Starcodes: June 18-24


Starcodes week of June 18-24, 2021

The Sun drenches our northern hemisphere this week of longest days bracketing the summer solstice. Mercury retrograde between two squares to Neptune encourages us to sit still in the hammock and sip on our lemonade.

The weekend begins under a friendly Libra moon, it’s a great weekend to put one’s feet up, socialize and share from the heart. Rest up before the gears shift and the next chapter begins in the weeks ahead. Anything else could get tangled or take longer than planned. If we do try to get busy, its important to stay alert for changes in plans, minor mishaps, forgotten objects, or roadblocks on the highway as the Sun challenges erratic Uranus and Mercury slows down preparing to turn direct on Tuesday. It’s a better weekend to feel generous and grateful than to expect a lot of others. If we wait passively for other people to own up to their mistakes or fix a situation, this is probably not the weekend where that miracle will occur.

Sunday brings both Father’s Day and the summer Solstice. We go from Sun and Moon in air signs to Sun and Moon in water signs; the Sun enters Cancer, the Moon enters Scorpio, and feelings deepen. Old feelings show up as we reminisce; let memories flow through. Notice any Scorpionic drops of sadness or resentment around issues of father, the father, patriarchy, and release them; let them arise and leave like a surfacing splinter.

On Monday, the energy slows down and gets a bit bumpy as Mercury stations. The stars hit the gas and the brakes at the same time as Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday, the Moon enters restless and mobile Sagittarius on Tuesday and Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde. When planets change directions, the energetic winds swirl, blow hot and cold, north and south.

Tough conversations woven throughout may bring out hidden truths we didn’t know or reveal plots or crazy thoughts we couldn’t imagine. We could move furniture and find lost articles. Some things that were hidden are now uncovered. It will help to find something to laugh about and practice active acceptance, to dance with the changes and adjust rather than try to push through.

Momentum picks up by the end of the week. A full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday encourages competence. Put that bookcase together or begin a summer building project. This full Moon can help us be honest about our ambitions, let go of old goals that no longer service and clarify the new ones, though where we’re going and how to get there will stay foggy through mid-July, until Mercury clears its last square to Neptune.

Image by Patrick Danforth from Pixabay

Friday, June 18: Nostalgia furthers, our thoughts turn to the past. Review, reminisce, edit, and reconnect. Historic patterns are clearly relevant to this week’s politics, so look back. The Moon enters friendly Libra this morning, forms a grand trine with Saturn and Mercury, and can help us process our reminiscences and come to a new understanding. Review and savor this chapter before beginning a new one in the weeks ahead.

Moon enters Libra 2:53 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 10:32 AM.

Saturday, June 19: The mood can be friendly on the outside with a potentially creative sense of unease within. Keep track of loose ends and roll with odd shifts in plans throughout the day as the Sun semi-squares Uranus. Notice moments of closure and seeds of new beginning. Odd shifts and changes throughout the day, minor change in plans. If the evening grows melancholic, or strangely emotionally distant as the Moon squares Pluto; honor the feelings but rest rather than read too much into it.

Moon trine Saturn 1:15 AM, Sun semi-square Uranus 3:13 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:22 AM, Moon square Sun 3:07 PM, Moon square Pluto 11:37 PM.

Sunday, June 20: Look for a thoughtful, heartfelt if moody Father’s Day as the Moon enters deep-feeling Scorpio trines Jupiter while as Jupiter turns retrograde. If tempers prickle, a moment alone furthers; put dad in the hammock with iced tea. Tonight, summer begin at 9:32 PM MDT and begins a new chapter, but let’s be careful what we bring in. We won’t really see what’s growing in this garden for a while.

Moon square Sun 4:51 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 5:57 AM, Jupiter retrogrades 9:04 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:35 AM, Moon square Mars 3:29 PM, Sun enters Cancer 9:32 PM.

Monday, June 21: Whenever possible, do nothing, and just soak up this first day of summer. If we try to be too efficient, the Scorpio Moon can leave us easily irritated by small delays, snafus, and memory lapses; we can forget why we walked into the room or where we’re going. If words get awkward let actions communicate; share fondness, consideration, and creation as Venus trines Neptune. Time by the water or with art supplies furthers. Don’t demand a lot of each other. Rest, complete, and just be.

Moon square Saturn 3:08 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 4:02 AM, Venus trine Neptune 7:57 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:56 PM, Moon trine Venus 9 PM.

Tuesday, June 22: Hurry up and wait! The Moon enters mobile, usually cheerful Sagittarius this morning and encourages us to move, but with Mercury stationary at 4 PM, we can spin in circles rather than get anywhere. Enjoy this wandering, whether by foot or by thought, just don’t get over attached to a specific goal or time schedule. Moods are blustery, conditions change quickly, so go with the flow and stay awake to the present conditions. Mercury turns direct at 3:59 PM, and the world begins to straighten out.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:43 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 6:55 AM, Moon square Jupiter 10:25 AM, Mercury turns direct 3:59 PM, Moon trine Mars 6:16 PM.

Wednesday, June 23: Now we begin to get somewhere, life may seem more possible. With the Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius and the Sun trine Jupiter, we want to feel unfettered and have room to grow. But don’t drop the ball, continue to clean up unfinished business before a new chapter begins. Venus opposes Pluto, looks at issues of loneliness, loss, and asks us to check our priorities. Let’s be specific, and not throw away a good thing because one part of it needs pruning. Stick to what matters.

Moon sextile Saturn 3:25 AM, Sun trine Jupiter 4:11 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 8:50 AM, Venus oppose Pluto 5:39 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:08 PM.

Thursday, June 24: A fierce desire to solve problems can lead us to talk other people into solutions we think are good for them- but probably aren’t- as the Moon waxes full in Capricorn at 12:39 PM. If we have a problem, let’s brainstorm solutions. If others complain, ask them what they want to do about it. Watch for a potential Machiavellian move or manipulative grandstand in the news. While it’s a great day to build a wall, organize, plan, and implement, we need to do it in our own lives rather than get pushy with others for our own discomfort.

Moon enters Capricorn 7:04 AM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 10:33 AM, Moon opposes the Sun 12:39 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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