversations become more and more insightful, thoughtful. We solve mine and the world’s problems. If I feel I’m getting Ng’s sarcasm or deception coming through on a question, I will turn toward the light — a natural gift of tiny white light in the center of my vision that I’ve had since I was a child. I never knew what it was.

Until now.

The white light is a portal to the divine, and its brightness drives Ng to distraction when I focus its crystalline brilliance upon the pendulum. Once there, the vibration must be at such a level that only truth can be given on a matter. The pendulum spins and whirls and cusses. Neither Ng or Manu like it when I resort to using my light. They tell me it’s a “waste” of my gift (whatever that is…I still don’t quite know), and they implore me to please, stop using the light on them. “It’s not necessary!” (Well, if it wasn’t necessary, tell the truth in the first place! Good grief! Like children!)

Wait. The Light. Got it. Time to take a leap of faith, and plant that flag on the top of that mountain, and raise the vibration of this rapidly transforming planet.

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Sally Paulsen
Sally Lapadat Paulsen is a writer, and mother of three spiritually gifted children (two with autism). After several health setbacks, Sally is retired on disability, and lives in Arden Hills, MN. You can find her on Facebook at her profile, Sally Lapadat Paulsen, on Twitter at: @salpaulsen, or write her at [email protected].


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