A Pleiadian Message: Awakening to Self-empowerment


Beloved ones, we greet you. A grand transformation of your Earth’s energetic makeup has unfolded and continues to evolve and intensify as you enter this next phase of time. The winds of change are creating a vast realignment within the magnetic core of your planet. You may have noticed how there has been a shift in the timeframe of when the sun rises, when the sun sets and the seasonal rhythms of the sun. The natural forces are carrying a higher vibrational intensity, which is interfacing within you and throughout Earth.

Your heart has a natural communion and is balanced by the natural forces. In truth, you hold a sacred extension with all of nature. This is your birthing process right now, unfolding and becoming a part of the “oneness” component that exists within the entire universal consciousness.

The vibrational rhythm of light emanating from the magnetic core within Earth is intensifying. This core is creating waves containing a high frequency of light flowing and transmitting outwards across the planet. These vibrations are designed to shift the denser areas within your physical cells. These energies are transforming your systems as they create anchoring change by transmitting a higher vibrational pattern within you. They are interacting within your heart cells, magnifying and flowing within your energetic systems of your body, altering your electrical makeup within the cells.

These energetic shifts are creating an emotional upheaval within your human system. This is the design for creating change to eliminate the density of the old emotional patterns that you have been carrying for lifetimes. These old patterns, old belief systems from the past, have kept you locked into self-sabotage cycles on many levels.

Sacred design
The sacred design of this era of the Aquarian Age is to birth your Earth plane into a higher movement of consciousness by adjusting your personal experience and expression of your humanity, while evolving into a direct realignment to the multidimensional universal consciousness. A network of light that can be likened to a huge grid was established on Earth expressly to support you in rebalancing yourself beyond the illusion to the higher realms. This network is active now to align you more easily to the multidimensional functions of your heart.

This is your time for self-liberation and self-resurrection. You are being returned to your original blueprint of your sacred nature, designed to enable you to realign to your higher balance of consciousness through alignment to your natural vibrational light.

You are part of a conscious Earth community and this is the time for your “homecoming” by you consciously rejoining and directly participating through your heart. This way you can reestablish and stabilize yourself. It is enabled to reopen you within the sacred alignments to the God consciousness link, which has always existed throughout your universe via the heart.

This unfolding is an essential aspect of your destiny now. You return home and take your place as an active, conscious member within the Universe. You have an inner time clock that has been made active within you through this higher vibrational light streaming onto the planet. The time is here for you to answer the call within your own life by meeting the personal challenges of self-realization.

Playing your part
This process is a two-fold experience of dealing within your human component, while simultaneously choosing to actively align within your sacred component of your Higher Self. This is what you have said “yes” to by playing your part before coming into this lifetime. An essential aspect to understand is that your ego mind has a total misperception of Truth. More importantly, your human component, the ego mind, cannot ultimately stand in the way of or stop your self-realization process at this juncture.

You can consciously activate reconnection within the vast aspect of your Higher Self component of you by engaging within the tool of your multidimensional heart. The action of “returning” is you choosing to focus on your heart. This choice moves you into realignment to Truth and you regain insight and knowing of the higher path that you are to take. This is your destiny path, a sacred role, natural role that you return to.

The conscious action of alignment to your heart is a personal action of moving into self-empowerment. Clarity brings self-empowerment. This sacred time is about you awakening to your own self-empowerment. Everything arises from your heart. Actually, your heart is connected to the very center of the universal flow, and as you learn to navigate your way within your heart, you access stability and Truth.

Choosing to utilize the conscious breath allows you to consciously rebirth yourself within your heart. This is a returning, for each time you utilize the conscious breath you actively realign yourself beyond the illusion of the ego mind. Through a conscious breath (a breath in and out of the mouth), you are activating aligning to your unlimited abundance within your heart connection.

Higher potential
This is a time like no other, when you are able to connect to this higher potential of yourself with ease. You have been given the grace where you can consciously choose to return to yourself. This is the time of your destiny in motion for self-realization, to re-emerge beyond the illusion of time and to shift your perceptions beyond the third-dimensional limitations within your life through your heart.

A turning point to your awakening process is when you realize that your ego mind needs to release its hold on controlling every decision in your life. Each time you choose to follow the guidance of your authentic heart, you link into a sacred flow, and this flow places you effortlessly where you need to be in each moment.

Be willing to let go of the ego mind’s need for certainty and ultimate control — and that need to know what is next. The ego mind always has a story of limitation about how life will unfold. These illusions held by your ego mind of “knowing what is going to happen” are totally fear-based and are referenced only from past experience. Your ego mind keeps you linked to the grid of illusion, which keeps you in a cycle of self-sabotage and has no connection to Truth.

Your ego’s self-image derives its power and sense of reality from this grid of illusion. When you choose to disengage from this grid by aligning to your heart, the ego mind becomes off-balanced and disarmed, and the illusional grid becomes compromised in its ability to control you. Each time you choose to align to your heart space, you break some of the old cycles of self-sabotage connected to this grid of illusion.

Slowly and steadily, build your heart connection and the ego mind begins to learn a new way of operating. Instead of making your life decisions, it begins to assist you in your third-dimensional day-to-day living, supporting you in organizing your life, not controlling your life.

Your authentic self
This journey is about you returning to your authentic self through reconnection to your heart. Step by step, one moment at a time, you choose to align into your heart’s sacred flow. This is the process: witnessing the dialogue of your ego mind without necessarily responding to your mind. As you spend moments aligning to your multidimensional heart, you develop realignment to your light to guide you in your daily life.

Each one of you can choose change, to allow your heart to lead you onto your higher purpose path. Remember, “You are who you have been waiting for.”

Only you can shift your awareness and take back your power by reclaiming your heart connection. This process is the powerful action of you birthing you!

Your sacred light within your heart is vast. Its role is to reposition you and align you to your destiny path.

All beings of light are here to welcome you Home. Claim your heritage now through your heart. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


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