New Books | Fall 2020


7 Lessons for Living from the Dying: How to Nurture What Really Matters, by karen Wyatt (Watkins Media), 208 pages — Dr Karen Wyatt has spent most of her career as a hospice medical doctor, homeless shelter physician and caregiver. In this inspirational book she shares the 7 lessons she has learned from the dying and gives a daily spiritual practice to help live them. “Dr. Karen Wyatt addresses a long-standing taboo in our youth-obsessed, feel-good society: death and the process of dying,” says Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words. Karen Wyatt has been privileged to share the final months, weeks, days and moments with many of her patients. This unique experience has given her a profound insight into death and dying. In this book she shares her story and the stories of her patients, providing us with 7 key lessons that the dying can teach us. Each lesson is a wake-up call to each and every one of us to live our lives more fully, without regret and in a more connected way. With each lesson Karen provides a clear analysis of the importance of that lesson and then goes on to share daily practices on how we can live the lessons as a spiritual practice.

Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine, by David Wilcock (Penguin Publishing Group), 576 pages — What happens when a UFO researcher suddenly comes into telepathic contact with the very beings he has been so avidly studying, after years of increasingly provocative dreams? What happens when these telepathic “readings” begin predicting the future with astonishing precision—and speaking about an incredible upcoming event in which all life in our solar system will undergo a spontaneous transfiguration? David Wilcock is a master at weaving together cutting-edge alternative science, shocking insider information, and his own personal experiences to reveal stunning truths about humanity, positive and negative extraterrestrials, lost civilizations, and the universe we share. In Awakening in the Dream, David once again combines his extensive research, the Law of One series, new insider revelations, and his own connection with the divine to bring humanity closer to full disclosure than ever before—as well as to help us activate our full potential on the eve of Ascension. A New York Times bestselling author, TV personality, filmmaker, lecturer, and consciousness expert, David is the perfect person to guide us through the hidden realities of our world. With its myriad information, anecdotes, “big picture” comparative analysis with over 500 references, and trustworthy messages channeled directly from the highest-level angelic sources, including a remarkable set of future prophecies built into the Great Pyramid itself, Awakening in the Dream promises to be his most astounding book yet.

Break the Curse: A Template for Change – 10 Steps to Restart Your Life, by Steve Kelley (Sjk Publishing), 196 pages — Conflict is ever present in our lives. From the socio-economic issues we were born into, to current health and social issues in the news, conflict is a common denominator and how we handle conflict can determine the outcome of our lives. In Break the Curse, author, entrepreneur, and professor, Steve Kelley, shares how to beat the odds and achieve extraordinary success. From a worldwide pandemic and protests in the streets, to long-ingrained beliefs from childhood, Break the Curse will help us handle the situations and conflicts in our daily lives in a positive and productive way. Kelley believes successful people embrace conflict because they know that conflict, if handled well, produces great results and often offers the opportunity for self-improvement. “Each time we de-escalate conflict, halt or shorten needless arguments, we maintain our dignity, save precious time, and find hope,” Steve says. “Conflict is a golden opportunity to take responsibility for our actions and recognize the part we played in the situation.” Readers of Break the Curse will be captivated as Kelley poignantly tells real-life stories that will inspire and compel us toward success. Steve packs 45 years of business experience and a 20-year college teaching career into this timeless personal growth book that readers will continue to return to again and again. From overcoming a childhood filled with anger and conflict, having his home burn down, to recovering from Cancer, Steve shares what he learned overcoming each obstacle with readers.

Cultivating Your Microbiome: Ayurvedic and Chinese Practices for a Healthy Gut and a Clear Mind, by Bridgette Shea (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 240 pages — In traditional medicine, such as Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, the digestive system and microbiome are recognized as the foundation for good health. Our internal flora influences our immune system, brain function, hormonal balance, cravings, sleep, mood, inflammatory response, digestion, nutrient assimilation, and elimination. In this holistic guide to cultivating a healthy microbiome and managing gut health naturally, Bridgette Shea explores digestive functioning from the perspectives of both Western science and traditional medicine. She examines Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine principles on digestion and constitution types. She reveals how, in addition to describing what we now call the microbiome, traditional Chinese medicine also has long recognized the importance of an abdominal organ that modern science has only recently ­acknowledged: the mesentery, the tissues that connect and support the internal organs. Revealing the diverse role that our inner microbial colonies play in keeping us happy and healthy, this book shows that by changing your microbiome, you can greatly improve your physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Druidic Art of Divination: Understanding the Past and Seeing into the Future, by Jon G. Hughes (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 288 pages — In this practical guide, Jon G. Hughes shares ancient secret Druidic techniques of divination passed down to him across five generations in an unbroken lineage of influential Welsh Druids. Hughes explains the three forms of divination used by his tradition: interpretive divination, used by readers of the Sevens (small staves with engraved sigils); inductive divination, which includes instructions for reading the wind, reading smoke, and divination using water; and intuitive divination, whose tools includes cup-stones and slate mirrors for scrying. Providing step-by-step instructions for practices in each of the three forms, he offers a wealth of divinatory techniques and explains how to access the altered states of consciousness necessary to read time backward and forward. He also explores the crafting and use of all tools and mixtures the reader will need to perform each type of divination, including botanical compounds, scrying wands, and a slate speculum vitae, the “mirror of life.” He reveals how the prime function of divination in this school of Druidic lore is to gain insight into past, present, and future events through a process of internalizing them, akin to empathy, and then interpreting them. By providing an understanding of pre-Celtic beliefs and clear instructions for Druidic practices, Hughes offers each of us the opportunity to begin our own practical experimentation and journey of discovery into the ancient art of Druidic divination.

Feeling Good, Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life, by Cheryl Meyer, illustrations by Nicholas Patton & GizzyDizzy (Cheryl M. Health Muse), 422 pages — Where is the magic pill in the time of the Pandemic? I understand that you are scared that your body will not be able to resist the virus. I understand that you are terrified that your family might get this disease. Are you already immune vulnerable? How frustrating it is to feel lousy all the time and have pain and be scared. And now, in this time, are you losing hope that there is a solution? Imagine finding the “magic” pill that will erase your misery and keep you and your loved ones safe. Imagine feeling great and knowing that you are living a life that best protects you and your family.Imagine not worrying anymore about your health. Is there a magic pill? It is not a pharmaceutical. It is not an over the counter drug. Protect your body and your family by implementing the tips in a new book Feeling Good Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life. Boost your immune system today so that you and your family have a healthy defense system and feel great. What creates health? You will discover that Its eating whole organic foods of all the colors of the rainbow and why. It’s eliminating processed and fast foods from your diet. Whether you cook at home, go out to restaurants, go to friends or family’s homes, or travel, it’s staying true to low toxin real food and a low toxin life. This book will show you how.

The Final Gift of the Beloved: Her Disappearance-13 Days, by Barron Steffen (The Yoga of Mindset Press), 242 pages — If you could leave your true love one final gift, what would it be? This intense, moment-by-moment chronicle begins with the officer’s words, “She is deceased.” For the next thirteen days following the fatal automobile accident of his wife, renowned thought-leader Dr. Seana Lowe Steffen, the author draws on nearly forty years of study and training with gurus and meditation teachers to discover ecstatic love, save fractured relationships, and glimpse a greater arc and purpose for being alive. The Final Gift of the Beloved: Her Disappearance—13 Days is the story of one man’s sudden, astonishing brush with devastation and the Divine under the most heartbreaking of circumstances. A love story disguised as a tragedy, Steffen weaves extraordinarily poignant and powerful experiences with honesty and revelations that will change lives. Along with intense pain and emotion, prepare yourself for great beauty and transcendent insight, for nothing is as it appears.

Finding Inner Peace, by Ross Bishop (Blue Lotus Press), 154 pages, available at — Finding Inner Peace is a great guide to help you on your path to spiritual mastery. Drawing on his 40 years of experience in healing others, this is a collection of non-shamanic healing techniques gleaned from Ross’ healing work, his own inner transformation and spiritual teaching. Ross shares his knowledge and experience in an easy to understand manner that makes difficult topics easy to understand. The techniques he presents are both simple and powerful and surprisingly easy to use. In his easy to follow conversational manner, Ross brings an understanding to why life unfolds the way that it does.“One of the dilemmas with techniques such as these,” the author writes, “is that our reactions to life events are real, but are also driven by deeper forces that are only remotely connected to what appears on the surface. One of the ego’s jobs is to keep us out of those foreboding waters. It acts as a separating influence to keep us from being overwhelmed. But, in separating us from our deeper feelings, it also keeps us from doing the vital work we came here to do. That is why most of the practices presented here have as a common denominator, avoiding the ego. We need to deal with the surface issues, of course, but it is in exploring the deeper waters that real healing can occur.”

Firefighter Zen: A Field Guide to Thriving in Tough Times, by Hersch Wilson (New World Library), 264 pages — “Be brave. Be kind. Fight fires.” That’s the motto of firefighters, like Hersch Wilson, who spend their lives walking toward, rather than away from, danger and suffering. As in Zen practice, firefighters are trained to be fully in the moment and present to each heartbeat, each life at hand. In this unique collection of true stories and practical wisdom, Wilson shares the Zen-like techniques that allow people like him to stay grounded while navigating danger, comforting others, and coping with their personal response to each crisis. Every life contains the unexpected and the unwelcome. How you cope with those inevitable events, more than the events themselves, defines the quality of your life. Firefighter Zen is an invaluable guide to meeting every day with your best calm, resilient, and optimistic self.

Found in Transition: A Mother’s Evolution during Her Child’s Gender Change, by Paria Hassouri, M.D. (New World Library), 232 pages, available September 8 — On Thanksgiving morning, Paria Hassouri finds herself furiously praying and negotiating with the universe as she irons a dress her 14-year-old, designated male at birth, has secretly purchased and wants to wear to dinner with the extended family. In this wonderfully frank, loving, and practical account of parenting a transgender teen, Paria chronicles what amounts to a dual transition: as her child transitions from male to female, she navigates through anger, denial, and grief to eventually arrive at acceptance. Despite her experience advising other parents in her work as a pediatrician, she was blindsided by her child’s gender identity. Paria is also forced to examine how she still carries insecurities from her past of growing up as an Iranian-American immigrant in a predominantly white neighborhood, and how her life experience is causing her to parent with fear instead of love. Paria discovers her capacity to evolve, as well as what it really means to parent and the deepest nature of unconditional love. This page-turning memoir relates a tender story of loving and parenting a teenager coming out as transgender and transitioning. It explores identity, self-discovery in adolescence and midlife, and difference in a world that values conformity. At its heart, Found in Transition is a universally inspiring portrait of what it means to be a family.

Full Glass Living: 28 Days to Dump Limiting Beliefs, by Akita Brooks, (Balboa Press), 144 pages — Is the glass half-empty or half-full? This book takes an expanded look at the proverbial question and challenges the traditional approach that the answer must be one or the other. In thinking that the glass is half-empty, we accept the pessimistic perspective that there isn’t enough “stuff,” that maybe this is all there is. This is a disempowering way to look at life and creates a vicious cycle of limiting beliefs of doubt, worry, disappointment, and fear. Conversely, if we look at the glass as half-full, we take an optimistic perspective that we’ve got something good going, life is grand. Yet, there is that lingering sense that something may still be missing. What is presented in this book is something different. How about looking at the glass as always full? In Full Glass Living, the author shares her life journey through emotional sensitivity and a mood disorder to adopt an enlightened perception of both the water and space being vitally important to sustain life. Full Glass Living: 28 Days to Dump Limiting Beliefs is about how we can use tools to influence and empower ourselves. The thing is we don’t do it all alone.

The Happy Planet: Cookbook Recipes for Life, by Dana Karic (Balboa Press), 124 pages — The Happy Planet: Recipes for Life is a cookbook filled with some vegan and vegetarian recipes and a lot of recipes for life. It is a unique take on food, life, family, friends, work, and self-care. The Happy Planet is all about loving yourself and being flexible and free with yourself. As in life, freedom, love, peace, joy, and discovery also rule in the kitchen. Discover many interesting recipes and many interesting life recipes in this book. Enjoy the inspirational quotes as well. It is a relaxed read, dip in and out. This a book not only to be read but to be experienced. Dana Karic is a multimedia artist, writer and publisher of creative, inspirational books. Dana has been writing for many years. She started her blog as a place to inspire and motivate, today it has grown into a wonderful online home to many people who share her vision of Love, Peace and Joy. Dana has written many creative books, for children and adults alike. She loves exploring her creativity and creating books that inspire and uplift her readers.

The Heart Protection Kitchen: Easy and Healthy Recipes for a Happy Heart, by Tracy Severson, R.D. & Sergio Fazio MD, PhD. (Figure 1 Publishing), 216 pages, September 8 release — Most of us are well aware of the importance of healthy eating; in fact, a proper and balanced diet maintains health and can help to fight disease. The Heart Protection Kitchen is a collection of 100 mouthwatering recipes to prevent and reverse heart disease. From healthy versions of well-known classics to more adventurous dishes to spice up your weeknight menu, this cookbook teaches readers to cook delicious meals that are quick, affordable, healthy, and perfectly balanced to protect the heart. From a kale Caesar salad to roast turkey with cranberry sauce to decadent brownies, each recipe includes prep and cook times, symbols for special dietary requirements, and nutrient information to help readers meet their goals. Moreover, the book includes a comprehensive introduction with heart-healthy information, strategies for meal planning, and tips for healthy cooking. Eating healthy and nutritious food can be the best medicine, and The Heart Protection Kitchen is an indispensable cookbook for home cooks who want simple, wholesome, and flavorful dishes. Tracy Severson and Sergio Fazio created the Heart Protection Kitchen, an acclaimed food program at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), with the goal of helping patients reduce heart disease by improving their diets. The service has inspired countless patients with a team of doctors, a nutritionist, and award-winning chefs teaching them how to cook delicious, heart-healthy meals. This cookbook is a collection of those recipes, from our kitchen to yours.

Imagine God, by Rick Pribell (Christian Faith Publishing), 80 pages — By the end of this book, you will be able to: recognize God and begin to know Him better, regardless of your faith; understand what it really means to be created “in His own image”; contemplate unresolved issues with new insight; reflect on your experiences in a divine way; and enlighten others. Illustrated by the photograph on the book’s cover, author Rick Pribell shares with us his inspirational encounter with the “rising sun” revealing not only the literal truth of scripture in the world, but also the relevance of divine communication in our lives today. It was through his international travels that Pribell became acutely aware of the commonality among people everywhere. He recognized that regardless of our nationality, language, or religion, we all share the same feelings and emotions. He wondered, is this just a coincidence? Or, is this by God’s design? Pribell determined that this is what it means to be created “in His own imagine” (Genesis 1:27). “The purpose of this book is to share a simple yet powerful revelation exposing how we can begin to know God,” says Pribell. “The potential is already inside of us.”

In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered: A Dynamic Experience of Consciousness, Transformation and Enlightenment, by Darlene Green (Waterside Productions), 360 pages — In Service to Love offers a pathway for shifting your awareness from the de-stabilizing chaos of the external world to the ever-present, potent, multi-dimensional, innovative expression of Love that is your authentic nature. When it is time for you to discover your own purpose and truth, In Service to Love offers a modern day mystery school that elevates your conscious awareness, catalyzing transformation and ultimately enlightenment. Revealed through daily messages, scribed by Darlene Green from the Masters that comprise the Council of Light, you experience your own unique, exquisite process of enlightenment. Each day’s message holds rich frequency. Simple foundational concepts, exercises, meditations, light infusions and activations guide your experience, allowing your own resonance to reveal truth. Enlightenment is not a privilege to be earned, it is who you are at your essence. The process of enlightenment uncovers what gets in the way of your greatest expression. With each step made on your unique journey, the experience of your life here and now is enhanced. The work of In Service to Love masterfully aligns your awareness to your divine nature so you may hear the voice of your soul and create your best life possible.

Inviting Angels into Your Life: Assistance and Support from the Angelic Realm, by Kathryn Hudson (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 240 pages — Angels come to us in many ways: through the lyrics of a song we hear, a timely hand on the shoulder, or a book we happen upon. Angels come to our aid to help us feel safe and help our hearts open wide, so our light and our love shine through. After a powerful visit from an angel helped her transform her fast-paced, chaotic, and addiction-filled Manhattan banker lifestyle, author Kathryn Hudson decided to pay it forward and help others discover that each of us is surrounded by angels to help us. In this book, she shows how to safely open the channel to communicate with the angelic realm in order to access the help the angels are so willing to provide. She offers simple and practical exercises for connecting with 15 Archangels and shows how each of these Archangels brings specific Divine qualities to assist and support you. She explains when each Archangel becomes active, notes a color and a crystal associated with them, and offers a unique visualization exercise to connect with the essence of the individual angel, inviting this quality into your life. Each angel also provides a powerful message about this turning point in human evolution. Exploring inner child work, chakra practices, and exercises for purification and harmonization of relationships, Kathryn reveals the importance of releasing the weight of the past in order to open up to angelic guidance about the future. Working with angelic healing, she shows how to handle our energy levels in a chaotic and draining world and maintain a higher vibration. Taking you from simple questions and requests to direct experience and actual co-creation with the angelic realm, this guide reveals how to team up with our friends in high places to open your heart and live out your highest and best version of yourself in this life.

It’s All About Perspective: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life, by Katy L. McVeigh (Balboa Press), 108 pages — A typical bystander might view Katy McVeigh’s life as average. Yet the truth is that she has experienced physical and emotional trauma, alienation, a power she cannot explain, and a life-threatening ordeal-all unique challenges that have provided her an opportunity to change her perspective regarding the purpose of those events. Within a collection of extraordinary stories gleaned from her life experiences and work with her clients, McVeigh shares how she learned to use intuitive and psychic abilities to help herself and then others discover personal strengths and understand how our most challenging experiences-whether physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, or supernatural-have the power to teach us our greatest lessons and ultimately transform our perspective on life and our true purpose. Through her stories and experiential examples of dreams, visions, shamanic journeys, and psychic gifts through lineage, others will learn how to dance with their fears, recognize divine intervention, see the truth in every situation, and heal from past trauma. It’s All about Perspective shares personal stories and real examples to encourage others to embrace new ways to understand life events and view challenges with a fresh perspective.

Lessons from The Monastery: Reawakening To Life, by Davinia Lacht (Davinia Lacht), 232 pages — In Lessons from the Monastery, you will find 33 essential teachings for re-inhabiting your centre of stillness and living your day-to-day life in peace and harmony. Through practical examples and experiences from the author, you will discover that the spiritual realm encompasses all aspects of your life and that you are ready to open yourself up to the path of love, here and now. Make your relationships healthy ones, enjoy everyday life and let yourself be guided by the voices of silence.This book is an invitation to discover the vital role you play in the world and understand that the only thing that can make you feel fulfilled is to take it on. Life is simple and it is your birthright to be happy, by honoring your relationship with your neighbor and unconditionally inhabiting the present moment. Discover the light within you. Are you ready? We are destined to live from the love that inevitably emerges when the voices of the world have been quieted. It is now time to return to a balance between “being” and “doing,” to co-create a new earth where harmony reigns. It is only in this way that will we experience serene joy in our hearts.

The Multidimensional Human: Practices for Psychic Development and Astral Projection (2nd Edition), by Kurt Leland (White Crow Books, 320 pages — Do you know which body you’re in? Many spiritual traditions, from yoga and Buddhism to contemporary theosophy, teach that we are multidimensional humans. We exist simultaneously on several planes and in several bodies. These bodies range from the familiar physical body to the astral body experienced in dreams and out-of-body states, as well as higher energy bodies that access realms and states of consciousness beyond our wildest dreams. In The Multidimensional Human, consciousness researcher and intuitive consultant Kurt Leland reveals the secret of how to master these energy bodies: we must develop our inner senses. Based on a close study of theosophy, the Seth Material (as channeled by Jane Roberts), and his own clairvoyant investigations, Leland explains that there are twenty inner senses. They come in four categories: existential (those that help us know and understand ourselves), environmental (those that help us perceive nonphysical environments), kinesthetic (those that help us move within and between nonphysical realms), and relational (those that allow us to interact with nonphysical beings). By mastering these inner senses, we learn how to use our energy bodies to experience the bliss of higher states of consciousness, explore the astral plane and beyond, meet nonphysical Teachers and Guides, and work for the spiritual benefit of humanity. We achieve our birthright as multidimensional humans.

Naupaka: A book of loss, leaving and returning, by Lideweij Bosman (Books on Demand Gmbh), 198 pages — Lideweij is thousands of miles away from her true love. They’d been inseparable for years, fighting Hodgkin Lymphoma side by side, until Lideweij make the excruciating decision not to be at his side when he passes away. She leaves for Hawaii, the place where only then months earlier Sander had proposed to her and told her about the legend of the Naupaka flower. Her journey helps her to work through the deep sorrow. Tears are gradually replaced by inspiring insides and new dreams. Lideweij Bosman lives in Holland. For seven years, she worked as a fashion journalist traveling Europe to report about the newest mens fashion trends. Life was treating her well, until her boyfriend became very ill, cancer. Then she needs to make a choice that will change her life for ever.

The Power of Daily Practice: How Creative and Performing Artists (and Everyone Else) Can Finally Meet Their Goals, by Eric Maisel, Ph.D. (New World Library), 320 pages — Anyone who has ever picked up a creativity or self-help guide has likely been advised to keep to a daily schedule, daily pages, or other everyday ritual. But “just do it” usually just doesn’t work. Longtime creativity coach and therapist Eric Maisel has found an approach that does work: giving clients, and now readers, a clear understanding of what makes them personally blocked or stuck and unable to start or finish. Not enough time, resources, or talent? Fear of success, guilt about being “selfish,” and variations on the theme of “what’s the point?” Maisel has spent thirty years helping people overcome these kinds of blocks with skills including anxiety management, positive self-talk, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even “sleep thinking.” The tools Maisel offers are a potent alternative to waiting for the spirit to move or the muse to inspire: a sustainable, self-directed path to success.

Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying into Eternity, by Paul Corson (, 436 pages — The real genius of Corson’s approach is the overwhelming evidence he brings to the fore that the world around the reader repeats its patterns to echo their creator’s mark. Humanity is thus part of the “cosmic beauty” that can be understood through reason and being unafraid to face our inner sameness with the stars and with each other. Over and over, Corson reminds us that we are surrounded by miracles every minute, but familiarity has Even veteran readers of spiritual literature will be delighted and enlightened by Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying into Eternity, by Paul Corson, which celebrates both new and age-old wisdom. A dedicated researcher, Corson incorporates insights from many fields with his own out-of-body experiences to take the reader on a hero’s journey in which doubts and fears are dragons to be slain in the quest for truth. Corson appeals to the thinker and the spectator of the marvelous, the spiritual, and the practical, ever-seeking and yet at peace. With dense, appealing prose, Corson quotes theoretical physicists, poets, philosophers, psychologists, and theists, orchestrating his cerebral symphony into a ground-breaking thesis that rewards careful and multiple readings.

Remote Healing: Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field, by Maria Sagi (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 248 pages — Remote healing is healing over space and time. Often called “nonlocal healing,” it is no longer a magical occurrence or a mysterious technique reserved for powerful shamans. Remote healing has moved from magic to science, and it can be learned. In this practical guide to the Sagi method of information medicine, Maria Sagi, Ph.D., reveals that nonlocal healing is a quantum science that works through the transmission of information and that its effects can be controlled and verified. Drawing on the Akashic information field of Ervin Laszlo, she explains that the universe is not a mechanical system composed of matter—it operates like an overarching network that runs on and is connected by information. Cosmic information “in-forms” and underlies the whole physical world, including the human body. Sharing stories of successful remote healings she facilitated and her interactions with pioneers Erich Körbler, Gordon Flint, and Franz Stern, Sagi shows that we can access the Akashic information field to diagnose illnesses, treat symptoms, and heal the causes of disease, whether we are in the same room as our patient or on the other side of the earth. Opening up a new dimension in the art and science of healing, Maria Sagi demonstrates that by working with the Akashic information field we can trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms and restore order to a person’s energy and information systems.

Sacred Energies of the Sun and Moon: Shamanic Rites of Curanderism, by Erika Buenaflor, M.A., J.D. (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 200 pages — Ancient Mesoamerican shamans and modern practitioners of curanderismo—a Latin American shamanic healing practice—divide each day and night into distinct periods based on the sacred rhythms of the sun and moon, with each time offering opportunities to connect with specific celestial energies for healing and transformation. In this hands-on guide to working with the sacred energies of the sun, night sun, and moon, curandera Erika Buenaflor details the rites, rituals, and deities for each part of the day and night and explores the sacred tools and techniques used by ancient Mesoamerican shamans for harnessing solar and lunar energies. She explains how the sun is the source of soul energy that heals, animates, strengthens, and revitalizes us on many levels, while night energies are transformative and conducive for connecting with nonordinary realms. She explores rituals for dawn, sunrise, and midmorning to harness the energies of creation and new beginnings; for noon and afternoon to promote peak strength and spiritual wisdom; for sunset and dusk to bring about transformation, perform divination, and journey with animal spirit guides; and for midnight and predawn to facilitate shamanic dreamwork, connect with the ancestors, make offerings, and regenerate at the deepest levels. She also explores how nighttime energies are affected by the phases of the moon and offers specific practices for each phase.

Sensitive Soul: The Unseen Role of Emotion in Extraordinary States, by Michael A. Jawer (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 256 pages — Emotion, as it exists within and between people, underpins personality, spirituality, and a range of extraordinary perceptions, conditions, and experiences. These include déjà vu, phantom pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and extreme empathy, where people instantaneously feel the physical or emotional pain of another. Many gifted children, those with synesthesia, and people with autism–not to mention highly sensitive people in general–report forms of innate “knowing” and even paranormal experiences. In this exploration of the role of emotion in non-ordinary states and abilities, Michael Jawer shows how the flow of our emotions and those of the people around us greatly influences the development of exceptional capacities and sensitivities. Drawing on a range of scientific studies, Jawer explores how 5 remarkable kinds of people–individuals with autism, synesthesia, savantism, child prodigies, and children who remember past lives–are linked through the biology of emotion and how a hidden emotional intensity underlies both autism and anomalous perception. Revealing the unseen role of emotion in mind and personality, Jawer shows that emotion is the binding force that connects us with one another, with all of life, and with nature itself.

Stress-Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body–and Be More Resilient Every Day, by Mithu Storoni (Penguin Publishing Group), 288 pages — When’s the best time to exercise – and how much is too much? Which foods fortify the brain, and which do the opposite? How can we use music, movement, and motivation to boost our rational brain and keep our cool no matter what life throws our way? Short bursts of stress are an inevitable part of modern life. But how much is too much? Research is uncovering the delicate balance that can turn a brief stressful episode into systemic overload, eventually leading to inflammation, anxiety, depression, and other chronic health issues. This practical and groundbreaking guide reveals seven paths to fighting the effects of stress–to strengthen our natural defenses so that our minds remain sharp, and our bodies resilient, no matter what life throws at us. Each chapter examines a common stress agent—including inflammation, an out-of-sync body clock, cortisol levels, and emotional triggers—and presents simple ways to minimize its harmful effects with changes in diet, exercise, and other daily habits—including surprising hacks involving music, eye movements, body temperature, daily routine, and more. Translating cutting-edge scientific findings into clear and simple advice, Stress-Proof is the ultimate user’s guide for body, mind and well-being.

The Technology of Intention: Activating the Power of the Universe Within You, by Kim stanwood Terranova (DeVorss & Company), 200 pages — We are a technological society, no doubt about it. Our devices keep us informed while isolating us from each other and from ourselves, our true selves. There is, however, another technology, an inner technology that brings us back to our true selves and gives us the ability to create lives of joy, abundance and wisdom. Kim Stanwood Terranova calls it The Technology of Intention, and in this book she teaches the reader how to tap into this technology and unleash its power. We all have the power…we’ve just forgotten how to use it. Intentions give us the pathway to consciously create our lives. They are the powerful force that points the energy in the direction of all we wish to manifest. This book is a guiding light in assisting us to not only understand the power we each have, but also to give us the road map and step-by-step process to ignite that power.

A Whole-Life Path: A Lay Buddhist’s Guide to Crafting a Dhamma-Infused Life, by Gregory Kramer (Insight Dialogue Community), 376 pages, available September 14 at — Many lay Buddhists struggle to carry the benefits of their studies and meditation practice into their twenty-first-century lives. How might our daily experience of both life and the Buddha’s teachings shift if there were no separation between them? In A Whole-Life Path, Gregory Kramer invites us to see the noise, complexity, and challenges of today’s world as doorways to fully embodied Dhamma wisdom. Drawing on decades of meditation, study, and teaching, he explores the essence of each factor of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path. He then looks at modern life with fresh eyes, calling out the myriad opportunities it offers to put all the Buddha’s teachings into practice—individually, relationally, and socially. More than 50 experiential practices allow us to test his guidance—right here, right now. Anywhere the Buddha’s teaching meets our unique life circumstances, our whole-life path is born anew. With A Whole-Life Path as a starting point and touchstone, our lives and our spiritual path can become one.

Winter of the Wolf, by Martha Hunt Handler (Greenleaf Book Group Press), 264 pages — A tragic mystery blending sleuthing and spirituality. An exploration in grief, suicide, spiritualism, and Inuit culture, Winter of the Wolf follows Bean, an empathic and spiritually evolved fifteen-year-old, who is determined to unravel the mystery of her brother Sam’s death. Though all evidence points to a suicide, her heart and intuition compel her to dig deeper. With help from her friend Julie, they retrace Sam’s steps, delve into his Inuit beliefs, and reconnect with their spiritual beliefs to uncover clues beyond material understanding. Both tragic and heartwarming, this twisting novel draws you into Bean’s world as she struggles with grief, navigates high school dramas, and learns to open her heart in order to see the true nature of the people around her. Winter of the Wolf is about seeking the truth—no matter how painful—in order to see the full picture. In this novel, environmentalist and award-winning author, Martha Handler, brings together two important pieces of her life—the death of her best friend’s son and her work as president of the Wolf Conservation Center—to tell an empathetic and powerful story with undeniable messages.

Without Reservation: Awakening to Native American Spirituality and the Ways of Our Ancestors, by Randy Kritkausky (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 288 pages — We are but a few generations removed from millennia spent living in intimate contact with the natural world and in close commune with ancestral spirits. Who we are and who we think we are is rooted in historical connections with those who came before us and in our relationships with the land and the sentient natural world. When we wander too far from our roots, our ancestors and kin in the natural world call us home, sometimes with gentle whispers and sometimes in loud voices sounding alarms. In this powerful story of spiritual awakening, Randy Kritkausky shares his journey into the realm of ancestral Native American connections and intimate encounters with Mother Earth and shows how anyone can spiritually reconnect with their ancestors and Nature. Like 70 percent of those who identify as Native American, Kritkausky grew up off the reservation. As he explains, for such “off reservation” indigenous people rediscovering ancestral practices amounts to a reawakening and offers significant insights about living in a society that is struggling to mend a heavily damaged planet. The author reveals how the awakening process was triggered by his own self-­questioning and the resumption of ties with his Potawatomi ancestors. He details his encounters with ancestral spirits and animal teachers, such as Coy-Wolf. He shares moments of direct connection with the natural world, moments when the consciousness of other living beings, flora and fauna, became accessible and open to communication.

Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are, by James Fadiman, Ph.D. & Jordan Gruber, J.D. (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 448 pages — Offering groundbreaking insight into the dynamic nature of personality, James Fadiman and Jordan Gruber show that each of us is comprised of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable “selves.” They also show that honoring each of these selves is a key to improved ways of living, loving, and working. Explaining that it is normal to have multiple selves, the authors offer insights into why we all are inconsistent at times, allowing us to become more accepting of the different parts of who we and other people are. They explore, through extensive reviews, how the concept of healthy multiple selves has been supported in science, popular culture, spirituality, philosophy, art, literature, and ancient traditions and cite well-known people, including David Bowie and Beyoncé, who describe accessing another self at a pivotal point in their lives to resolve a pressing challenge. Instead of seeing the existence of many selves as a flaw or pathology, the authors reveal that the healthiest people, mentally and emotionally, are those that have naturally learned to appreciate and work in harmony with their own symphony of selves. They identify “the Single Self Assumption” as the prime reason why the benefits of having multiple selves has been ignored. This assumption holds that we each are or ought to be a single consistent self, yet we all recognize, in reality, that we are different in different situations.


Chakra Cards for Belief Change: The Healing InSight Method, by Nikki Gresham-Record (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company), 160 pages + 56 cards — A card deck and therapy tool in one, Chakra Cards for Belief Change offers 56 full-color cards to assist you in transforming your unhelpful beliefs and raising your vibration to begin creating the reality you desire. The cards feature high-vibration, full-color chakra images to use as tools for therapeutic guidance as well as for positive manifestation. Energy therapist and psychologist Nikki Gresham-Record explains how unhealthy beliefs can take root within the chakras, causing energetic blockages that affect us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She channeled 28 beliefs for each chakra, which can be transformed using the chakra cards and the Healing InSight Method described in the accompanying guidebook. Containing 8 different cards for each chakra, the deck includes a main chakra image card along with 7 chakra aspect cards. Through contemplation of the chakra art and the related beliefs and affirmations on each card with the Healing InSight Method, the deck can be used to energetically realign our beliefs, clear the chakras, and steer the mind in the direction of healthy thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If we know that we are stuck but don’t know how to move forward, cards can be selected through muscle testing or divination to identify the next steps in becoming unstuck. We can then raise our consciousness and redirect ourselves toward empowerment, love, and freedom.

Gemstone Guardians Cards and Your Soul Purpose, by Margaret Ann Lembo (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company) 128 pages + 44 cards — Gemstone Guardians Cards and Your Soul Purpose presents a hands-on way to engage in discovering and deepening your soul purpose. The 44 two-sided cards have been specifically created to inspire thought from higher levels of awareness and help you answer questions like, “What is my soul purpose?” and “How can I live it more fully?” These cards help shine light on the path to your soul purpose and reveal the gemstone guardians as your allies on the journey. You can also add these cards to angel communication sessions and tarot card readings for additional insight and direction. Pull a card a day for inspiration, or follow the divine guidance and repeat the affirmations to transform your reality and attract joy, wealth, health, protection, and happy relationships. Designed to spark your creativity, courage, and innate knowledge, the Gemstone Guardians Cards and Your Soul Purpose deck helps empower you to step forward with confidence and realize your unlimited potential.

Visionary I Ching Cards, by Paul O’Brien (Beyond words Publishing) 224 pages + 64 cards — The Visionary I Ching Cards is an updated version of the ancient Chinese oracle that will stimulate your intuition, provide timeless wisdom, and connect your subconscious mind with the conscious mind to find answers to situations or dilemmas that may occur in life. It includes an extensive guidebook and a beautiful 64-card deck. The Visionary I Ching Cards will help you discover answers to your daily questions. The I Ching, or Book of Changes—the world’s most revered divination system presented as a modern 64-card deck—enlivens the principle of the Tao, which is the universal flow of all things, and will help you make better decisions and master perfect timing around what you want or need in life. The Visionary I Ching Cards is a modern version of the ancient Chinese oracle that will stimulate your intuition, provide timeless wisdom, and help you make better decisions and help you resolve dilemmas. Simply find a quiet place, calm your mind, ask the question you are focused on at the present moment, and select your cards to get clear on a situation, relationship, or decision. The guidebook, along with the mesmerizing artwork, provides uncanny insight as to what approach to take at this time. Just be receptive, read between the lines, and allow connections to become clear.



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