A Pleiadian Message: God Consciousness and the One


Beloved ones, we greet you. We fulfill our promise at this sacred time on your planet by holding an energetic mantle for all humanity. This mantle contains the full blueprint hologram of the transitional energies that ultimately will shift the consciousness for all on your planet. This vibrational flow from the mantle has just recently become activated through the sacred destiny timing set in place by the God Seat of Power. This holy presence oversees and monitors our resident Universe and is transmitting a steady light for the awakening of Earth.

Part of Earth’s destiny is for you as humans to play a unique and imperative role within the Universe. As a planet, you are working with a destined timing, in that you are set to return to live within the sacred communion center of God consciousness. The light of God consciousness is the central living force that emanates, like a heartbeat, within our Universe. This God consciousness state is an essential component within all living things within our Universe. This sacred component allows us to operate as a united One. As Earth navigates through this transitional phase, we, and all life force groups that exist in this Universe, are given a higher access of communion, to move into the final stage of becoming a completed Universe.

Earth is making its final transition back to the God consciousness state of communion, returning Home. This returning reopens a multidimensional transmutation state of fulfillment and a completion of this phase of awakening for the planet. A network grid of God light has been anchored within your Earth plane to move you, reposition you dimensionally, to activate this next step transition.

This is an unparalleled moment for your planet’s consciousness.

Metamorphic shift
Earth continues to undergo a complete metamorphic shift through the activity from the network grid. The grid through its expansion creates an electrical frequency of light vibration throughout the Earth, creating an entire shift within the energetic environment of the planet.

Many of these specific energetic shifts are being reflected within your sky. Look and open into the multidimensional doorways that are re-emerging. They can be witnessed within the cloud forms as they are highlighted by the sun’s rays. They are reflected differently within the night sky, forming vibrational signatures of light that can be detected by the naked eye.

You are now being empowered through this changing frequency to have access to higher components of Self within your heart structure. Another dimensional aspect of your sacred heart is opening within you, revealing a deeper and more complete sense of your own multidimensional nature.

Your physical heart and energetic field are unfolding through this changing frequency as they begin to embody a higher light, reflecting a more compete Truth. Your heart holds the key for you to enter through the reflections of these changing vibrational doorways within the Earth plane.

Vast internal changes are taking place within your physical systems as a result of these expanding vibrations that are emanating the essence of the network grid outwards. These expanding frequencies are enlivening your systems further.

Vibrational openings
Your brain synapses, DNA strands and the entire skeletal system are undergoing powerful vibrational openings. Aspects of your God consciousness light are held within the bone. The change in the frequency of the arising light within your bone are allowing you to more easily navigate through the multidimensional aspects of your heart. An entirely new arena is being revealed within your sacred heart, giving you access to the understanding and clarity of your path. Knowledge and knowing are part of your natural sacred makeup.

You are in the middle of a state of change. This is an active metamorphosis as your heart chamber is being reconfigured to connect once more to the multidimensional realities. You are being made ready to accommodate Higher Realm vibrational components of the sacred spirit re-entering and fully anchoring through your physical form.

Great changes are coming into your life. These shifting experiences will allow you to operate from a very different energetic platform and perspective of Truth. These openings of consciousness have never before been experienced on this Earth plane in this lifetime. You will be carrying a frequency change within your entire physical and energetic systems, which will link you into a whole, and completely new, reality setting.

Shifting reality
Those of you on the path are being held and supported to enable you to meet and realign into these shifting reality states that co-exist simultaneously with the illusion of the third dimension. The veils are lifting, revealing to you an authentic reality within yourself. Only through a conscious choice to connect through your heart center can you fully align and utilize the full reality of Truth.

This is a critical time for you to activate the pre-agreements that were made by you before you came into this incarnation. This is the time to call forth your individual support team to assist you. To successfully navigate this phase of re-entry, you will require support. Your family of light is here waiting for the call from you. Remember, you have free will and they cannot interfere in your process without your permission. These sacred alliances are specifically here to assist you in navigating yourself Home.

Your re-entry to the Higher Realms requires an integration process to fully open into the next phase of your individual evolution. Your family of light carries the living frequency, an imprint of the design, for you. Your family of light casts a specific frequency of the heritage light around you — for you to assimilate and return within this imprint design. The anchoring of your family imprint is re-established through your heart.

The network grid’s role is to act as a transmitter, reflecting to you the vibration of your own unique God light signature. Your heart opens in response to the design of the familiar pattern that it remembers. Your heart’s role is to lead you into this “remembering.” You are to follow the guidance from your heart, as it remembers the sacred terrain carried by the imprint.

Deep insights
There are many diverse reality settings in which you are going to be able to gain deep insights to knowing, knowledge and remembering. As you realign with your multidimensional Higher Realm self through this imprint, you re-access your gifts and ability to navigate your way back into the universal God consciousness state. Components of your self have been awaiting this reconnection. This time in destiny allows you to realign back to Truth, which has always been in existence beyond the illusion.

This entire process right now requires you to consciously let go, even if you are unaware of what it is you are letting go. Moment by moment, utilize the conscious breath and let go.

You play an essential role at this juncture by consciously letting go. The “letting go” frequency impacts and shifts the reality base within the Earth. It is designed to support the motion of changing the set vibration of “holding on” to the illusion of fear. As you consciously let go, you set in motion the allowance of a higher reality to re-anchor within the planet.

By letting go, you are consciously choosing to be re-orientated to this changing vibrational landscape of light within your systems. You are choosing to realign to a higher consciousness and to a more complete aspect of Truth. This Truth is destined to unfold within you first and then to flow naturally throughout your environment of Earth. The process of letting go links you into the higher multidimensional realities within your heart.

Your own light
You are being remade through your own light as you let go. You are being realigned into the sacred patterns of your light through your heart. As you let go, you are being re-established within your own multidimensional heart. As you choose to let go, an automatic reset begins to open through you, within your heart.

The conscious breath is the key to allowing these changes within you. Remember, the action is taking a deep breath in through the mouth and then exhaling out through the mouth. This conscious breath is designed to set your destiny in motion through the action of letting go.

Your heart cells play a role as receptors in this process. Your heart’s cells are being transformed to engage with the pineal and the telepathic communion center in the brain. Your heart cells have an unlimited capacity to participate on a higher multidimensional level. The heart energetically is a multidimensional tool designed to accommodate the unlimited capacity and potential of your higher realm vibrational light.

Your brain cells carry a destined frequency link for this happening to be opened within you. This automatic shift is a natural event of reconnection and has been pre-programmed through your physical and energetic systems to be set in motion now. The conscious letting go element will activate this timing mechanism within your brain. All aspects of this entire transmutation have been pre-planned and will be self-realized successfully.

Your brain frequency will undergo a full transformation as the brain cells begin to align and interact with the pineal. These reconnections will set in motion a repositioning within your DNA strands. These energetic shifts within your body systems will activate a higher flow of your light frequency to engage within each body system, recreating your unique multidimensional signature pulse. These shifts signal and realign you to your natural multidimensional abilities.

Sacred flows
Your unique light vibrations flow into you like waves. These sacred flows that are birthing arise like an ocean. These higher light frequencies are designed to perfectly align within your physical systems. The light, your light, is designed to transform the energetic arena within your body. By letting go, moment by moment, you will set in motion this metamorphic phase.

There is a powerful resurgence of light coming, and it will create another revolutionary level of upheaval within the environment of the Earth plane. You are required to prepare your physical systems and relink to your heart to strengthen your Higher Realm connections. This changing dynamic within you is essential for your overall preparation of what is about to occur on your Earth.

The cellular shifts are able to take place through your systems by you consciously letting go — being willing to allow change and opening your awareness consciously to embrace the coming changes.

You play an essential role at this juncture by consciously letting go. The frequency of letting go shifts the reality base within the Earth, which in turn supports the motion of the changing vibration that is about to accelerate. By consciously letting go, you set in motion an allowing of a higher reality to reanchor within the planet.

This entire unfolding of Earth has always been about you, as a human being, consciously participating, setting in motion a change in the energetic profile of Earth.

You hold the power within your heart. Collectively, each individual profile of energetic light flows together in a perfect synergy. This is the process of unfolding: human hearts flowing together in a sacred communion to become the action creators of change for Earth.

We witness you and work in conjunction with you by stabilizing the frequency of the grids during the unfolding of the planet. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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