Starcodes: June 25 – July 1


Starcodes week of June 25 – July 1, 2021

Even though this first whole week of summer is lazy and hazy, things will now begin to move forward. Mercury – retrograde for the last three weeks – is now direct, in its own verbal sign of Gemini, so problems begin to clarify and plans will now begin to coalesce.

But though our thinking and communication improves, thank you Mercury, it is summer, and Mercury is not the only planet appearing to walk backwards. Today Neptune joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all retrograde. When a planet appears retrograde, it asks us to slow down, review our life and integrate any recent lessons in the province it governs. Over the next few months Neptune retrograde can send us back to sit by the waters to remember our dreams and reconnect with old spiritual or creative practices. But it can also ask us to review our addictive patterns as well as last year’s conspiracy theories, lies, and obfuscations so we can see what we can clarify.

The weekend begins under an industrious Capricorn Moon which can remind us of all the summer chores we need to get to. Make a list, no need to do them at once. Venus in deep-feeling Cancer keeps family dynamics active, on the front burner, and offers opportunities for healing if we approach with gentleness or will re-inscribe if we just get defensive.

On Saturday the Moon enters Aquarius, Venus enters Leo- both sociable signs, and we become more connected and outgoing. We may be able to forgive and forget recent friction and find something hopeful to share over the rest of the weekend. With Venus and Mars now both in Leo our beloveds will need a bit more attention; this can manifest as a generous sharing from the heart or provoke strange ego power-plays. It furthers to reward positive behavior but consider withholding attention or refocusing attention when people act out.

We all can become very sensitive people as the Moon enters responsive Pisces and conjuncts Jupiter on Monday, our feelings can float and waft, we may need to express without words. Let’s use that sensitivity to find a new way to be generous, to reach out and be there for another.

Words and feelings can be a bit at odds as Mercury semi- squares Venus midweek, just notice the difference between the two and spend time with both. It’s a good time to come to understand the other side of the story, come to understand another’s perspective.

Frustrations mount easily as the Moon enters feisty Aries on Wednesday night while Mars opposes serious Saturn. If we feel like we have to get on with things just as people leave for summer vacation, it can it helps to plan our own short-term projects. Expect some tension between generations, between political parties, or between what we want and our responsibilities.  Find a balance between personal needs and community dynamics to make it through in a good way.

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Friday, June 25: Morning brings potentially fun, extemporaneous events, in the afternoon responsibility can lean in and force a surgical decision, ask us to cut something out or prune it back to support new growth. Consider it carefully and with subtlety; set a healthy boundary rather than build a wall as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and Neptune turns retrograde. Don’t let an existential heaviness lean into ordinarily healthy relationships. Some escapist relaxation or spiritual moment can help reconnect in a place beyond the tension tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 5:03 AM, Neptune stationary retrograde 1:21 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:50 PM.

Saturday, June 26: Reassess recent sudden decisions and make sure they truly support the heart. Community camaraderie flows as the Moon enters Aquarius this morning; hit the farmers market or arts fair but keep expectations loose and undemanding in more intimate conversations. Tonight, Venus enters Leo and can bring laughter, drama, and a need to feel seen and appreciated. Tell great stories.

Moon conjunct Pluto 1:35 AM, Moon opposed Venus 6:49 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:08 PM, Venus enters Leo 10:26 PM.

Sunday, June 27: After some early morning reorganizations as the Moon opposes Mars and conjuncts Saturn, we can love generously, pour forth our gratitude, share respectful affection and then can watch it all pour back towards us as the Moon trines Mercury and Venus eases into Leo.  Of course, if we give out anger, that too is what will flow back. It’s hard to remember details or care for the feelings of those nearby because our focus is on the larger picture, but it will help to make sure special beloveds know they are special so their feelings stay resilient.

Moon opposes Mars at 12:29 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 5:23 AM, Moon square Uranus 7:16 AM, Moon trine Mercury 1:07 PM.

Monday, June 28: Emotions run high, we can feel easily overwhelmed or just a little squishy as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts expansive Jupiter while Venus quincunx Jupiter. Jupiter magnifies what it touches, and here it touches feelings and sensitivities. We can be maudlin, laugh at sweetness, cry easily, appreciate beauty. But if we have to deal with big issues, let’s chunk it down to sizable proportions and do what’s needed.

Moon enters Pisces 11:50 AM, Venus quincunx Jupiter 3:03 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:33 PM.

Tuesday, June 29: Our mind and our feelings may not be on the same track today as Mercury semi-square Venus. People’s words and vibes can be out of line so be aware of both tracks; they’re both true but each one gives separate evidence. Some trouble beckons, maybe just an extra ice cream cone; we know better but may need to indulge anyway. Don’t ask people to make sense; empathize and come back to logic later.

Moon square Sun 1:53 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 6:56 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 12:47 PM, Moon square Mercury 8:59 PM.

Wednesday, June 30: This morning the mood could be sensitive and touchy. Come to know people rather than try to talk them into anything. Mid afternoon our sharp edges show as the Moon semi-squares Saturn and Uranus, and then enters Aries. Our impatience increases yet so does our competence, but the pressure can trip us up. Ensuing minor snafus can be informative and help us define our next chunk of work.

Moon conjunct Neptune 6:24 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:39 AM, Moon enters Aries 7:21 PM.

Thursday, July 1: We could feel an irritable twitch between our shoulder blades, pushed by fate as rebellious Mars opposes constraining Saturn. The Aries Moon and Leo Mars encourages us to dive into life wholeheartedly, but Saturn insists we first need to deal with responsibilities and limitations. Look for some resolution tonight, explore a third perspective and mediate between conflicting needs.

Moon trine Venus 5:22 AM, Mars opposes Saturn 7:08 AM, Moon square Sun 3:10 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:15 PM, Moon sextile Mars 7:57 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins

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