Humans Are Like That


This reporter has been meeting with an angel for a story she’s working on.

Reporter: Hi, Angel.

Angel: Hi! I’m so happy to see you again!

Reporter: Are you tracking someone today?

Angel: Of course. Check out this beautiful soul.

The reporter sees a man charging down the sidewalk, with a tense, almost angry look on his face.

Reporter: He doesn’t look very nice. What’s his story?

Angel: Here, you can go through his book, while I try to get him to look upward.

Reporter: Look upward?

Angel: There’s a magnificent blue heron flying overhead. Just a little nudge — there! He sees it. The bird distracts him from himself for just a moment. Okay, that’s good.

Reporter: From what I see in his book, I’d say he has ego issues.

Angel: Humans are like that. See that old woman sitting on that bench, looking sad and dejected? Let’s see if he notices her.

Reporter: I wouldn’t bet on it. He seems pretty self-absorbed.

Angel: She coughs and…Yes! He looks over at her, and his heart goes out to her. Excellent. (She’s one of us, undercover.)

Reporter: Geez, according to his book, he’s made mistakes — huge ones. He has disappointed people, hurt some of them, made really bad choices.

Angel: Humans are like that. Oh, dear, he’s walking so fast that he might miss this.

Reporter: Miss what?

Angel: The little boy on the tricycle. I’ll make his cell phone buzz.

Reporter: That made him slow down.

Angel: It worked. He noticed the little fellow. He’s reminded of his own son at that age. We touched a tender spot deep inside him. He smiles and winks at the little guy! Yes! (She pumps her fist in the air.)

Reporter: You called this man a “beautiful soul,” but he’s also quite a mess. He needs a lot of help.

Angel: Humans are like that.


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