Coronavirus, Getting to Know It


“I view the Earth as a big organism that breathes in and out eternally.” — Johann Goethe

Coronavirus attacks humans. What is its purpose? I will start the search by reading a passage about the Earth from my book Tracking Consciousness Before Birth and Beyond (Friesen Press 2017), a quotation of the prenatal child: “Above me a luminous tree spreads wide its crown. It speaks to me. As I gaze into its winding veins, small particles thread toward me. One speck enters me, seeking a place to settle down. I will give it a home, life within me. Another arrives. Each particle I adopt connects me with its source lastingly. Bit by bit the living Earth feeds me Her matter. Now I cannot turn from Her without breaking the bond and feeling the pain of separation. Forever I am bound to Earth, my true Mother. To Earth I owe my substance.”

Explanation: The prenatal child is “gazing at” (being conscious of) the placenta and describes its experience of building its body with the particles of the earth matter that enter it. It listens to their stories and gives home to those it likes. We learn that the Earth is indeed a living organism and our true Mother. This proves that Earth is alive and we are her children.

More about the Earth: The Earth has an eternal bond with the sun that goes back to the beginning of the solar system. Both were part of a cloud of star dust and gases that gave rise to it. Also, all the life forms on the Earth — including the coronavirus — are united by the same energy of life. Thus, the human being, the Earth and the coronavirus, each can say, “I am.”

Role of Humans in Nature
Every life form on the Earth occupies a rung on the evolutionary ladder. Humans are given the highest rung. It determines their role in nature as benevolent leaders of all the lower life. Thus, humans carry the aspirations of the lower life to better its life condition and progress in evolution. The coronavirus feeds on the lungs of human beings as a predator, aspiring to become human, just as plants aspire to become animals by offering themselves as food to animals. Animals feed on vegetation that is palatable to them. Life gravitates to what is familiar according to its design. Nature is full of wandering life, each looking for its home.

“It is the central urge of every atom…To return to its divine source, however distant….” — Walt Whitman, “Persian Lesson” from Leaves of Grass

The position of the leader among the life forms is determined during its first light-matter interaction, which takes place in the realm of elementary particles discussed below. I will illustrate it with an example of a flock of hungry farmyard chickens that catches the attention of the unborn child who wants to help quiet the unruly flock. From my poem “Hungry Birds”:
“The birds shriek, fight, demand. I want to quiet the angry flock. My wish spins a dream, carries me into a deep past, an eternal realm where everything follows an exact law, the world of elementary particles, where I had my beginning. There I see myself being assembled: a glittering, rare precious matter, my first substance…. Invisible elementals inhabit this subtle world. They helped create me. They also know the birds. I appeal to them: Can you help the birds? …They reply: tell the one who harbors you to feed them.” I send a message to Mati who feeds them. They quiet. In a while I, too, sense receiving food.”

The story illustrates the role of the unborn child as a benevolent leader of chickens. More importantly, it shows its origin in the realm of elementary particles such as atoms, electrons, photons, protons and neutrons. In this realm, every new life form is given its first matter and its purpose in life by the divine creation Source — its home. Without a purpose, a life has no meaning.

Current State of Life on Earth
On the whole, the life on Earth today is not what it was designed to be. It all started in the West with the arrival of the industrial revolution and technology. Humans lost the awareness of Earth as a living organism and their true Mother: Mother Earth.

At first, people used it as a means of their survival, but later also for selfish interests driven by greed. This led to a life of material realism. Matter has been regarded as the fundamental reality and everything else was believed to be derived from it. Today, material realism has been proven to be an ignorant way of understanding life. It is being replaced by consciousness-based experience of life by the participant. According to Albert Einstein, “All knowledge of reality begins and ends with experience.”

“God always forgives, we forgive sometimes, but nature never forgives.” — Spanish folk wisdom

The last part of the proverb explains the current racial struggle.

The negative effect of material realism has led to environmental pollution, resource exploitation and general damage to the Earth by its inhabitants. People are part of the Earth. They are abusing and damaging Earth, not realizing that they are directing the abuse and damage toward themselves — amazing ignorance! Examples: holocaust, slavery, oppression of the indigenous people, racial and religious discrimination… the list goes on and on. It is painful to hear about wars killing innocent people or hurting them economically by imposing sanctions, aimed to force their leaders to submit to the will of the aggressor.

I intend to show that the damage of Earth is the root cause of the current viral pandemic.

“Mother Earth has become a forgotten myth. The health and survival of the planet has been seriously damaged and compromised. These are indisputable facts! We have sinned against the Earth.” — Pope Francis, on Earth Day

To survive, Earth has tried to defend herself. Seeing that humans would not voluntarily abandon their evil ways, Earth resorted to a drastic measure to lower their number by diseases and plagues. Humans were able to stop the epidemics in the past by quarantine, increasing immunity and by various remedies, but never could eliminate the root cause of the diseases: damage to Earth.

The coronavirus is the latest serious pandemic. Its spreading function follows an exponential curve defined by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler’s number e raised to a power whose magnitude expresses the “nature” of the virus.

At the beginning the only thing we know about its nature and influence is the geometry of its spreading. Thus, by restricting free movement of people and keeping the infected in huge hospitals, we can decrease the virus’s operating geography, flatten the exponential curve, and slow down the progress of its spreading. That will not lower its capacity to strike again.

When we remove the movement restriction, keeping everything the same, we can expect the virus to resume its normal spreading. If at the same time we alter the “food” of the virus chemically, our modeling of its spreading becomes less reliable as the predictor of its future behavior. Still, if it accomplishes the slowing down of the virus spreading, it is the right thing to do, hoping at the same time that the virus will not mutate as it did by becoming COVID-19.

Peaceful Co-existence with the Invader
Fighting the virus — as we do now — and hoping that it will one day disappear may prove to be very difficult, too expensive, and miss its root cause and purpose. Alternatively, we may have to do what the life force had always done in the past: agree on a peaceful co-existence with the virus. There are thousands of bacteria and viruses that invaded our bodies and we found a way to live in symbiosis with them.

The way to do it was shown to us. In discussing the origin of life forms we learned that it is the role of human beings to act as benevolent leaders of lower life to help improve their life conditions, and fulfill their ambition to advance in evolution. We have a good reason to believe that the coronavirus, aspiring to become human, would welcome our invitation for peaceful co-existence.

The co-existence with the virus would require that humans stop damaging the Earth and restore its full awareness as Mother Earth. This would mean the permanent end of wars and diseases, thus returning life to its intended Divine design state: a paradise on Earth. In exchange, the human demands would be for the coronavirus to lower its virulence and limit the lung infection to a minor ailment, something like an ordinary cold.

Humans must realize that in fighting the virus, they are facing the Divine design of its creation by the creation Source. If we know nothing about it, we would have to start at the bottom: being humble. Humbleness in spiritual circles is defined as the highest form of prayer. We find in the Bible (Matthew 5:5), “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” Discovering that less is more will completely eliminate the falsehoods of material realism such as capitalism.

We can also learn from the colony of honey bees. Bees create a queen by feeding it a royal jelly, thus teaching it about the environment, and making it their leader and mother of all new bees. This could be the ideal way for humans to choose their leader, metaphorically speaking.

To some, the above may seem like a utopia, while others may see it as the necessary first step to right the life on Earth.

Healing Earth
The coronavirus is a legitimate life form. To realize peaceful co-existence (symbiosis) would be a huge task, not accomplishable in one swoop. Nature moves in its own inimitable way, like planting a new tree. We have to wait until its roots establish themselves in the ground, its crown finds the sun and the tree begins to grow in the loving bond between those two and bear fruit. It would take time and care but the rewards would be huge: creation of paradise on Earth.

Politically, the new tree of life would require new leadership and change of education. Here we could expect a heavy resistance from people with strong egos. The ego, as a survival force, has a great power and can lead to a very successful career as a servant, or end up as egomania, an autocratic and dictatorial behavior as a tyrant. Unable to experience life, the egomaniac hallucinates. His only goal is to satisfy his ego….

There would also be a need to stop the runaway horse of technology and to eliminate the debilitating effect of advertising. These products of capitalism can be as harmful as an epidemic.

In conclusion
From the study of the coronavirus we learned that:
• Earth is a living organism, our true Mother, Mother Earth.
• People have sinned against Earth, both physically and socially.
• Earth has tried to defend Herself, bringing diseases and changing physically.
• Humans learned to stop diseases without finding their cause and purpose.
• Finding the fight with the virus impractical and expensive, they decided on peaceful coexistence with the virus.
• Humans had to know the virus intimately, becoming aware of their natural true life.

This awareness exists naturally in the prenatal and, for a short time, in the postnatal life of the infant. It can be felt also at the old age when the unimportant layers of the worldly life memory are peeled off. If none of these are available in our memory, we can practice being born again by spirit and water, as in the Bible (John 3:5).

We have identified the damage to Earth by humans as the root cause of the origin of the virus and its purpose to kill humans as a stern warning. The current opening of coal mines in the USA, offshore drilling, fracking, etc., likely precipitated the appearance of the coronavirus.

My last remark and comment: California physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman gave four lectures in New Zealand titled “The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.” The lectures were later published by Princeton University Press as QED (Quantum Electro-Dynamics).

I have similar memories about light as Feynman: “When I was a child I was fascinated by light. As an adult I was fascinated by consciousness and found that consciousness was light. As an old man (96 years from conception) I am fascinated by life creation. To me the Feynman’s lectures describe the genius physicist’s view of life creation, as a tool in the hand of the creation Source.

I would have loved to ask him about it. It may not be too late now.

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Jaroslav "Jerry" Vlcek
Jaroslav “Jerry” Vlcek was born in a highland valley in Czechoslovakia and spent his childhood mostly walking alone and exploring the nature that surrounded him. School took away his direct knowledge of nature, but academic success catapulted him to a lifelong career as a research scientist and educator, culminating in a professorship at the University of Toronto, where he worked in the Departments of Applied Physics, Civil Engineering, and the Faculty of Forestry. He is now retired, and lives with his wife in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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