A Pleiadian Message: An Accelerating Shift before the New Year


Beloved ones, we greet you. At this divine juncture on your Earth, an energetic diversity is building more than ever before between the playing out of illusion and Truth. The third-dimensional illusional drama is explosive, and simultaneously the essence of the light is expanding, growing daily as it continues to anchor on your planet.

On Earth you are undergoing a rapid rebirth, a complete metamorphic shift within your physical, energetic and emotional bodies. All birth is intense and there are no exceptions within this process.

This heralds in the time you have been waiting for as “the big shift” comes closer. As you approach the frequency of the New Year, there will be an acceleration into this shift. Waves of light will be set in motion throughout the Earth plane. And within these vast emerging waves of light vibration, new energetic forms will be made manifest on your planet. These higher vibrational forms are being established to support and stabilize the higher order of multidimensional grids. These grids will hold the sacred design for this time, radiating out and anchoring the activation of a higher electrical frequency of light across your Earth plane to form an active network for change.

An essential role
Simultaneously, you are being made energetically ready to play an essential role within your heart in relationship to these grids. Your sacred heart has been designed as part of its destiny to be linked within these higher grid frequencies that are about to be made manifest on your Earth. You, your heart, are actually to play a transformed role by becoming an energetic extension of the multidimensional frequency network.

Your natural heritage is electric in nature. As you become a link within the network vibration, you are being returned, recalibrated back into your natural state of being multidimensional. You have an unlimited capacity to hold this network light connection by expanding your functioning within the multidimensional realm of your Higher Self.

All of your systems, which include your pineal, brain synapses, spinal fluid, sacrum and physical cells within your body, are being upgraded electrically. Your energetic field is undergoing a magnetic upgrade; you are being made ready for this monumental shift, which is happening towards the end of your calendar year.

Unresolved emotions
Within your daily experience as these changes take place, unexpressed and unresolved emotions are being brought to the surface within you. Your human element is undergoing many challenges within the environment of your day-to-day living.

You are requiring balance within your life to support this rapid change. This stability through balance can only be achieved through a conscious choice process of building a deeper link within your heart. The heart connection brings you peace, understanding, knowledge of your mission and Truth.

Only you can achieve this ongoing building of reconnection within your heart through conscious choice. This is the action of you birthing you every time you realign to your heart. Many incremental multidimensional layers will be re-accessed through your heart. Your conscious action of “choosing” is incredibly powerful, and it is an essential component to your awakening process. Each cell within your physical body goes through a revolutionary transformation each time you build this connection within your heart. The evolution of your enlightenment is a step-by-step, moment-by-moment process as you navigate your way to reconnection and the reclaiming of your sacred heart.

The heart is your central access point to Universal God consciousness. You hold a unique design sacred imprint within your heart, and you are received and recognized through this imprint. All access to Truth arises from within your heart’s connection. Your heart is a multidimensional tool, waiting to be fully utilized by you.

Shifting role
The magnetic core within your planet will shift its role in the last few weeks of the calendar year. The magnetic core will act as a centerpiece, transmitting a higher vibrational form of illumination outwards across the planet. This changing process is designed to create an action of great transformation, bringing the “new dawning” order of vibrational light to Earth.

The magnetic core will radiate this higher order of light, which is destined to bathe the Earth and infuse through all life force energy existing on the planet. This sacred light is designed to also interact through your heart, planting a seed within you. The seed births an illumination within the sacred chamber of your heart. This illumination of light activates and aligns you to your individual heart imprint of God light.

The magnetic core can be likened to a central wheel with spokes. Shards of light will radiate outwards. These spirals of light will be drawn into the individual frequency of the divine presence of your heart. You will be part of the creation energy of Earth through this reconnection. The presence of your higher light will become manifest and active, opening up another aspect of your self-realization process and experience at this juncture.

You have said Yes
Only you who inhabit human bodies can fully implement the changes within Earth that are (and have always been) destined to take place on your planet. You have said “Yes” to achieve the goal. You are to play an essential role of this mission, individually and collectively. This is to be your next conscious step in the transitional phase on Earth.

As a collective, you can build and establish communion imprints between yourself and others. They are designed to build reflective mirrors of light throughout your planet. These communion imprints arise through your individual heart, and then they open up through your telepathic communion center. The essence of your heart imprint is then enabled to join with another. Remember, as you are all joined through the collective essence of the One, the God consciousness element lives within each one of your hearts. This allows a communion to become established between any two persons or more.

Part of the process of establishing a multi-communion frequency between groups and communities is the building of a crescendo of light, which anchors love on Earth. This process creates a profound base of love opening up a communication frequency within Earth for the ongoing transmutation of humanity. You create the building blocks of a pure base of love within the planet, which expands this life force frequency of love to all living things.

This is the time, through the multidimensional reconnection of your heart’s sacred chamber, that you become an initiator to establish a telepathic communion between yourself and others forming communities of light to hold this mirror of light steady on Earth.


1. Place your palms on your full chest area (this is your heart space).

2. Open up your awareness within your heart, feel the warmth or physical pressure of your palms on your heart.

3. Bring in the conscious breath (in the mouth, then exhaling out of the mouth), placing your breath like a soft wind within your heart.

4. Open up your awareness within the space of your heart. Align deeper within the space of your heart that you feel, sense or see by taking a conscious breath, like a soft wind within the opening.

5. Bring your sound, ANTAE EEE, and place this sound within your heart.

6. Feel, see or sense a doorway opening up within your heart from the sound.

7. Open up your awareness within the space and bring your sound, ANTAE EEE, within the opening. Use the conscious breath within the space and let go.

8. Bring in the sound, ANTAE EEE, within the space. Then repeat the sound twice within the space.

9. Open up your awareness within the space and let go. Use the conscious breath and let go within the space of your heart.

10. THEN: Bring your awareness to your pineal, which is one inch above the third eye. You can touch this position with your index finger. One hand stays physically connected to the heart.

11. As you bring your awareness from your heart to your pineal, feel sense or see the energy from the heart begin to flow within your pineal space.

12. Open your awareness within the space and take a conscious breath and place it within the pineal that you see, sense or feel. The space may be large or small, it does not matter. Bring your full awareness into the space and let go using the conscious breath again.

13. Bring the sound, ANTAE EEE, within the space. The sound creates an echo within the space, and the sound opens up a deeper access for you to enter.

14. Bring your sound, ANTAE EEE, two more times within the space and use the conscious breath to let go.

15. Open up your awareness to feel the space open more completely. Breathe and let go.

16. Now bring your awareness from the pineal back to your heart, with both palms now holding your heart space. Feel the essence from the pineal flow into the heart. Witness how the heart and pineal are interacting with each other, with an energetic pathway linking the two.

This is the time to develop this link between your heart and pineal, preparing yourself for this expansive next step that is coming.

We witness you as you reach deeper within your heart and choose to let go and allow the unfolding of yourself within this powerful time.

You are not alone. Trust and know all is in hand. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

Christine Day is presenting the 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar “Enter the Realms of Pei Antana” on December 5-7 via Zoom. For more information, contact Joanne Wakefield at 651.452.2895, email [email protected] or visit Christinedayonline.com.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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