Today is Mother’s Day, at Least That’s What My Calendar is Telling Me


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Today is Mother’s Day, at least that’s what my calendar is telling me. I would hope I wouldn’t need my calendar to remind me to appreciate my mom, but maybe I do. Life gets busy sometimes and I can easily overlook saying thank you to those who are good to me. I’m not sure I appreciated my mom until I became one myself. Being the mom of two boys, both grown and married with their own children, I totally understand the ups and downs and all arounds of motherhood. I have made a ton of mistakes with my boys, and I have also done many things I am proud of with them. My hope is that they remember the good, and forgive me for the rest. If that is my hope with my children, then I need to show my mom that same courtesy. We’re human.

I watched a movie about a year ago, I wish I could remember the name of it, but I can’t. In the movie, a woman in her 50’s loses her mother, and gets a phone call from a friend. This line from the movie has stuck with me over the past year as the woman tells her friend, “I feel like my safety net is gone.” Mom’s are like that, our safety net, no matter what age we may be.

Mother’s Day can bring up many different emotions for people. Some of us are blessed to still have our moms in our lives, some love their moms from afar, but the key word is “love” and that always remains. Maybe you aren’t a mom, but you are “mothering”. You are that safety net for your friends, family, maybe even coworkers. Thank you for sharing your mothering energy. You may be a mom to the four leggeds in your life, thank you, you are appreciated. Mother Earth shows us love in the beauty she provides all around us and gives of herself every day. She “mothers” all of us and I am grateful. The Grandmother’s who give the best hugs as only a grandmother can do, thank you. Thank you to all the mothers, the nurturing, the love, the “mothering”. Thank you for the safety net. The world is a better place because of you.

In love and in light,

Holly Busse
Tiny Imperfections, LLC
Author/Creator, Speaker, Reiki Master, Personal Trainer


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