Our Divine Feminine Energies


Our frequencies ripple

from within so without, from without, so within


There are many ways to create, to give birth, to nourish, manifest and transform. The divine mother is at play always on our planet in many forms and in many energies. We are at a critical time on the planet where the balance of the masculine energies that have been wildly exploited and the suppression of the feminine energies that have been wildly suppressed are rising and rebalancing and harmonizing into a oneness field of the divine feminine and divine masculine in unity for all living consciousness.

Do you find yourself in a constant state of doing? Hard to stop? Care for self? Do you find yourself in the other extreme? Hard to motivate and manifest? To be inspired and create? This can be an invitation from your self and Higher Self to rebalance and harmonize with yourself and your surroundings. We are at a time when the constant state of doing can not sustain us. We must integrate the energies within us to arrive at our next level of consciousness that manifests within our body and our energy field, and supports our compassionate self awareness to lead us to our full growth and potential as a light being in human form. We can do this by balancing our energies with the solar and lunar rhythms outside of us and within us. Rise with the sun, and set and wind down with the sun. Notice the stages of the moon as it initiates, grows into its fullness and dissipates. Creation, manifestation, destruction/transformation energies cycling within you and around you skillfully.

Within our physical body, the left side connects to the divine feminine and the right side the divine masculine, these energies unite in the central channel. In the brain, the right brain connects with the divine feminine, and the left side the divine masculine, and connects into the oneness field through our practices and our growing heart centered awareness. This happens within our very being when the balancing of the right and left brain come into union through the corpus colosseum that bridges the right and the left brain hemisphere and lets them open up the crown while also nourishing the master glands of the pineal and pituitary glands–as this energy both ascends connecting us to higher self and source energies and descends seating our consciousness of the divine feminine and divine masculine at the heart–our heart centered consciousness grows and takes root expanding this oneness field within us and around us and extending it outward to all living consciousness.

This means the time is now for us to act from a heart centered, loving awareness and while we may not all think alike we recognize that our uniqueness connected together is what makes us vibrate at love or above frequencies. It removes divisiveness and either or thinking, and builds connections and recognition that what I do affects all and what others do affect all. May all beings be loved. May all beings be healed. May all beings realize and self heal. And whatever you are at present planting, may it be for the benefit of all living consciousness and flourish and grow.


Visit elizabethsullivan.com for a gift bundled for your self care and self healing. Enjoy these three guided audios to assist you in growing your interoception—inner awareness, and grounding it in your Soma—body, mind, and spirit. As your inner awareness grows, notice how it supports your soma’s brilliance and proprioceptive awareness—your soma in space and time to experience better harmony with clearer exteroceptive awareness—of your external world. You can do one practice at a time, or do them in order as presented below, repeating the SomaScan at the end to note what has shifted since the baseline SomaScan at the beginning of your practice. Care to share your experience—drop me a line.

Remember you are light,
Elizabeth Sullivan


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Elizabeth Sullivan, MFA, MA, BA
Elizabeth Sullivan is an expert instructor, certified yoga therapist, and practitioner in Yoga, Energy Work and Ayurveda. She supports the body to optimally function using neuromuscular reeducation and working with energy patterns. By integrating and aligning body, mind and spirit energy, she creates relaxation, increased energy flow, optimized sleep and a clear mind for her clients. Her work helps people hold higher consciousness to live their optimal lives. Elizabeth offers private lessons, group classes and workshops, and online programs for health practitioners, and also writes for health publications. She holds advanced degrees in Dev. Psychology, Education and Writing, along with certifications in each instructional area. To learn more, visit www.elizabethsullivan.love


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