A Pleiadian Message: Your Conscious Choice


Beloved ones, we greet you. The great winds of change are flowing, illuminating your Earth on many diverse levels since the heralding in of the “Age of Aquarius.” Elements of a higher order of light are currently being anchored on your planet through a fluid Framework, which was birthed as you entered this new era of awakening at the time frame of 2021.

The Earth plane is being transformed by this higher order of light. There is a blending taking place of this higher resonance infiltrating the planets essence, infusing a new living vibration within the frequencies of the natural forces. Simultaneously you, as human beings are being reborn through a similar infusion. Through an interweaving of this pure element of consciousness you are undergoing rapid change as you enter a transmutation phase of great physical and energetic change within your being, through this sacred order of light consciousness.

Your own physical heart is mirroring and holding a variant of light that transmits an electrical current of vibration within all the cells of your body. Your heart is playing a pivotal role as “transformer” in your transmutation process. You are being returned to a natural re-alliance to your sacred component; a pathway has been forged between your heart and this illuminated Framework.

Your original state
Through this higher order of light, you are being launched, being remade, gradually being returned to your original state of Being. This higher vibration is interweaving itself within your systems. This metamorphic shift is initially taking place between the cells of your heart and the illumined Framework. This entire transmutation process is a fundamental aspect involved within this sacred unfolding of the destiny of Earth.

We wish to remind you that you have pre-agreed to be part of this awakening process, you set this pre agreement in place before you came onto this Earth plane. You are to play a major role in the plan. This understanding is paramount, to knowing this as a Truth, that you have never been truly separated from this plan within your heart. You have been guided by your heart (Higher Self) to this moment so you can fulfill this destiny now.

You still have free will to either consciously move forward and actively engage within this changing landscape of Earth or not. You have come here to fulfill your purpose on Earth, to play a role in fulfilling your mission here. This is your next step to take, which will move you forward in the ultimate fulfillment of the unfolding of Earth’s role in the Universe. We are playing our role as a support system to you alongside the rest of the Universal teams and the Spiritual realms.

What is essential for you to understand is that only you in human bodies can shift the arena of Earth’s consciousness. You are the ones to make the difference through the conscious choice action of awakening within your own heart. Your heart is your pathway home to your own multi-dimensionality. Each one of you holds a unique divine frequency of your God light within your heart. Collectively the individual aspect of your heart’s frequency can create the anchoring of light consciousness on Earth and most importantly shift the balance of the consciousness of Earth.

Your ego
Your ego mind holds to a strong misperception about who you are and what you are capable of within the vastness of your own heart. The ego views you as small and insignificant and cannot imagine the power of your light. Your Ego does not understand the principals of the sacred makeup of Earth, and does not understand the multi-dimensional simultaneous realities, which exist on your planet.

The alternate multi-dimensional reality base, which has always been an aspect of Earth’s make up is beginning to be revealed to you in many ways. Witness the changes in the light, the way the energy of light from the sun reflects on you. Explore how time is shifting within your environmental arena. Feel yourself within your own heart and how suddenly your experiences within yourself are changing moment to moment as you choose to let go and open up into higher experiences.

Realize that Earth has many multidimensional realities that exist simultaneously to your 3rd dimensional living experience. These realities overlay your daily living experiences. You are, and have always been naturally connected to these alternate states within your multi-dimensional heart. These higher reality states on Earth are a natural extension of who you are and as you realign to your heart space you begin to have direct experiences of the higher light vibrations that are part of these alternate realities. You can begin to consciously enter these other energetic platforms of Earth through your heart.

Entering the unknown
This is the time of entering the unknown, to move towards the vast potential of Self. You begin to enter unfamiliar terrain of your world as you choose to let go and forge ahead reconnecting into the depth of the multi-dimensional design of your heart. Through the higher order of light these doorways to these alternate realities are being made re-accessible to you now. This is one of the many aspects to the ‘Aquarian Age’ many doorways of Truth opening to those of you who are ready.

Remember you are a multidimensional being in a human form. The physical body you embody will not interfere with you fully participating within this higher multi-dimensional reality state experiences. You each have a unique crystalline structure within your physical bodies that can hold the full electrical component of your sacred higher self. This enables you to move from one reality experience to another effortlessly and naturally, as this is an aspect of your sacred makeup.

As you enter these individual reality states your crystalline structure naturally expands, illuminates as it holds the alignments to these higher vibrational aspect of your own light that exist within these spaces.

The entire collective God consciousness state within this Universe is actively working within these alternative reality states within Earth. You are being supported to be reinstated, to be realigned and to be enabled for a consciousness self-realization process to unfold within you.

The Truth is that all roads to your enlightenment begin within your heart center. This is your multidimensional tool, which gives you access to Truth, access to Home. These reality states compromise of levels of consciousness, from the 5th dimensional energy of unconditional love to the 8th/9th upwards to the 16th dimensional elementals.

A conscious space
Uluru in Australia is an example of a multi-dimensional reality state of existence. However, what is essential to understand is that these reality states exist all over your Earth plane, not just in sacred sites. You can create a conscious space in which to work within your heart to access the overlay reality states right where you are now.

You will find that these overlays of multi-dimensional experience are accessible to you from within your heart’s frequency. Through aligning and anchoring within your heart you are given guidelines to connection to the intuitive higher knowledge. This is a remembering process for you to access the existence of these reality states. The higher order of light naturally interweaves within these alternate reality states and each one of you have a place waiting for you within these reality states.

Within these spaces you can reconnect, reunite with many life-force groups within the Universal realms. These reality states link you directly to the Universal life force energies, a multi-dimensional network of consciousness. You are in reality a living aspect of the Oneness that exists within all life force within all the multidimensional realms, including the spiritual realms. This time on Earth, which is upon you, is about receivership. You claiming ownership of your multi-dimensional environment, that is your Home.

Open up to your heart and feel the Truth of who you are within the vast space of your multidimensional heart. This is the time to open up and live your prophecy of self-realization.

Be still in your heart and let go. Set in motion a current of light within your heart as you let go and move to choose the unknown terrain. All is in hand as you venture forth. Take one moment at a time, one Conscious breath at a time and choose your heart’s platform to reconnect you to the unlimited experiences that await you.

We witness you in love. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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