Seasonal Changes and Native American Traditions

Twenty years ago I met a man who I had prayed to meet. His name was Kendal. I was looking for a Native American medicine man who would teach me his native ways. I had worked with others in the past who helped me along my path of learning and assisted me in overcoming spiritual darkness.

But this was a different request. I asked Spirit to connect me with a very knowledgeable man who would be my friend and instruct me on the beliefs of his tribe.

Spirit does this from time to time to get us to move along the path and obtain more knowledge just before we need it or right at the time when we need a good friend who will help us fight our spiritual enemies. Yes, all of us sometimes need somebody to come into our world to help us maintain our health and to grow.

I just experienced getting a call from a woman who asked for my expertise as a medium and clairvoyant, which I gave her. When I realized that she was a Native American woman with the wisdom I so needed at the time, we kindly exchanged knowledge. It was comforting to know Spirit had arranged this phone meeting prior to us actually talking about what she needed and about my pending problem. I smiled and thanked Spirit for having us meet like this. Spirit has a way of connecting two complete strangers at the time when we needed each other. It happens to people all of the time, but most of us do not realize how often it comes into play.

How does it happen? First, we put our thoughts or request on a platter and hand it over to the Creator. He, in turn, picks it up and asks my guides begin to work on my behalf. In critical circumstances, the Creator acts instantly. I have experienced it both ways.

Spirit guides, who have a human aspect to them, are heavenly creatures designed by God to work with us. Native American spirits are different. They may be animals or old ancestor spirits who come to us as we hold tobacco in our pinched fingers and have sweet grass (sage) burning in our abalone shell. They also go to work for us and do the necessary things we need to be done. God can do anything, so He involves all of His spiritual helpers for us if we know how to access them at the time we need them.

It is important for us to be in tune to our spirit helpers, especially during the seasonal time of shortened sunlight. With the changing of the season from the summer solstice to the autumn equinox, we may experience familiar feelings and remember people from our past who may be good or not so good for us.

At this time, plants in the Midwest die. Days of light become shorter in length. Weather temperatures decrease and we feel the loss of both. These changes began between September 22-23, and we shift to the Winter Solstice from December 21-22.

We can feel this shift and it will affect our mood. It inspires us to remember past situations and occurrences in our lives. As a result of these memories, and a lack of sunlight, we can get depressed. Knowing and understanding this reality is still not dealing with what our minds and bodies feel from it.

So when you feel your moods changing because of all of this, be patient with yourself and know that we have the natural ability to change with the seasons. We may not like it, but humans do adapt. Please remember to call upon your spiritual helpers during this seasonal transition! May you too enjoy the beautiful days of autumn ahead of us and blessings to you all.



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