Spirit Leaves: Reflections and Projections


It seems fitting and appropriate that this column retire in its seventh year. Seven is an important number for the Mandans. My best friend and spiritual teacher, Cedric Red Feather, represents the fulfillment of a Prophecy of the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper and their Sister, the North Star. Cedric and his brothers number seven altogether, and their sister is the late Victoria Mandan.

When sister Victoria was born, all the significant elders of the Mandan village in Elbowoods, N.D., gathered around the kitchen table and told Cedric’s mom, Bernice Mandan, that the birth of her seven sons and their sister marked the fulfillment of a prophecy. “Watch for these signs. When they appear, spirituality will return to the people.” That was the prophecy transmitted through the “People of the First Man,” as the Mandans call themselves.

Indeed, spirituality has returned in a widespread way among all peoples of Earth. The year 2020 has been magnificent and challenging. For old souls, the retreat imposed by the pandemic forced deeper spiritual reflection and speeded up growth exponentially. At times, the stress level of encountering the new energies left us feeling like wee harpies with spinning heads. Once we recognized what was truly happening and linked to our Higher Selves, we took on a kind of startling clarity we erstwhile only dreamed imaginable.

So where will this “pivotal” year lead? The most important change in 2021 will be the valuing of truth and integrity. Those of us who hold differing views from that of the mainstream — old souls who have been there, done that, and know the drill — will no longer apologize for our unique existence and vantage point. When appropriate to do so, we will share our perspective boldly and confidently.

We will inspire others with that self-confidence to trust the body’s natural propensity for self-healing. In 2021, for many chronic conditions, we will self-treat with herbs, homeopathy, meditation, self-energy healing, prayer and affirmations (not necessarily in that order!), and we will use vibrational medicine and sound more. Our higher vibration and increased natural immunity will frustrate the mutating viruses. The global pandemic should then resolve and leave as quickly as it spread.

As we enter 2021, we will recognize more often the light energy brought in and fostered by Indigo and Crystal children. They have this knack of looking at situations that would frustrate and annoy us and say, “No worries: just do this!” We will meet more “Sophie girls” in our everyday interactions. “Sophie girl” is Cedric’s and my expression for the newer breed of humans who radiate love and light naturally in an unforced, generous, open-hearted way — with complete ease and candor. It is based upon a real-life encounter with a cashier at a consignment, a twentysomething who made us feel loved and accommodated just by her energy and demeanor. It is the Sophies of the world who boost our light and raise the vibration of the entire planet.

Everyone is so worried all the time about the Earth. Gaia is so much stronger a Spirit than we give her credit for: she knows how to cleanse and purge innately. All we need to do is stop being so angry and start becoming more loving. The increased vibration alone will help restore the Earth’s natural balance.

We have been a stubborn lot, fearing change instead of embracing it. Many remained white-knuckled throughout 2020, clinging insistently to outworn beliefs and ideas. In the end, all of us will yield our grip and begin the 2021 freefall of trusting the benevolent, supportive universe of angelic guides who are always at our side. Out of all this seeming darkness and chaos — political, social, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental upheaval — will come clarity, great insight, growth and wisdom.

I offer abundant thanks to The Edge magazine and its brilliant editor, Tim Miejan — and to his radiant, spiritual companion, Reiki Master and wife, Rachel Miejan, for inviting and allowing this column. I remain eternally grateful to the Great Spirit, Guides and Ascended Masters.

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Janet Michele Red Feather
Janet Michele Red Feather, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota and sings in nine different languages. Janet was a full-time defense litigator in California for nearly eight years. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. A regular columnist for The Edge, she has also appeared in Psychic Guidepost, FATE Magazine and Species Link. Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is currently a full-time, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College, having taught Composition and Literature for a span of 20 years.


  1. I will miss you. I come to the edge magazine to read your article. You have touched my heart many times and opened my mind. Thank you, Diane


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