Your Built-In Divination Tool

The best divination tool I’ve ever owned is my body. Since I carry it with me everywhere I go, all the time, it is easy to use and as accurate as I need it to be. Nothing is 100 percent all the time.

For the best accuracy, I find it helps to be in a positive state of mind. Before I ask any questions, I take a moment to clear my mind and be sure of what I am asking.

From time to time it is good to begin by reaffirming your “Yes” and “No.” My “Yes” is usually tipping backwards and my “No” is tipping forwards, but this can change from time to time.

Another thing I check is, why am I asking this question? Do I already know the answer? I have found over the years that my desire can override the results very easily. So, before I ask a question, I pause for a moment to check if I already have a preconceived desire and how strong it is. I know I can overrule my own better judgment if I want to, but the point of divining is to ask without a preconceived opinion.

When using my body as a divination tool, it is a multi-purpose Swiss army knife! The most used tool is the gut feeling — that first impression you get when you meet someone or enter a place. It’s the gut feeling that prompted me to write this article.

The second most-used divination tool? My ears. I am listening to the sounds around me — animals, traffic and people. Are they peaceful and making the normal sounds of life, or are they alarming and disturbed?

The use of listening as divination also is helpful while shopping. Have you ever purchased extra items you hadn’t intended to or impulse-shopped? This is usually due to the background music playing in the stores. When I walk into a store, the first thing I do is listen for the background music they have playing. Once I am aware of the message it is sending, then I have a choice of whether or not to let it into my space. If not, then I block it out and play my own internal music, which keeps me on task.

Another important divination tool is taste. If my body does not want something, I know the moment it touches my tongue! But the divination tool of the tongue also can be deceptive at times; it loves chocolate, chips and other things that are not good for me, so I have to use it with caution!

Then we come to the eyes, which see both good and bad, like and dislike. At times I really need to work hard to see the good in something, but if I pause and refocus, I can usually find it. The eyes are intertwined into all the other uses of divination.

When I am unsure of my answer, I will take a moment to notice what my eyes are seeing right in front of me; oftentimes this is the answer. For example, I asked, “Should I write this article?” My eyes are seeing newspapers and magazines full of articles. I think it is an obvious “Yes.” Or, “Should I eat chocolate while I’m writing this article?” My eyes focus on a magazine about healthy living, so maybe just a small piece for now.

I have used willow sticks, hand saws, crystals, needle and thread, copper rods, tea leaves, tarot cards, and even my computer mouse as divination tools, but my favorite remains my body. It really is a Swiss army knife of divining options! If I am unsure of an answer, I can easily look, taste, smell, hear or feel what the answer is.

As far as divining for other people, I take the extra time to teach them how to use their body, instead of the highly obvious arm-wrenching, finger-twisting techniques of kinesiology. Why does the person next to me at the store need to know I’m divining to see which product is best for me? Besides, if I divine for them, I have to step into their energy. I don’t know about you, but these days I like to keep my energy to myself! I need all the positive vibes and thoughts I have just to keep the inundation of worldly garbage out!

Teaching another human about their body and the energy it carries boosts both of us and raises the vibrational level around us in this negative world. And who knows, the next person to walk through that area may feel this vibrational shift and be positively changed, as well.



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