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I looked out my window at the tree branches coated in glittering icy crystal from the blizzard that passed through in the dark of the night. How blessed I am to be able to see this beauty! I gazed in awe as my heart opened to the immense radiance of the natural world. A true winter wonderland! I am grateful.

I leaned over to start my car engine, for I spent the past year sleeping in my car. Rents have gone up so much here in Colorado due to the legalization of marijuana and the resulting influx of people from every state. Though I worked 60 hours a week in Alzheimer’s care, I could not afford to rent a home at my low pay rate. Twenty years of experience in the field of service to others has not raised my income much — only a dollar or two in that time.

Fast forward to the present: I now live in my own little warm and cozy home, thanks to my oldest son who helped me with a down payment. A few weeks ago, a new friend asked me if I like living where I do, and I reply Yes! I am so grateful to be living in my own little single-wide trailer in a well-kept park. I’ve surrounded myself with flowers, light and beauty on every level. And sometimes, when the morning sunlight shines through my kitchen windows, my entire space glows with golden light. It feels to me just like I’m living in a golden temple. I am grateful and blessed.

I’m an ex-yoga teacher of 20 years, an elder, wise-woman and healer who creates occasional programs for women to live lives of purpose and passion. I greet the sun every day with joy that lifts my heart, and I go to bed feeling supported on every level of being by a living universe that loves me. I want others to be able to feel the deep worth and contentment with life that I experience.

When I have an occasional night of insomnia for no apparent reason, I spend those dark hours opening to more love. I chant and sing lovely songs that lift me up into more realms of beauty and of love. I pour blessings for healing and peace upon every aspect of our sacred Earth. I leave for work with zero sleep, but am grateful that I have had this opportunity to move into more love and into more pure joy!

Recently, I gained 10 pounds. Though I’ve created a program for women to lose weight through the power of self-worth and the power of love, I’m not embarrassed or disappointed in myself. I lovingly pat my little bit larger belly and give thanks that, just for these moments, I feel like my belly is that of a cute Teddy Bear, or the soft and rounder belly of a baby, or of a plump little puppy. I know how to lose this extra padding and don’t give it much thought. Just for now, I am grateful to enjoy these soft and slightly rounder sensations of my belly. I laugh with delight!

A couple of years ago, I died in the hospital while having a hysterectomy. This experience was so lovely that I’ll be forever grateful to have experienced those realms of golden light, filled with beings who were made out of that golden light. I am grateful that I was able to momentarily connect with my spirit family. I experienced so much joy in the touching of my “home base!” I am more than grateful that I was granted such a wondrous opportunity!

These are but a few of the moments of gratitude that fill my daily life. A sincere and spontaneous overflowing of gratitude lifts our minds and hearts into the realm of Grace. We are transported out of the focus of the ego as it engages with our daily lives and interactions, and into another realm completely!

Gratitude helps to bring you home to your heart, where true essence has its being. Gratitude is one gateway that can take you out of the illusions of separation, of culture and religion, of fixed ideas. Gratitude shifts your perception and focus. Gratitude opens you to the flow of love and delight that the ego tells you there are a million reasons not to feel. Gratitude allows amazement! Gratitude allows your true essence to shine. Simply open your heart!

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Elisha Gabriell
Elisha Gabriell (Song of the Wind) is an ex-Kundalini Yoga teacher of 20 years, founder of the Crystal Light Spiritual Center in Southern California and author of two books: White Buffalo and the Rainbow Warrior, and Unveil Your Goddess Body. Elisha now resides in Colorado Springs, Colo. She lives to uplift others, to heal our sacred Earth, to immerse herself in the beauty and power of Nature, and to sing, dance and have a blast just living! Her recent offerings are included at her website, Get your free course on Loving Yourself Thin! Email Elisha at [email protected].


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