Helping Minds Through the Empath


To share a vision of pain is not for everyone, but to share something big with a mission in mind is to pass on an act of gratitude.

What is the empathic mission that awaits some of us? This mission often starts with a vision. There are many that haunt the soul of not just the empath, but more importantly, the sufferers themselves to which pain, confusion, disgust, fear and hopelessness is commonplace.

We must remember that an empath works in harmony with the victim: the desire to take out the unwanted emotions from others just like a vessel soaking up emotion.

It is not any one person that the empath picks up on; sometimes it’s those closest to them that matter, and other times it’s strangers who have had their stories told in the media, in the newspapers, for example. To realize how these people are suffering is sometimes traumatic enough for an empath, yet we cannot comprehend the full extent of the unhappy souls being subjected to physical or mental harm.

The ritual begins with hope, and prayer, for those at war with their emotions, and the cleansing is all part of the encompassing chaotic aura given off by little children, animals, and emitted through the empath, conjuring up light along the way from the guides that show us how.

The faces of those suffering can come at us with clear imagery or by auditory form, and we understand how they are feeling because we are sensing it, too.

Some of us will lay down a healing hand on the victim’s entire body in our mind wishing away the pain. When the animals whimper, and as the children suffer through the darkest of tunnels of premeditated cruelty, we can only magic it away.

A ritual of prolonged thinking is not always healthy for a carrier of pain, but a hope for happiness for them is something deep, and meaningful.

Not all empaths believe themselves to be magicians, just people who feel a need to spread their personal messages they receive through the magical feelings of others.

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Tanya Fillbrook
Tanya Fillbrook is a keen writer of verse, fiction, and nonfiction. She has had work published about the environment, and personal essays. She lives in Dorset, England.


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