You Are A Spiritual Soul


I am a spiritual soul seeker. That means I have been searching for the answers to the questions we all want answered, such as, “Why am I here?” “Who am I?” “How did this happen?” These only touch upon the myriad questions that you now have the birthright to have answered.

In fact, if you don’t want answers to why you’re here, you’re a fool. Who in their right mind would not want to know what is going on here, because the bamboozlement has been lifted?

These words I say here would not even be allowed to drift through my own conscience, let alone be written, if it wasn’t time for these things to be revealed. One must remember that God doesn’t allow you to see what you’re not ready to see. What is the point? If you’re not ready, God has to limit you, until you go through the lessons of your experiences to gain the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to finally see something in a proper perspective. This is what God has to consider when allowing you to see anything that is actually right in front of you, but blocked until you are ready and allowed to see it.

Everyone needs to get that we are all more than. That is the standard we must consider when we meet each other. We are not less than. We wouldn’t be here if we were less than. There’s just no way. If we weren’t all psychic, we couldn’t be here, for we have been provided for and protected against anything that could take us out. There are forces that want us gone. Seven universes that surround us (can’t see them until we’re ready) want our “blue marble.” So, in a sense, there is a Star Wars going on, but this one is for keeps. They want our humanness. They want the beauty of what we have on the planet God gave us as our “playground.”

We also are supposed to be watching out for one another and never forgetting who we are. You can look around and see how well we’ve done with that one. We must get back on track and focus on fighting what’s trying to destroy us, instead of fighting against ourselves, while the powers that want our planet make inroads, as we’re not paying attention to what we should be paying attention to.

You must get outside the small perception that lies between your ears and seek the ever-expanding viewpoints that exist, even beyond our planet, so you can really know what is going on. It will be so much more enriching than the petty, human, childish, fighting that we do more out of boredom.

The first place to start is to ask your Maker who you are. Seek and ye shall find the answers through your own personal thought adjustor. These are things that can be revealed to you now, if you’re ready to hear it; otherwise, these truths couldn’t be said. Why I am being allowed to say these things? Because I have been true in my quest to know the answers to why we are here.

That is why I am allowed to share this knowledge. Not because I am special, but because I have worked for 65 years being the spiritual soul seeker I claim to be. If I am lying, don’t you think waiting until I was 65 years old was a good idea? It’s His timing, not mine.

You will find that the proper place for one to be in this scenario is the witness chair, as you finally are allowed to watch the magic of Father, Mother and Son create. The beauty also is that you are part of the glory. You are no longer separated from it, or have to feel you are not good enough. Those are all lies that you bought into that which must be unraveled, if you’re finally going to know the Creator of our universes, once and for all. Remember who you really are: A Spiritual Soul.

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Robert Brooks
Robert Brooks has been a spiritual soul seeker all his life. He writes about the spiritual things he has learned from that label placed upon him. He writes constantly on Facebook. Contact him at [email protected].


  1. You really wasted your years with “as you finally are allowed to watch the magic of Father, Mother and Son create” trust me you if you want to know truth don’t pay attention to your mind or your heart now tell me if you can understand that?


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