Spiritual Thoughts on COVID-19: Everybody has been Affected


God has effected this virus upon us to isolate our souls. This pandemic has given each of us time to examine our personal lives and honor a relationship we’ve longed to have with our own personal, spiritual image maker, whom we’ve known since our inception.

A silver lining with this virus has been that it’s bringing families back together around meals, because nobody can eat out like they used to. Families are eating at home, around the supper table, getting re-acquainted with their siblings and associates, because everyone who doesn’t have the coronavirus is now quarantined together with others who aren’t, or haven’t also been infected. The dinner table has become a safe zone, where everyone feels okay to share and express, because there’s no surety for life — as this pandemic has shown us. So when you see your loved ones, you now have greater thanks in your heart and soul for these bonds that are strengthening the family ties — and that’s a good sign we’re moving back into spiritual integration with a real Creator that exists.

This virus also has shown us that we can work and live outside the box of what we thought was the norm. Our current work concepts have been blown out of the water because people haven’t even been able to go to a place to do work.

It’s good to work, but now we can see how much extra time we save when we don’t have “to go” to a job; your job is right there in front of you, at home. We now have more time to reflect on how we support one another through the occupations that we work in.

None of us in this global collective would be here if we hadn’t been helped. People need to realize, consciously, what they’ve been doing unconsciously: serving their fellow brethren. It’s truly amazing when you understand that your work actually is much more in service to others than you can imagine. When you see it from a spiritual perspective, consider how much we need each other. Yet, do we act like it?

Our bodies are supposed to be the vehicle for us to do our spiritual works. Our bodies are not objects to be preened and lamented over. Our bodies have a beautiful purpose, because they allow us to do the work we need to do spiritually, for ourselves — a work that nobody else can do for us. You can’t pay anybody to cheat for you, and even if you procrastinate, the work will still be there waiting for you.

There are spiritual challenges and goals that we need to complete. Lessons must be learned. That’s why you’re here. Gaining understanding and knowledge are our goals always, with an added benefit if you finally establish a relationship with your individual Maker. The receivership of wisdoms will be directed to you by your Universal Father. What is written here is based upon wisdoms I’ve been given by my Creator-maker.

As a result of this epidemic, a major guideline has come down from the Centers for Disease Control about the wearing of masks. A lot of people balk at wearing masks, but when you think about it, we’ve been wearing emotional masks all our lives. It’s hard to understand the political fallout from wearing masks when the truth is that we all wear emotional masks to hide. Everyone wears a mask. Nobody dares let their hair down and tell the truth. Can’t do that. Can’t just talk from the heart without exposing too much of yourself,

God, through the symbolism of the mask, is showing us our own actions, how our masks separate us. As a people, we still don’t operate from a spiritual motivation. We forget and think that we’re only physical, when in fact, we are spirit first.

So, there are a few silver linings in this pandemic that are helping us spiritually. This pandemic is just another tool, or way, our Creator uses to help us, for the direction through Him is always for the spiritual good of all.

Your relationship with your Maker is spiritual, but it’s just as real as our physicality. Everything here is to teach us. There’s nothing to get attached to, except the Spirit that creates all things that we become attached to, to learn ultimately that it’s the Creator we should always be attached to first.

We can all receive the answers to spiritual questions when we ask in our hearts. We can commune and receive answers we seek from the questions we earnestly and sincerely ask.

Take advantage of this time during this pandemic slowdown to catch up with yourself. Contemplate your life. Review and examine those things that come to the forefront of your consciousness, things to which your Creator is directing your attention. See the false idols that separate you from Him, as well separate you from your fellow spiritual soul seekers.

Acknowledge and notice these things about yourself, because any awareness that we gain is always good for the planet.

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