A Pleiadian Message: Anchoring the Essence of Oneness

Beloved ones, we greet you. The great winds of change are accelerating, creating a rapid transformation within the atmosphere of Earth by forming an intensified restructuring of your energetic systems. These energies are made up of a series of expanding consciousness light network patterns. Growing daily, they are being interwoven and interacting through the network grid of light.

A pulse of light — emanating outwards from the grid, flowing into your communities of Earth — is being made manifest. Simultaneously it is flooding and bathing the cells of your heart.

This pulse can be likened to a heartbeat. As this pulse builds in momentum, it unearths the density on the planet. All that is not based on Truth, all illusion, is being revealed, played out. The action of the density becoming unearthed will create a further intensification of upheaval within the third-dimensional illusion, influencing day-to-day living and direct experience within your communities.

Pulsing light
During the last phase of your calendar year, this pulsing light will magnify in intensity. Day by day, the building of the pulsing light sets in motion a crescendo of light, which will ultimately explode and open a completely new energetic framework of consciousness throughout the planet. This happening will take place at a certain juncture, a pre-destined moment before New Year. Through this shift your planet will hold a higher multidimensional frequency while carrying a new light paradigm of consciousness for mankind.

Those of you who are consciously on the path of awakening will be enabled to fully engage within this higher light. The sacred forms will create a multidimensional change of consciousness within so that you begin to perceive the higher aspect of Self.

Your heart’s entire chamber will undergo a reconstruction and a complete redesign during this time of the shift. Through the power of pure illuminated light generated by the pulse, the doorways within your heart will be reopened and recalibrated. This transmutation within your heart opens you up to a re-access point to return Home, enabling you to draw from a higher knowledge and inner knowing. There are vast multidimensional tools that you will begin to re-access within your heart. These are a natural extension of your sacred makeup.

Highly transformative
This higher state of light consciousness will permeate all levels of the Earth to support you in your self-realization process. This highly transformative time is a pivotal moment in the overall plan for this shift to occur within your sacred communities. This is the landscape, the backdrop, for you to create building blocks with like-minded people. Your unique frequency of light, which is alive within your heart, needs to link with others to form collective light forms. Between your joined hearts a sacred rebalancing can be created on Earth.

This is a call going out across the planet to begin to anchor the essence of Oneness on your Earth. This building up of the frequency of “Oneness” is an essential component for your planet at this juncture. You, as humans, must create this orchestrated process. This is part of your destiny and the destiny of the Earth.

The process begins between you and your heart. Through your conscious choice to meet with a group of two or more people, transformation can be set in motion. As each of you choose to come together for the purpose of activating and anchoring your combined heart frequency and align, you create Oneness. Together you become the transformative element that begins to set in motion a wave of change across your Earth plane.

Group Heart Frequency
Every single group creates a unique vibrational pattern between its members’ hearts, almost like a “group heart” frequency. The power of this group heart carries a potency of light that can be witnessed from all multidimensional arenas within the Universe. Each group heart frequency holds a diverse brilliance, which in turn supports Earth and the entire Universal consciousness. One group heart frequency is not more than another. Each individual group member contributes equally to the group heart pattern.

This action by your group generates a powerful, sweeping light of change within Earth. This action is designed to herald in enormous change in momentum of the component of light frequency of this planet. This is the juncture heralding in enormous change, creating the shift of a higher phase of consciousness for mankind. A new wave of opportunity and change will open for you individually as you take part in this process. Through the group process, your unique frequency of light within your heart will transform and these changes will create “a turn of the wheel” of your destiny.

This is the time for energetic pathways to cross, for outworn patterns and cycles of limitation to fracture, creating change within the environment of Earth. The pathway of light is being redefined and reestablished on Earth. The illumination created through the activations of group heart patterns can infiltrate the heavy, dense frequency of illusion that has defined your planet for lifetimes.

Creation Frequency
This group heart process is going to inspire an expansive creation frequency to birth on your planet. Your heart is the vessel designed to receive this illuminated quickening of creation light. As you gather in groups and align within your collective hearts, through this conscious choice action you can receive and embody your creation light. You can begin to move into a deepening process of transmutation and reconnection within your sacred heart.

An altering of your perception will unfold during this happening, highlighting Truth and knowledge. The light will bring revelations to you from the depth of your multidimensional heart. This is your time for a deeper knowing to open and be revealed to you. You set in motion waves of reconnection for your Homecoming. In reality, you are returning yourself to re-anchor within the collective God Consciousness state of being.

There is much for you to return to within your Higher Realm components, and this is to be a natural change back into the sacred aspect of Self. You are being asked to be willing to allow a vast letting go process within as your unfolding takes place. These changes will open up a fluid component of multidimensional movement to birth within you. You will enter an altered environment within this fluid state. This flow is part of your multidimensional light base, an aspect of your sacred nature.

You were always meant to continue to live and have your human experience within the framework of your physical body while realigning into your multidimensional purpose of fluid light.

The light forces within this entire resident universe are gathering in telepathic communion to support this happening during what has been earmarked as the “holy month” of your destiny. We collectively merge, through communion, to witness the heralding in of this brilliant illumination of pure light. We hold the platform for the anchoring of your group brilliance as each heart pattern becomes manifest through the unique realignments created by the group heart.

Your group needs to begin to activate your group heart pattern and set the essence of Oneness in motion before the time of New Year.

Conscious Breath: It is essential that this breath is utilized within the process. The conscious breath is a deep breath in the mouth and a releasing of the breath out of the mouth. This breath does not need to be used throughout the process, just in certain moments.

The conscious breath says, “Yes, I am willing to let go” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my light.” The conscious breath allows you to align deeper within your heart space. You place the breath like a soft wind into the heart. Wherever your awareness is placed, the conscious breath naturally flows into that area.

Sit in a physical form together. Two people face each other. Three people form a triangular base. Four people create a square base. Five or more people create a circle. If you have a large group of people too big for a circle, then create lines of chairs, creating a grid-like structure.

This process can also be done remotely with an audio component to guide you simultaneously into the Union:

1. Place both palms physically on your chest.

2. Bring your awareness to your heart, and feel the warmth of your hands or the pressure of your hands on your heart. Remember, the heart space is the entire chest area and beyond the physical body.

3. Place your conscious breath within the heart space like a soft wind.

4. Feel, see or sense the area of your heart that receives the breath and allow your awareness to open further and to fill the space of your heart that is opening.

5. Now bring a sacred sound into your heart. Your heart cells open and respond to your sound, ENCHARHN (pronounced en charn).

6. Feel see or sense how your heart begins to open further, responding to your sound, and allow your awareness to open fully into the space of your heart.

7. Place your conscious breath deeply within the space, and feel yourself let go and align deeper within your heart space.

8. Bring your sound, ENCHARHN, three more times, placing them into your heart space. See, sense or feel how the sounds create an echo, waves within your heart space.

9. Bring one more conscious breath within the space that you feel, sense or see. Let go and allow your awareness to fill the space. Claim your heart.


1. Continue to hold your heart connection.

2. Now is the time to consciously choose to begin to open to your group energy. Move your awareness from your heart outwards to group members. Use the conscious breath and feel, see or sense the connection building to your group. You are going to align your combined heart frequency by all utilizing this sacred sound. Place this sacred sound within your own heart first.

3. Bring your awareness back to your heart. Bring the sacred sound, ENNN TAH, into your heart three times. Feel the essence of your heart become more expanded, maybe more fluid. Let go and bring the sound three more times. Allow your awareness to expand into your heart space, whether you see, sense or feel this.

4. Now you all move your awareness towards the group energy, and feel how the fluid frequency of your individual hearts can flow more together from the sacred sound.

5. Collectively you continue to align with your awareness within your hearts and bring the sound, ENNN TAH into your collective heart energy. Bring six sounds within your collective heart energy. Let go within the shifting energy of the group heart energy.
As you bring this sacred sound forward into your collective heart essence, the sound begins to formulate a pattern of light synergy between each one of you.

6. Bring in at least six more sounds, ENNN TAH, until the patterning of light of the group heart energy essence is no longer building.

7. Then slowly bring your awareness back to your palms, which are physically on your chest. Wait until you feel all of your awareness within your own heart.

Each one of you are instrumental in the changing dynamic of light consciousness on your planet. This is an essential aspect of your mission. You collectively hold the power to transform and transmute yourselves as you become a mirror of light for the world.

We witness you in love. We bless you as you receive your Self, The Pleiadians.

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