The Soul of Trees


Trees are important for us. Trees provide shade and protection from the sun; they provide wood for fire and material with which to build. We also know that they are essential for taking in carbon dioxide and releasing the needed oxygen for us and many of the creatures living on Earth. We love to walk in forests, and trees make us feel good.

While we may love trees at a certain level, we have no difficulties cutting them. We cut them for what we call proper reasons, such as for wood to build, or for making paper. However, we also cut them because they may be in our way for a variety of reasons. It is typical for the human species to behave in a basically schizophrenic way where we both like something and do not care for it.

In ancient times and even today, trees were sacred in many traditions. They revered them. Fortunately, we see respect for trees coming back. Increasingly, people begin to look at trees not only from a physical perspective but also from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective.

In this article, I will not look at the ecological importance of trees. People have written many books and articles about that. I will focus on some metaphysical aspects, not with the intent to give a full overview but to look at the energetics of trees in such a way that it will be easier to also see trees from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective. That may add arguments for the importance of trees, especially the old ones, and the need to protect them. Dorothy McLean was known for her ability to communicate with Devas. In her book To Hear the Angels Sing, she shared many messages. One of these I will never forget and is relevant for this article.

Large trees are essential to the well-being of the Earth. No other can do the job they do. They and humanity each represent the apex of a particular form of life and humans could gain much by associating with them. It is no accident that Buddha is said to have found enlightenment under a tree. It would be most beneficial if large woodlands were retained near every city, for trees have a special gift to offer man in this age of speed and change. They embody the qualities of strength, stability and continuity. They bless all who come and rest within their aura.

Large trees are conductors of energy; they stand ever ready, channeling the universal forces that surround and are part of the world. These large trees are carriers of especially potent vibrations, sentinels of cosmic energy, transforming this power and conducting it into the Earth.

This message summarizes some of the key aspects of the importance of trees. Over time I have studied several aspects of the way trees are related to the energies that are important for this world and us. I will summarize some key aspects in this article.

Oak Tree

Sacred Trees
I met the idea of sacred trees while living in The Netherlands. The ancestors of the people currently living in Northwestern Europe saw trees as sacred. Their culture and spiritual activities centered around trees. Although a lot of the knowledge about the rituals and ceremonies from those times are lost, some of the remaining beliefs reflect that although all trees were sacred, some were considered more sacred.

To the Germanic tribes, two species of trees were particularly sacred: Oak, and Linden or Lime tree. In simple terms, they used Oak trees for all community activities that had to do with active masculine activities. For example, when they were speaking justice and also when they held meetings to make plans for the community, they held those gatherings under an Oak tree. If it had to do with feminine aspects, like fertility, praying for good crops, or health, these activities occurred under a Linden tree. Even today, many farmhouses have Linden trees, although nowadays the explanation for that is more mundane. In the landscape of Northwest Europe, there still are Oaks and Linden trees that even today are sacred. Several of them are connected to legends about Mother Mary, which has resulted in the building of chapels and churches.

It is obvious that people throughout time have experienced trees as more than a piece of wood. Trees have affected communities and even religions. For example, the Celts had a Lunar Zodiac completely based on trees.

Trees and the Human Consciousness Grid
When I studied the human consciousness grids, I discovered something that at the time surprised me. I found that the grid that holds the lowest vibrations of human consciousness is directly linked to certain trees. These trees are needed to create this grid. The grid with the lowest vibration of human consciousness corresponds to our root chakra, the chakra of feeling safe and accepted. Trees contribute to a feeling of safety and help us to accept that we decided to incarnate in this, often challenging physical world. I described the connection of trees with this grid in Gifts of Mother Earth.

It took a lot of research to find out which trees are involved in this grid system. While the list may not be complete (I only researched areas in West Europe, the United States, and Mexico) I found that only certain types of trees contribute to this grid. When a certain type of tree is involved, it seems that all species of that type of tree are involved. I found the following type of trees connected with this grid: Sycamore, Oak, Linden, Birch, Beech, Hawthorne, and Alder. There are many species of Oak. All the Oak species that I have checked are involved in these grids, including the two species of oak shrubs that I found in Arizona. The same is true for the other mentioned type of trees. This list contains only deciduous trees, an aspect that I found fascinating. I expected to find at least some evergreens to be included, but so far, I have not been able to find any.

Looking at this list, it contains the two most sacred trees of the Germanic tribes: the Oak and the Linden tree. Four trees from the list are part of the Celtic Tree Zodiac: Birch, Alder, Hawthorne, and Oak. Sycamores, known as Plane (Platanus), are planted in many villages where people gather. That happens, for example, in France where almost all villages have their central gathering area covered with Planes. I found that in some places Beeches are connected to the appearance of statues of Mother Mary, for example in Belgium, and consequently, these trees are considered sacred.

We may conclude that over time people created special relationships with the tree species linked to the grids that reflect the foundational need of human existence: safety and acceptance. Some may believe that this happened by accident, but I do not believe so. In those days people still had an intuitive knowing that these trees support humans to live more optimally.

Trees and Souls
Sharing about the relationship that certain trees have with grids and their importance for us, is at least to some degree acceptable for many people. More difficult to accept is the idea that trees have Souls. A soul may express itself through many or at least several individual trees, or through only one tree. I still remember the moment when I read in a book, We came as Angels, about souls choosing trees through which to express themselves. That book also mentioned that trees standing at one place over long periods gather a lot of wisdom; maybe even more than human beings who keep moving around and their lifespans are comparatively short. As the soul in a tree said to a soul in a human body in this book: “Sometimes anchored to one place is an advantage. There is no way to move away from what you have done to the life around you.” This statement made a deep impression on me. It made me realize how important it is to lovingly care for the environment in which we live.

Souls in trees! When I read that I wondered whether this was true, and if so, which trees have a single soul and which ones are part of a group that shares one soul? This question felt important, although, at the time, I did not understand why. I learned a lot from connecting with trees, feeling into their individuality and their collectivity.

All trees have a connection with all other trees of the same species. If you connect with a Birch, all Birches know about this connection. Each Birch will know you, even when you never made a direct connection with that particular tree. Realizing this and feeling this made me see the world differently. I realized how much we had lost our ability to feel connected with all other human beings, let alone with other species.

Utah Juniper

In the process of connecting with trees, I learned that certain trees had a much stronger presence. It is not easy to describe. It feels like connecting with the essence of a tree in a similar way as connecting with the essence of another human being. One day, I was able to communicate more clearly about this with a tree. It was a Utah Juniper tree. In the past, I had some short moments of connection and picked up some short messages, but this was different. This experience was with a Utah Juniper tree that I connected with regularly. I also brought several people to it to make a connection. The communication was unexpectedly clear. I felt such a love for the tree, and it was not for trees in general, but especially for this tree. It felt like a friend with which you have a deep connection. It was during this deep connection and sharing that this Utah Juniper told me about trees and souls. This tree had an individual soul. It told me that this was the case for all Utah Junipers. Like humans, they have individual souls.

Of course, I wanted to know which other species have an individual soul. Because I was not yet very trained in my communication with my friend, I could not understand all that the tree told me. However, over time, I learned about a few other types of trees that have individual souls. Besides the Utah Juniper, there is the Alligator Juniper, the Ponderosa Pine, the Siberian Pine, the Giant Sequoia, the Redwood Tree and the Dawn Redwood. I know there are more, but these are the ones of which I am aware at this moment.

I also learned that all species of trees, when they get old, may have an individual soul. In such a situation, this tree, for example, an Oak, was initially part of a group of Oaks that shared the same soul. Over time, as the trees got older, and some began to die, there were fewer individual trees connected with that soul. In the end, there was only one old tree that holds the soul of the group to which it belonged.

Noya Rao

The Noya Rao tree and Extraterrestrial Consciousness
To understand the full scope of the gifts of the trees, I want to include the Noya Rao, a very sacred and unique tree found in the Amazon. This tree is very rare. There seems to be only a few of them. I heard about this tree through a friend of ours. She regularly visits the Shipibo-Conibo tribe. When there, she, and those that go with her participate in ceremonies that lead to drinking the tea made from the sacred Noya Rao tree.

According to the information, Noya Rao is an almost mythical tree that grows in the Amazonian forest. Those that know this majestic tree do not share much information, and that is for a valid reason: to protect it. Within the tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, who are widely considered to have the most conscious approach to plant-based medicine, Noya Rao is the great-great-grand Mother of all the other plants.

The meaning of Noya Rao in the local vocabulary is both the “ree of Light” and the “Camino a la Verdad,” which translates into “The path of Truth” It is also called the “Flying Tree,” which may refer to the expansion of consciousness that occurs when you make a deep connection with this tree or drink the tea made from it. Its wisdom is considered extremely powerful, it represents pure good, connects to white light, and those who had the honor to drink the yellow colored tea brew from the bark of Noya Rao claimed it changed their life paths forever. However, those that know the old recipe for the potion keep it secret. The tree is so rare, that most shamans who know where Noya Rao grows keep that knowledge unexposed and protect it with uttermost care and love.

The tea extracted from the bark of the tree has no noticeable taste; it’s faintly sweet and very delicate. The most magical part of Noya Rao’s physical form is that its leaves and bark have fluorescent properties and glow faintly in the dark. During a meditation in our crystal skull circle with an essence of the Noya Rao, people had powerful experiences. In this meditation, I connected with beings from the star system of Pegasus. They showed me something that led to a deeper appreciation for trees than I already had.

The Noya Rao tree is a gift of the consciousness of a group of beings from the star system of Pegasus. They used genetic material from certain trees and combined that with aspects of their energy and consciousness to create a new form. This form, however, can only grow in the energy of a portal to the star system of Pegasus. That is the reason that these trees are so rare. That is also the reason why all attempts of people to cultivate this tree have failed. I must admit that it took me a while to process this information, even though the information felt “right.” I was aware that there were influences and contributions of ETs that created certain species of plants and animals. It felt that this was even beyond “contribution.” The Noya Rao was a creation of a foreign species to help us human beings in the process of our evolution of consciousness. It is the expansion of consciousness that led to the name “Flying Tree.”

I felt that the soul connected with the Noya Rao had a certain familiarity, because I realized that I had felt its energies before. I had connected with portals to this system before, but I knew there was something else. I wondered whether all the trees with individual souls had souls that came from Pegasus. However, that was not true. The souls connected with trees come from many different star systems, like is the case with souls connected with human beings.

Feeling into the energies of Pegasus and the Noya Rao tree coincided with research on the human consciousness grids. In the process, I visited Sycamore trees again to look at the grid these trees hold for us. Connecting with these trees, I felt the energies of Pegasus again. That is why it felt familiar; I had felt the energies before without being able to define them. I wondered about the souls that connect with the other trees that contribute to the creation of the most basic human consciousness grid. All the trees connected with this grid belong to the group of trees that share Souls. Checking these trees, I felt that all the trees that contribute to the creation of the basic human consciousness grid have a connection with souls that originate from Pegasus. It seems that the beings from Pegasus want to help us by supporting our process of feeling safe and accepted in this physical world. That is a requirement if we are to fulfill our agreement with Gaia: to contribute to the ascension of the Gaia system.

Trees and Morphogenetic Systems
Every species needs a morphogenetic system, consisting of a field and one or more grids, to be able to exist. These grids exist independent of the species itself. The location of these grids is on the surface of the Earth. These grids have a basic pattern spread over the whole Earth. That is true for all species, including trees, except for one group. That is the group of trees which have an individual soul. These trees have a completely different type of grid. They are both the creators and holders of their own very irregular grid. Each tree is connected with the trees around them through energy lines, forming a grid system determined by the number of trees present. Each tree is a vortex in the grid, while normally the vortexes are on the nodes (cross points of lines) in other grids.

Only trees with an individual soul have this type of morphogenetic grids. Having such a grid has some interesting consequences. While for other species the grid will exist all over the world, even when there is only one individual alive. The grid of this group of trees depends on the number of trees that are alive. That means that the size and density of the grid change continuously with the death and birth of individual trees. When there is only one individual alive, there is no grid anymore; only one vortex that keeps the tree connected with its morphogenetic field.

Groups of trees
Based on what I shared in this article, we can separate trees into a few groups. I like to stress that all trees are important for us, seen from a physical, as well as a metaphysical point of view. Trees help us to reconnect to grounding, rebalancing our system, finding stability and peace, and accepting the world in which we “stand.” They all help us to see that we need to take care of our environment or we will stand in our own mess.

The majority of trees belong to the group of which each soul expresses itself through more than one tree. I summarized the way these trees support us in the above paragraph. The souls connected with these trees originate from different star systems. They all have a worldwide morphogenetic grid system that has a characteristic pattern.

The second group has all the characteristics of the previous group with one exception and one addition. The exception is that the souls connected with these trees are all from the star system of Pegasus. The addition is that this group of trees lays the foundation for the lowest grid of human consciousness that reflects to us how safe and accepted we feel in this physical reality. The importance is enormous, given how many people experience fears and worries, reflecting the lack of safety and acceptance. We mentioned the names of the trees in this group, as far is currently known, earlier in this article: Sycamore, Oak, Linden, Birch, Beech, Hawthorne, and Alder.

The trees in the third group always have each an individual soul. They are very similar to us. To express themselves into this world, they use a different form than we do. This group has a completely different type of morphogenetic grid that consists of lines connecting each living tree of the same species, while each tree also is a vortex in the grid. Consequently, it is a dynamic system. When we cut any of these trees, we diminish the grid. While there may be many more species in this group, at this moment I am aware of the Utah Juniper, the Alligator Juniper, the Ponderosa Pine, the Siberian Pine, the Giant Sequoia, the Redwood Tree, and the Dawn Redwood.

Lastly, there is an individual species, the Noya Rao. For this tree, not only the soul but also the physical manifestation depends on and connects with a star system: the star system of Pegasus. The few individuals of this species that exist all need the energies of a portal to Pegasus to function and survive.

Hug a Tree
Based on what you have read it may be clear that trees are very important for both our physical and our spiritual lives. Trees cannot walk away. Even when we believe that they are in our way (that is always a belief and NOT reality) we should think twice about cutting. We have already diminished the number of trees worldwide. We need to protect them, especially those that are the older trees.

Given how much they offer us, never forget to hug a tree regularly.

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Jaap van Etten, Ph.D.
Jaap van Etten, Ph.D., was born and educated in the Netherlands. He received his doctorate in biology, specializing in ecology. For the past 23 years, his focus has been on metaphysical ecology. He studies and teaches about human energies, Earth energies and the energies of stones, crystals and crystal skulls. He also looks at how these energies interact. He is the author of Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon, Gifts of Mother Earth, Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness, Birth of a New Consciousness, and Dragons: Guardians of Creative Power. He is the cofounder of the Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology ( He currently resides in Sedona, Ariz.


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