2021: Questioning our Freedoms

The year of 2020 has been a challenging one. The COVID-19 virus, Black Lives Matter and the elections have made obvious our divisiveness, censorship and angst.

The challenges of 2020 are paving the way for 2021. Freedom will be a huge theme this coming year. We will be questioning the narrative or storyline given to us by our politicians, health care system, mass media, our ancestors, religious institutions and all things that have created our belief systems. We will be moving towards the freedom to think uniquely and live our lives with inner authority and authenticity. We may even start to be okay with people thinking differently than ourselves — as long as it’s respectful.

Many of our current beliefs and behaviors are programmed by authority figures without questioning them. Following these programs is in our DNA. In centuries past, and still in some countries, questioning authority figures meant torture or death. Today, in the United States, if something doesn’t fit the programmed messages, it’s taken off mass media or not told. Much of what we’ve believed to be true we’ll question and begin to break out of.

Old institutions will continue to crack and crumble or be reconfigured into something more helpful and truthful. Our workplaces will continue to change, bringing us into new career paths that are more earth friendly. We’ll start to think about living in communities with regenerative farming and community support. Health freedom will be examined by more people as health care is recognized as big business. The flawed mass media system will start cracking and we’ll start to see that it has been slanted to suit individual interests.

Equality will continue to be a theme and we’ll recognize that we all need to change — no exceptions. We all need to examine what isn’t working for us and find new ways to operate as we shed antiquated institutions and the beliefs that go with them.

March 2021 will begin a big wave into thinking for ourselves without authority figures directing our inner dialogue. Many of us will connect more to our Higher Self, bringing in new knowledge along with the truth that we’re all part of the Divine. More people will recognize that we are all Divine beings having a human experience. More people will feel this knowing or begin to consider this knowing or similar inklings.

We will continue the big wave of change in 2023 and 2025 bringing us to a new Earth with more freedom and more spirituality.

As the old continues to break down, be open to thinking totally differently. Let go of all beliefs for a time and ask to connect up to your Higher Self for new ways of thinking. Act like you know nothing so you can be a creative force to usher in the new with collective freedom. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Many blessings,


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