Enter the Realms of Pei Antana: The Edge Interview with Christine Day


Spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author Christine Day, known as the Pleiadian Ambassador, for years now has called the North Shore of Minnesota home. It is where she receives information and guidance from the galactic realms, and as of late, it is where she both lives and works. The pandemic may have shut down all of her scheduled in-person seminars here and abroad, but it did not diminish her ability to offer support during what she calls “the new dawning,” a powerful time of transition on our Earth plane.

In fact, as a result of Zoom video conferencing, Christine has been presenting small one-day classes and even extensive nine-day seminars — with surprising results. “The Pleiadians said, ‘You need to go online, because when you are online with your groups everyone’s going to be able to move to a much higher frequency in their telepathic centers. When they’re no longer physically together, we’re going to be able to work much more completely with the group itself, and people are going to go through an advanced awakening they wouldn’t have had if they were all together.’

“And you know what?” she said. “It’s been the most profound experience. The Pleiadians were so right. Everybody who did these are so delighted, because everyone has shifted into incredible experiences.”

For the first time, the annual 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar will be presented virtually, instead of at a Bloomington hotel. It will take place via Zoom on December 5-7. During this year’s event, “Enter the Realms of Pei Antana,” Christine will introduce participants to the Dreamtime, a higher consciousness realm that until now has only been experienced by sacred Aboriginal elders in Australia. Christine says that as we realign to inner knowledge, it will enable this sacred transforming force to restore us to a higher perspective of Self. For more information on the event, contact Joanne Wakefield at 651.452.2895, email [email protected] or visit Christinedayonline.com.

In a recent interview with The Edge, Christine Day spoke about the sacred Australian site known as Uluru, how her recent visit there for the first time affected her and how experiencing its energy will assist us in our lives.

I understand the 3-Day Pleiadian seminar in December will relate to a visit you and your partner Alisa took in January 2020 to Uluru in Australia, to speak at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. For those who haven’t been to Uluru, how would you describe that sacred place to them?
Well, I was shocked when I got there, because Uluru is something I would never have been able to imagine unless I went there. It brings a lot of emotion up for me, because it was like a living, breathing consciousness. It is the most profound space I think I’ve ever been to on the planet, and my life transformed during that time.

Alisa and I both have totally shifted and transformed from our experiences of being in Uluru. What we aligned to there was a sacred gateway that reopened energetically while we were there. We were in a cave at Uluru, and when we entered the cave we both simultaneously remembered that we had lived in this cave with our Pleiadian clan many, many eons ago, bringing the sacred teachings, the openings of the Dreamtime energy, to the Aboriginals.

As we sat there, it’s like a wall in the cave opened up and we were just shot through the opening of that space through the wall. I was reunited with a part of myself within, what’s called Pei Antana. That’s the Pleiadian word for it, not the Aboriginal word. It’s a 10th-16th dimensional multi-reality state. It’s where the Dreaming and the Dreamtime is for the Aboriginals. That’s how they survive in the desert, through Pei Antana, through this multidimensional dreamtime energy. That is where the sacred knowledge and knowing exists.

The Aboriginal people have held this mantle of connection, and it’s anchored within their DNA and nervous system within the central synapses of their brains. They carry this sacred alignment within their cells. But now we are given access to the link within the vibrational framework of Pei Antana within the gateway.

As I said, the journey into Uluru was life-changing beyond anything I could have imagined, and it was the most sacred time I think I’ve ever spent anywhere in my life — in this lifetime anyway. It was a profound time.

As a native Australian, had you ever gone there before?
No, surprisingly enough, I hadn’t. I had worked with the Aboriginal tribes of Western Australia, because I lived in Perth, but I never ever made the trip to Uluru. I feel this was a destiny call for me, and for Alisa.

We were invited to the conference there and I had said no to it three years in a row. When they sent the invitation for 2020 I got, “You must go.” I spoke at the conference and transmitted a lot of the energies to the people at the conference, and I was invited back this December to speak again, but I won’t be able to go.

As I said, our experience there was unexpectedly and incredibly amazing. Alisa and I still feel that connection. Nothing was the same once we left there. I was saying to Alisa when we flew back here from Uluru, “I don’t know how I’m going to do this year’s schedule because I feel so changed.” All I really wanted to do was be there. That was in late January. Then the pandemic happened and it turned out that’s exactly what’s happened.

Alisa and I have both remained incredibly changed. This is what we’re bringing to the 3-Day Pleiadian seminar.

Do the Aboriginals in Australia still go to the Dreamtime?
Those who are awake do, and there are many of them who are not these days. There’s been a breakdown in the culture like in Native American traditions. There are not many who carry the sacred energies anymore, but for those who do, it’s within them.

What will those who attend the 3-Day Seminar experience?
It will be anchored through the DNA for people who come to the seminar, through the nervous system, the central synapses of the brain. You’ll be carrying sacred alignments within the cells and, of course, you will have work to do after you leave the seminar.

It’s really a beginning. You will work within the sacred design of Pei Antana, and you will be given patternings that carry that frequency so that you can birth yourself into different levels of Pei Antana. There’s a sacred breath, a new breath different from the conscious breath — and within that sacred breath there is a link into fragments of a light frequency that contains your unique Divine signature. The sacred breath acts as a key to the door and awakens elements within you, reopening centers within your brain, within the brain synapses, and the DNA.

You actually will go through a reorientation of your brain, moving into that multidimensional aspect of yourself, before you enter Pei Antana in the seminar. Everything is set up perfectly, as only the Pleiadians do. We’ll be working with special patternings to reorientate your brain, and you will take those patternings home with you to continue the unfolding of this reorientation of yourself. We’ll also have an amazing seating arrangement within the sacred patterning where you will launch yourself into Pei Antana. Everything’s stabilized and energetically aligned in a very pure state.

Can you put into words what the experience is like when you’re there?
Well, I would say it’s indefinable as far as our language goes. It’s like it enables a transforming force of light to move through you as you initiate within the unique levels of the alternate reality state, as you enter Pei Antana. It’s like you undergo a rapid transmutable frequency shift so that every cell begins to radiate aspects of the Pei Antana field of light, and this field of light is mirrored not only within your energetic aura, but within another aspect of your heart that will be revealed to you as the Pei Antana particles illuminate through you.

You actually find yourself within Pei Antana and the sacred light that you are. You start to embody that, and you have another level of fulfillment of self-nurturing, of nutrition. I believe there will be a stabilization of that throughout the 3-Day Seminar. You will build upon this platform more as you go home and continue your journey. It’s like you’re given keys to make your way through the entry points of your sacred self, your sacred journey. It’s almost of unlimited proportions of returning home.

What I feel is important is the energy of the sacred breath. You’ll take your sacred breath back into your life. It’s a frequency that can be utilized consciously in your day-to-day living, unlocking your vast potential. To be with your sacred breath in your day, or to open it up at the beginning of your day, brings you into a whole new appreciation of life from another dimensional perspective, other than the illusion.

It’s like a smooth transition from one experience of illusion of our lives that we’ve been living into another state of being in your life — and you start to channel through the higher light that you are, but in a different way because your brain is reorientated. It reopens a center within your brain and you can begin to navigate or integrate life from that higher perspective beyond third-dimensional energy.

You’ll be relinking into sacred tools of your own, and like using building blocks, you will keep building and evolving within the Pei Antana patternings.

It’s like you’re birthing yourself back into your physical form, but birthing that sacred component. I think that’s as much as I can say about it.

By opening up to it at the beginning of the day it’s almost like you’re walking a sacred path in your life.
That’s a very good way of putting it. That’s exactly how it is. It’s you choosing your path now in a different way. That sacred breath is interesting, because it evolves through you. It kind of bursts through you. After a while it’s like, “Oh, wow! I can feel it moving through me.” It’s breathing through you. You’re not doing the breathing, but it’s enabling you to navigate in a different way, in a different frequency. It shifts your frequency.

We all know 2020 has been a most profound time on the planet, but you take it a step further by saying it’s the most glorious time — and a sacred time. Why?
Because we have the pandemic. This was a destiny time for this pandemic to come in, allowing a whole shifting profile of consciousness to be birthed through the planet and throughout humanity for those who are open to it. We have a network of God light anchored onto the planet at the same time the pandemic started to anchor in January. It came through Uluru. That’s why I had to be there. I transmitted the gateway opening, not only through Uluru, but it went right across the planet and anchored a network grid of God light across the Earth plane.

It’s coming from Uluru and transmitting. It’s building daily in its light form. This is the sacred design, the change of the consciousness of humanity, and it’s happening simultaneous to the upheaval of the drama, of the pandemic, of the fires, of the weather, of the election, of the rioting. It’s all happening simultaneously, and you can’t make one more than another, or less than another. It’s just the action of the birthing of the light.

That’s going to go to another peak by December 22. We’ve got a huge opening taking place then — and that’s when I was scheduled to be back at Uluru, actually. I’m not going to be there, but I am going to do a program, a live streaming on that day, because it has to be done.

I’m linking to Uluru and I have never left Uluru, and so I carry the living alignment of Uluru through me. My intention is to place that out for those who wish to be there. So, I’m committed to that.

You may never leave Uluru.
I don’t think I will, and Alisa and I are just so drawn to it. I was told to bring one stone from the cave, and we’ll be working with that stone. We will have a film of that stone during the 3-Day Seminar. It’s very essential, and it’s in a prominent place on our Galactic Receiving Station.

It’s just profound beyond any words. When I can go back to Uluru, I will be going because I have to return, and Alisa feels the same way. We have to return when we can, whenever that is. We just don’t know when that will be yet. But, we trust the timing and we trust that where we are right now is in the perfect place doing this work. It’s a great gift and an honor to be part of this whole thing.

One of my experiences during this pandemic has been to get a more constant realization that here on Earth when you peel away the illusion of the ego mind and the drama of society, all you’re left with is natural never-ending energy just flowing through us. And there’s nothing else.
That’s true. That’s it. That is all there is. In truth, that’s who we are and what truly exists within the higher realms. So, when you enter Pei Antana, you start to align naturally back into that in a very different way. You bring it back into your body to stabilize. That’s what I love about this whole process. It’s just so user-friendly. It’s a simple process.

Share with us the truth about the heart space and the multidimensional value that it offers us.
It’s undeniable that the heart is our way home. It is the pathway back to inner knowledge and knowing. Within Pei Antana, within that entire consciousness shift, that consciousness shift works directly through the sacred heart. So, the heart is going to go through a rapid transmutation. It’s going to create more flow. The heart will be revealing to you the knowledge and the knowing.

That was my experience in Uluru when I went into Pei Antana. Suddenly, my inner knowing opened up in a very different way so that I perceived a truth that I was just totally unaware of. It’s like my whole perspective changed. I had a definite understanding, but I was shown a vastly different understanding than I ever knew up to that point, which allowed me to have a different relationship through my heart, a more complete appreciation of myself, of truth, of my place in the universe, of the Earth, of Earth’s place in the universe, of my mission. It’s hard to put into words, but that relationship to my heart transformed in that moment, and Alisa had the exact same experience.

We were both in the cave, but we were very separate in our experiences. Later when we shared, we learned that our experiences were very similar — and that has never left us. That reorientation of ourselves through our hearts, and the relationship with our hearts, has remained stable through this entire process. When we came home, it was like we had to reorientate ourselves completely to where we were. It was profound and it was very wholesome, but there were a lot of readjustments to be made at that time.

Not being able to travel to live events due to the pandemic probably has hidden benefits.
I have been taken into a whole new realm of unfolding in myself carrying this frequency. I just finished 52 levels of the Frequencies of Brilliance, 20 years of work in Brazil and now they’ve given me this whole new work to do with these groups of people that I have been working with for years.

I’ve been launched into a whole new place, except I don’t leave home — and it is delightful! We haven’t gone anywhere all year. We won’t be allowed into Australia until 2023. They’re not letting anyone in for all that time. So, we’re just at home after 26 years of traveling all over the world. There’s nothing except me being home and I’m very grateful for the whole process. I am very grateful for everything I’ve been shown and given, very unexpectedly.

They say everything happens for a reason, right? So, it all has Divine purpose.
We all need to be stopped in a certain way right now. This pandemic is here to slow us down. At the same time, there’s this huge light that’s birthing on the planet, expanding daily, to enable us to really launch ourselves in a very different way. It’s really a profound destiny timing, and at the same time it’s creating a tremendous amount of drama that just keeps building.

It’s just a very sacred time if you don’t get into your head and get into the drama of it and the illusion.

The shift has really changed how you work with people.
Oh, totally. My perceptions are very different. It’s really enabled me to work with people in a very different way and work with groups in a very different way. Now I see much more and understand much more, in the truth that I hold and the love that I hold now, because I’ve accessed another part of my heart, which carries a much higher frequency of the love. It enables me to transmit at a very different space and a different level and bring something even more to the group itself, and so I’m very grateful. I haven’t worked with a physical group since January. It’s all been online, and from that perspective it just allows much, much more to unfold.

There will be a change when you get together with actual human beings.
I don’t even know if I’ll ever do that again. Maybe I will. It’s seems very limiting now. And with regard to the Brazilians, I got an email from the manager there. He said he’s talked to all the groups who have done online seminars and no one wants to meet with me in person again, because their experience online was so much more than they’ve ever been able to experience with us all physically together.

So, we’re not going back to Brazil. That’s it, it’s over. I had committed to going back next year because we had missed out on all the final programs this year, but now I’m not going back, and so it makes me very happy. I see the limitation, and I experienced the limitation when we’re all together, and this change is just a very profound happening.

For more information on Christine Day and the 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar, visit www.christinedayonline.com.


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