Why Sing HU?

Andrew worked for a trucking firm. One day his supervisor asked him to go out and check on a project. It was an earthen dam with a ramp leading up the side. This was for trucks to go up and dump their loads of dirt, building up the dam.

Andrew got out there and watched while the first truck started up the grade. But it was a rather steep incline. Suddenly his eyes nearly bugged out as he saw the truck’s front wheels rising off the ground.

The driver didn’t know it. He was going uphill, and for all he knew, the ramp was just a little steeper than it looked. But his front wheels were coming up. If he had gone any further, the truck would have tipped over backward, likely crushing the cab and causing him serious or mortal injury.

Right away Andrew began to chant HU (a sacred name for God taught in Eckankar), and he put out a mental command. He was doing something we never do in ECK: try to control Holy Spirit. He was trying to stop that truck.

He was expecting that when he chanted HU this truck was going to freeze in place. But at the same time, he ran up there and stopped the driver. Andrew told him, “Hey! Your wheels are up! You’re going to flip over backward. Go back down real slowly and carefully.”

The driver said, “Gotcha.” He carefully backed down the ramp.

An Unexpected Reaction
When things were getting exciting and Andrew had run up to the truck, he turned his ankle on the rough ground. It hurt, but the excitement of the moment kind of numbed the pain. He didn’t notice it. But when the excitement was over and the truck was safely down, then he realized his ankle hurt. He thought, “Well, this will heal naturally in a couple days or so.”

But in a couple days, it was much worse. So he wondered if maybe he had done something wrong. But if he did, he couldn’t imagine what.

Well, he was trying to give directions to Spirit. People often do this with prayer, too. In their prayers they’ll say to the Holy Spirit or to God, “Please save that person over there. Please do this for them.”

This actually turns into white magic when you pray and ask God to do this or that. Or maybe even wanting God to get you some more money.

How to Ask for Help
I won’t say you shouldn’t want anything. You do ask the divine power for certain things. The best thing, though, is just to sing HU with the idea that “whatever will be will be.” Take that attitude, and let it be. Because the Holy Spirit knows better than people what the Holy Spirit’s business is.

People forget this. They try to take the divine power and bend it. Whenever you bend it, one way or another, it’s either white or black magic. The effect is the same. There’s a karmic debt waiting in the wings. And it comes due when we’re not expecting it, usually at a very inopportune time.

The best thing to say, is, “Whatever will be will be,” “Thy will be done,” or as we in ECK say, “May the blessings be.” You just look at a situation and let it be.

At most, I think that if there were a situation with me and my family, I might ask, “Help me understand what’s going on. Help me understand.” This way, you may gain the understanding of what to do on your own. This is the way it should be done. We are here to use our creative powers and figure things out.

The other day, somebody mentioned having made a mistake. I said, “Good.” The person looked kind of startled, and I said, “That’s why we’re here. If we knew everything, we wouldn’t have to be here. We learn from our mistakes.” So simple.

Andrew said his lesson was well taken, because he learned not to try to direct the Holy Spirit. And in spite of all, I think he’d agree it’s still a pretty good, wonderful life.

The Secret Part
You can get to the most secret part of yourself through contemplation, through the spiritual exercises of ECK, through the sacred sound of HU. Contemplation is a conversation with the most secret, most genuine, and most mysterious part of yourself.

Sing HU, and listen with love.

To listen to the sound of thousands of people singing this love song to God, go to HearHU.org.



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