New Moon: Set Your Intentions


An excerpt from Cosmic Flow

When the moon is hidden in the sky, it’s a time of new beginnings. Get ready to call in change and make a conscious connection with what you want in life.

During its (just under) 28-day orbit around the Earth, the moon passes through all 12 zodiac signs, spending about two-and-a-half days in each. This means that with an understanding of each zodiac sign, we can work with the moon’s energy to gain guidance throughout the month. In particular, it’s helpful to know the zodiac sign the moon is in when it’s new. That way, we can bring our new-moon ritual into focus on that sign’s unique aspects.

Listed below are the key zodiac energies, to help you start every month on the right path:

Aries is associated with taking action. It leads the start of the astrological year and sparks initiative. Set intentions that focus on courage and new beginnings.

Taurus is associated with the material, things we can touch and feel. Set intentions that focus on finances, prosperity and treating yourself.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Set intentions that focus on building relationships and personal expansion.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, making it an emotional sign with a focus on family, and on things that make you feel secure. Set intentions that focus on home and loved ones.

Leo is an eccentric sign, with traits of self-expression and creativity. Set intentions that focus on playfulness and exploration.

Virgo is associated with stability through organization and planning. Set intentions that focus on wellness and cultivating beneficial habits.

Libra is concerned with harmony. Set intentions that focus on balance and on connecting with others.

Scorpio is a sensual sign with strong emotional associations, helping us explore the full spectrum of our psyche. Set intentions that focus on feelings and personal goals.

Sagittarius is associated with higher wisdom and discovery. Set intentions that focus on learning and adventure.

Capricorn is about sustainable achievements and practicality. Set intentions that focus on strategy and long-term achievement.

Aquarius is associated with forward thinking and pioneering change. Set intentions that focus on community and generous thinking.

Pisces evokes the mystical realms and thinking beyond the physical. Set intentions that focus on intuition and spirituality.

New Moon Ritual
When the moon is new, it’s time to reconnect with yourself: dig deep into your own desires and reflect on how you want your life to change. By making time for a ritual now, you can plant the seeds of what you want to blossom in your future.

This ritual is flexible, and it can be done alone, or with friends, in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Doing the ritual with friends can be a great way to add momentum to your intentions collectively with the unity of your energies combined.

The aids below aren’t mandatory; they’re suggestions to help you experience a sensory exploration. This can give you deeper clarity, while also calling up memories. Such things add a sense of specialness to your ritual, giving you that giddy feeling of excitement in your belly.

I like to set up an altar with candles, a crystal that resonates with the energies I want to call in, and some visual aids that reflect what I want to manifest. If you don’t have these to hand, don’t worry. What you need most is to turn off your phone, shut out distractions, and get quiet so that you can engage with the place where the magic happens: your mind.

You will need an altar space setup, music, a comfy cushion to sit on, candles or incense, and a pen and paper.

Take a deep breath and note how you feel right now. Identify any sensations in your body, such as aches or tight spots, and the thoughts currently floating through your mind.

If you’ve decided to use candles or incense, light them. Set your music playing. Listen to your breath; try to breathe slowly and calmly, as settling your body helps settle your mind. If your attention wanders, listen to the sounds around you.

After a few minutes, you hopefully should start to feel relaxed. Now, think about your intentions. What do you want to call into your life? Do you have any desires, or inklings of them? If so, write them down. The changes might be monumental or subtle. Don’t judge yourself; just be open to what you want.

Write down your intentions. Pick between one and ten, as many or as few as feel right for your situation. This is a list you can refer back to throughout the lunar cycle.

Slowly, one by one, go through the intentions you set. Allow each to come into your mind’s eye; visualize it playing out as a story. Let yourself get fully into it, feeling the emotions as if the events were really happening right now.

How does it make you feel to watch the tale unfold? Make note of colors, tastes, smells, sounds or revelations that became apparent during the visualization, really communicate what you felt onto paper.

Once you’ve worked through your intentions, sit in stillness and let gratitude wash over you like a wave. Imagine your intentions have come into fruition. You have now planted the seeds of what you want to accomplish. Enjoy the sense of security that brings you.

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