Farewell to The Edge after 25 Years


For 12 issues each year, for the past 25 years, I have worked to illuminate our soul’s path through The Edge, a monthly publication that holistic living in all ways. That experience, as editor — and co-publisher since 2009 — has come to an end as it is time to hand this publication over to a younger generation to continue its legacy in the Twin Cities…and beyond.

My business partner, Cathy Jacobsen, agreed to sell The Edge to Kelly and Steve Wagner of Eden Prairie, guaranteeing that the publication will continue to serve the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest.

During this past quarter century, The Edge has been a companion for those who sought to explore their true nature. It provided in-depth interviews with global and local leaders in spirituality, healing and intuition, as well as a monthly calendar of inspiring and informational events in the region, and a compendium of useful articles on a wide range of topics that supported all of our lives.

And despite a change in ownership after its 16th year, and now after its 28th year, The Edge will continue to flourish because, frankly, there are few outlets in our metro area like it that give people the opportunity to learn about who they are as spiritual beings having a human experience. That challenge of living as soul in the midst of a culture that seems focused on the very opposite is what animates a growing segment of our community, and The Edge, in my humble opinion, has supported their quest to just be.

We can all agree that we are living through a time of incredible change, and it is the consistency of just being and deeply connecting to our essential nature as soul — outside of our egoic directives to think more, watch more and do more — that will stabilize us and propel us into the next stage of our collective metamorphosis. Publications like The Edge are needed now more than ever.

Of course, The Edge’s greatest challenge in the environment of competing for advertising dollars has always been the fact that it is not mainstream. Luckily, a core community of small businesses, educational centers, healers and intuitives has found it valuable, and these folks have carried The Edge on their shoulders year in and year out, despite the fact that the internet has been responsible for making print publications more and more antiquated with each passing year.

Then the 2020 pandemic happened, and it closed the locations where free publications like The Edge are distributed, so we were forced to stop its print edition and exist totally online for the past eight months. The potential new owners plan to return The Edge to print soon, and once again it will be picked up and read and discussed and treasured and supported by the community.

At this time of great change, the time has come in my personal journey to step aside and allow those who are more in tune with newer ways of communicating through social media to assist The Edge as it transforms along with us. I look forward to a brief respite as I regroup and find a new direction, because I have been on deadline since 1984 when I became s staff writer for a daily newspaper in Missouri. My long-range goal is to continue writing, and we will see how that reveals itself.

What I will treasure most about my experience with The Edge has been the opportunity to support the life journey of others. I will treasure the opportunities I had at expos to talk with readers of The Edge who told me how the publication touched their lives. I also will treasure the conversations I have had over the years with pioneers and leaders who blazed new trails in our collective understanding of who we truly are and what this experience on Earth is really all about. I am truly grateful for having had the privilege of writing, editing and producing a vehicle that celebrated all of that.

Explore The Edge at www.edgemagazine.net.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


  1. Thank you Tim for all you have given to make the Edge a wonderful resource for all! I’ve enjoyed it for years – missed it dearly when Covid hit! I so love to just hold it, read an article, hold the message & read some more! Just not the same when viewed on line. I look forward to the wisdom of the new Edge & wish the new owners much success & love! We so need this resource!!!!! Blessing & peace to all!

  2. Congratulations on your success Tim! It’s an honor to know you and have read your work all these years. I can’t wait to read what you write next. Gary and Insiah would be so proud to see your commitment to The Edge’s legacy. I’m so glad the Edge will continue! I love the Edge…always have! Godspeed!

  3. Thank you for all the years of commitment and sharing…since 1984 is a looong time to be on deadline! Enjoy a rest, and I look forward to what is to be revealed…

  4. Tim, Thanks for all the work you did, and the inspiration you spread to your readers as we navigate this long and increasingly intense transition. Your work has expanded the consciousness of your readers, a mighty accomplishment in my view. Wishing you a glorious “next chapter” and may you be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise in your new life.


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