Starcodes: June 11-17

Starcodes week of June 11-17, 2021

The astrological forecast calls for breezy and easy summer days on one level, with a vague fog of spacey confusion around the edges, tough decisions lurking in the corners, and underneath, the potential for both actual and metaphorical seismic activity.

Summer’s naturally slow pace can be even slower this year as Mercury retrogrades in its own verbal sign of Gemini, square defusing Neptune. It can be hard to gear up in the morning or stay focused during the day, but it’s perfect to take some time out to just grow and be healthy- like a summer’s garden. While this aspect is great for watching the sunset or catching up with old friends and projects, technical and communications glitches could begin to mount up if we try to stay busy. Look for comic relief in bad puns, typos and Freudian slips, and a little slapstick humor, and be present to the moment to stay safe.

During this spacey time we can feel overwhelmed by the call to gear back up after the pandemic year; it isn’t quite time. Our thoughts are just too fuzzy, and the situations are generally not quite ripe. A recent solar and lunar eclipse a recent solar and lunar eclipse, along with a Mars- Pluto opposition have overturned some apple carts and decisions may need to be made in the wake of these recent changes. Our assignment from the stars for the moment is to gear up slowly; deal with what’s already on the table and first daydream a better world then begin to put that into action next month.

Last week our focus was brought to around family, chosen or biological, with Venus and Mars in domestic and internal Cancer. Our heart stays with our intimate beloveds as Venus stays in Cancer. But motivating Mars now enters Leo which can make us impatient to socialize and add zest in life to any arts festival or performance. Our inner extrovert and introvert are thus both activated and may need to do some mediation and develop time sharing.

If we can’t find ways to express our feelings comfortably, we will express them in hyperbole. People may notice their loneliness and could get mad- expressed with panache– if they feel ignored. They may just need a minute of our focus, to feel at the center of somebody’s world, however briefly.

Underneath the surface pleasantries and minor snafus, this year brings some real shifts in the tectonic plates of our culture. Whether through a swarm of small earthquakes on the Pacific rim, the refusal to go back to the old systems that no longer feel tenable, or a major challenge to our assumptions, our security, and what we hold dear, we feel the change as foundational Saturn squares change-invoking Uranus three times this year: last February, this weekend, and this coming Christmas Eve. With Saturn in Aquarius, look to teams and groups, mission statements and community spirit to help move those changes in the best possible direction.

The weekend begins under a comfort-seeking Cancer Moon which encourages us tend to the home front. While there is a lot of nervous energy and conversation this weekend, some event may cause our hearts to ache as the Moon opposes Pluto then enters Leo early Sunday morning.

For the rest of the week, the asteroid Vesta gets attention from other planets and pushes us to enjoy our summer, refill our wells, and also tend to the deep needs of others – without feeling its one or the other. We need to share ourselves without sacrificing ourselves, which may sound easy, but will need our full attention this week to build more productive habits.

Friday, June 11: It will be tempting to curl up at home, plan a picnic of favorite comfort foods, and tell the world to go away so we can rest. We may also worry about a family member even more than they need, question our own health, or just need a moment to ourselves under a cozy-seeking Cancer Moon. It furthers to let people know we care about them. If there’s a communication glitch, don’t push the words, instead notice the true feelings underneath.

Moon enters Cancer 1:22 AM, Moon trines Jupiter 5:27 AM, Mars enters Leo 7:33 AM.

Saturday, June 12: Let attention wander and listen to what the soul needs to renew. It may be hard to stick to an agenda or schedule but wandering can really feed the soul. Enjoy comfort foods and get grounded in the morning. In the afternoon -as Venus sextiles Uranus -we may need something fresh, a fresh perspective, new aesthetic approach, a new look, or a friend we haven’t seen for a while.

Moon conjunct Venus 12:59 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:10 AM, Moon trine Neptune 11:05 PM, Venus sextile Uranus 11:38 PM.

Sunday, June 13: Some event may ache our heart as Venus quincunx Saturn and the Moon opposes Pluto then enters Leo early on; tend to the heart and soul. Enjoy a long brunch with good people midday- feed the life force this gentleness and positive experience. Later on, the need to feel seen and appreciated can grow acute. Insecurity can make tempers flare as the Leo Moon conjuncts Mars, and we can’t see clearly but are deeply influences by subtleties as the Sun squares Neptune. Don’t tolerate bad behavior but do share limelight and gratitude.

Venus quincunx Saturn 2:14 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 5:15 AM, Moon enters Leo 1220s 2 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 3:07 PM, Sun square Neptune 5:39 PM.

Monday, June 14: Notice some important, maybe even painful, lessons about balancing one’s personal needs with those of others as Mars semi-squares Vesta and quincunx Jupiter under a Leo Moon. We have to pace ourselves. Important information arrives about ongoing structural changes as Saturn squares Uranus exactly, pay attention. Talk it over tonight as the Moon sextiles Mercury.

Mars semi-squares Vesta 8:12 AM, Moon square more Uranus 1:27 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 1:28 PM, Saturn square Uranus 4:01 P., Mars quincunx Jupiter 6:39 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 10:57 PM.

Tuesday, June 15: Make important overtures this morning and tell beloveds they’re loved while the Moon resided in Leo. Crankiness and minor accidents can increase this afternoon as Mercury semi-squares Mars, so keep it simple around dinner time to avoid minor burns, cuts, or cutting remarks. It is easier to focus on what people are doing wrong than what they’re doing right, but it’s more a sign of our internal tension than their fallibility as the Moon enters Virgo tonight.

Moon sextile Sun 11:27 AM, Mercury semi- square Mars 7:06 PM, Moon enters Virgo 9:01 PM.

Wednesday, June 16: Look for more lessons about balancing self-care and responsibilities as both Mercury and Venus aspect Vesta. Whether through timesharing, taking turns, or just knowing when we need a few minutes alone, we have to find a middle ground between other people’s needs– no matter how extreme they are at the moment– and what we need to thrive, so we can continue to be there. Dinnertime can bring a more optimistic view, but as the Sun quincunx Pluto late at night anxieties can whisper to us, wait for more information before making any decisions.

Moon opposed Jupiter 12:59 AM, Mercury square Vesta 8:22 AM, Venus sextile Vesta 7:02 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:07 PM, son quincunx Pluto 11:23 PM.

Thursday, June 17: The mood could be cranky but good for problem-solving as the Virgo Moon squares Mercury this morning. Mid afternoon, we can get cranky about our own projections, need to reel in our imagination from going down strange suspicious rabbit holes as the Moon squares Neptune. Towards evening, take a health inventory and see what’s needed, whether great food, good walk, a moment of silence. Come back to center.

Moon square Mercury 4:16 AM., Moon sextile Venus 6:07 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 2:54 PM, Moon trine Pluto 8:17 PM, Moon square to the Sun 9:54 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins



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