Prophecy & Light of Truth in 2021


The Greatest Prophecy anticipated by humanity is that of the 1,000 years of peace, prosperity and abundance for all. For eons, humanity has been teased, taunted and motivated by it. The prophecy states that when feminine energy is valued equally to masculine energy in the consciousness of humanity, this prophecy will be achieved.

Will it be in 2021? There is intuition and evidence that supports this belief.

Male/female and masculine/feminine energy are not static, but a matter of degree. This flexibility empowers energy to shift from masculine to feminine to achieve balance and appropriate responses to circumstances. Hyper-masculine energy creates all the destructive ills in the world — war, poverty, lack, disease, rape — and hyper-feminine energy accedes to it, resulting in worldwide suffering. But when masculine and feminine are maintained near balance, neither excessive, and the feminine is free to create, the masculine to organize, they are effective, working together as equals.

Masculine energy is Omega (destruction, competition, organization) while feminine energy is Alpha (creation, expansion, nurturing, cooperation). All living organisms have in them this expansion energy, as science has observed and recorded in the observed pattern of the Fibonacci sequence in nature. Instead of focusing on control through the head (masculine energy), if humanity focuses on creation, through the heart (feminine energy), a new world and new resources can emerge in short order.

The 2020 election results reject (barely, but pervasively) the notion that destructive hyper-masculine energy is doomed to dominate humanity. The results have left the planet with some ineffective, hyper-competitive cultural habits. What we do about that restless, angry, destructive recessive cultural residual is what will determine our fate for 2021.

Why does everything have to be a competition, when cooperation is what’s needed most in a pandemic? Why does human identity have to be defined by what an individual is “good at” instead of by the degree of healing, grace, gratitude, nurturing, cooperative goodness and peace one creates in the world? Why is the military the first option, full of secrets, the highest funded department in our Government? If WE lightworkers SHIFT our energy, bringing us prosperity, peace and abundance for all, why wouldn’t every nation in the world yearn to copy our success?

While voters of the “greatest” country on Earth have in recent years rejected a female POTUS, they have just elected a female Vice POTUS: a shift to the feminine of minor proportions. How much closer this small step brings humanity to coherence is unknown. A glass of water reaches coherence if one drop of Ho’oponopono blue water falls into it. The population of a consciousness reaches coherence if the square root of 1 percent of the consciousness population reaches coherence: 87,000 sufficiently enlightened people. That’s all it takes. Then the entire remaining population shifts in a moment, like the glass of water, without additional effort. The domino effect.

Coherence is a state of existence where information/energy/awareness travels from one to all immediately, without passage of time. A real-time awareness network. Can you imagine the benefits? Authenticity. Empathy. Clarity. Understanding. No more war, violence, poverty, lack, disease. Oneness.

What if lightworkers in 2021 could hasten the shift to coherent human consciousness? The focus on patriarchy stands in the way of this evolution. Patriarchal spiritual beliefs prevent the evolution of our consciousness. How would they shift that?

My work for 2020 to shift humanity away from the hyper-masculine destructive control and domination was this: I called upon the “Light of Truth” to illuminate the truth to all, to shine the light on the darkness that bamboozled people by fear and hate incited by false information, to bring out whistleblowers and experts with the truth. Calling upon the Light of Truth is done at the highest vibration one can achieve. If you can do it, you know how.

L-1 is the label given to the level of consciousness coherence that will enable humanity to join the rest of the high-vibration multidimensional galactic family at the entry level in intergalactic relations, culture and trade. Ultimately, L-1 is an achievable measurable goal.

I learned through Dr. Stephen Greer’s CE-5 organization that humanity reached a significant, previously unsurpassed milestone towards coherence in early 2020. We could achieve coherence in 2021 if Lightworkers believe and act on our beliefs, tipping the scales in favor of enlightenment. It could very well be up to us.

There is no need to destroy the planet or humanity to achieve Oneness — and it’s doubtful that would work anyway, as Gaia and most of humanity is not interested in cooperating with a plan involving destruction when there is a better plan available.

I suggest in 2021 that we commit to look for evidence that human consciousness is reaching coherence and use it to fuel our intention to manifest the multidimensional heaven on Earth we’ve been promised. I believe it’s out there. Let’s invoke the Light of Truth to expose it.

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Christine St. Germain
Christine St. Germain is a blogger and quiet guru of spiritual wisdom, living in St. Cloud, MN. She is also a budding author of Transformational Entertainment, which uses songs, thrillers, dramatic fiction and non-fiction to illustrate transformational principles. Visit


  1. Not sure I can send you anything in this forum, but I can tell you that I think the shift to the feminine has resumed that was prophesized to catapult humanity forward in 2016 and it will grow reasonably strongly in 2021 and expand and that it will spread as an undercurrent in many directions. I believe that the cosmic events of 2020 – the conjunction this summer, the Christmas Star conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and the many other signs will inspire unprecedented courage to stand up to toxic energies. Also I can tell you that the shift will meet conflict and resistance from predictable sources that will not overcome it, but that will make some reticent to embrace it. And I can tell you that if you use the Light of Truth, your own Circle and others you embrace will manifest it more, in proportion to your efforts. I feel you have specific personal questions you have not articulated.


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